__________by The Kymster

We’re both caught in the rapture,
From now until thereafter,
Swirling around, going up and down,
By the way, I love the way your lips sound,
Smacking together, even better with my own.
The zone I reside in provides many surprises,
Knocking me unsteady, when I’m least ready.
For your new revelations spark fresh sensations,
Creating chemistry all eyes can see, between
The two of us… much despair at times but
Still built on love and trust.
Not letting go, though my heart screams ‘NOOOO’,
Even though my mind knows it time to ditch this…. Girl.
The feelings I don’t control grab hold and
Oh, fuck what I’ve been told…
Is this fool’s treasure or
Have I really struck gold?
Your body, the perfect mold to my soul,
As I patiently wait for this treat to unfold,
Delicately like a flower in bloom,
We dance into the room.
One embrace and we’ve graced
Our whole lives, strengthening
The ties to the mother line…
Damn! If I were to die now,
It would be just fine.
But know that I would haunt you
Whenever I found the time…

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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