Cream de Cocoa

I've made the call and now I'm sitting on the couch waiting for your arrival. I hope you appreciate what I've done. I've been saving up a long time to buy this black leather corset. I must say, I look good in this thing. It makes my breasts sit high enough for me to nuzzle my nose in their cleavage. And since the tops of my breasts are exposed, I thought I'd put a little massage oil on them to enhance the affect. I love the way my silk stockings feel when I cross and uncross my legs. I bought a nice lace garter belt to hold them up. I know you'll have fun undoing the snaps one by one. You once told me that you'd like to see me in crotchless panties but I bought this sheer lace thong instead. I think you should have to work a little for what you want. Having a piece of material between my cheeks is a different feeling but I like the affect of having my ass out.

Where are you? It should only take 15 minutes from your house to mine. I can already feel the wetness on my thighs and the crotch of my panties is wet. Hurry, baby! If I cross my legs one more time I think I'll come.

There's that familiar knock at the door. I know it's you. I open the door wide so you can see me. I can see your lips part slightly in amazement. I grab your hand and pull you in. As you step back to get a better look, I notice a slight bulge in your pants. Mmmm! Yes!! This is going to be a good evening.

We kiss passionately standing in the middle of the living room and I can tell that you're wet and ready. You stop kissing me and drop to your knees where you admire my thong for a minute and then start to remove it slowly, like you're unwrapping a delicate present. As you pull the thong down, you run your hands along my silk stockings. I see the wide smile on your face. I step out of the thong and leave my legs slightly apart so you can see what you're about to get.

You noticed and raise up so that your nose ends up buried in my moist pubic hair. I can feel you inhaling. "Let me feel your tongue, baby." Mmmm! There it is. I grab your head and pull you close. I can feel your tongue enter me. "Oh shit! Don't stop." You know how to move that tongue and I love the way you suck on my clit.

I don't want to come yet so I remove myself from your face and pull you to your feet. I want to sample what you have in your pants. While I kiss you and taste my juices, I unzip your fly and stick my hand in. "Oh yeah!" We have five for every occasion and this is the biggest and longest one.

I remove your pants and boxers and you spread your legs for me so I can feel how wet you are. With the lube I found in your pocket, I moisten my whole hand and slide it between your legs. Now you're even wetter. I slide my hand past your clit and enter you with two fingers. Your hips start moving. I can feel the warmth inside you as I slide in and out. I add some more lube to my hand and start stroking your dick. It feels good and I can't wait to have it inside me.

Pulling you by your dick, I walk backwards to the wall. I want to fuck standing up. I add some lube to your hand now. I know how you like to stoke it too. You're holding it tight and moving your hand up and down the shaft. I can't stand it anymore. "Fuck me!" "My pleasure," you say, as you guide it inside me. I lift one leg and wrap it around your back so I can take more of your dick. If feels so good. Baby, you are masterful. You're moving slowly, just the way I like it--all the way in and almost all the way out. I'm starting to feel myself come and you sense it too. We start moving faster. That's right, fuck me hard! I grab your head and kiss you just as I come. I let out a moan that lets you know it was extremely satisfying.

Now, it's your turn. My knees are too weak to continue standing so we move to the couch. You know what I want. You lie back on the couch and open your legs for me. Yes, there it is glistening and waiting for me. I can't help myself. I have to feel how wet you are so I dip my fingers in. Mmmm! Just as I thought, very wet. I remove my hand a lick each finger. You taste so good. You're still wearing the strap-on but that's okay. I moisten my hand with lube and begin to stoke your dick. I can see that you're turned on by it. Then I lower my head and begin to suck your pussy while I continue to stoke your dick. I've never done this before and it's driving you crazy. When you're about to come I slip two finger from my free hand inside you. This sends you over the edge and you come hard in my mouth. Mmmm! Oh so sweet!

The End

Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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