Yes, this was the night that I was going to finally meet the woman who had been encompassing my dreams and my thoughts. I was very excited to finally meet her after we had spoken online and also on the phone. Ill never forget the day when I first received an instant message from her while I was in the ebony lesbian chatroom. I was so busy running my mouth to my friend. She said "I like your pics in your profile"Now me being cautious as I tend to be when Im online wasnt about to reply right away . Shit she could be some kind of maniac or even worse a man. Since many times Ive had then instant message me. Ive had to cut thier dicks short and let them know Im not interested in them. I mean what the hell are you doing in a lesbian chatroom? No one there is going to want your ass. Anyway Im checking out the profile of this person and they sign off. Slowly this womans homepage boots up. It begins to reveal the oval eyes of this beautiful woman with an inviting smile as if it was meant for only me. I told my friend "Yo peep this, this woman is fine! She just instant message me and before I could thank her for the compliment she was gone". Well my friend was like "what you gonna do?" I replied to her "nothing, she's gone". After I had finish popping into different chat rooms with my homegirl I took another peek at this womans homepage and decided to save it in my favorites and put her screen name on my buddies list.

Now Ive been online many times to see her pop in and pop out but for some reason i never had the nerves to IM her back. I mean what would I say? How would I begin? What would she think? Weeks had passed and I continued to look at and read her homepage. Something about the way she smiled in that picture was calling me to do something. Yet it took me a month and a half to finally get up the nerves to do so. So I emailed her with a copy of my homepage and a simple note that read: I would like to get to know you. I thought that would be enough, if shes interested she will contact me. sadly she hadnt contacted me. It been three days in which I sent it. So I sent the same thing. You know things happen, maybe she didnt receive it. Maybe it was accidentley deleted. Finally, with me sitting on pins and needles, she sent me an email. My heart was flip flopping all over the place.

We sent each other emails periodically and talked about each others likes and dislikes, and everything went well like that. She's a capricorn and im a sagittarius. Hmm an air sign and a fire sign that can be a good combination. I looked forward to see what she would say in her next email. As time went by I wanted more. So we set up a time to speak by instant messaging. This will be a date i will not miss thats for sure. The conversation flowed easily, and i found her to be not only funny and witty but also very intelligent. She had other interests outside of mine and yet we had many things in common. Being a seeker of knoweledge this pleased me very much. Within these moments of iming each other, I admitted to her about the instant message she sent me, and how long it took me to get up the nerves to contact her. This gave us both a good laugh. As time continued, with me finding out different things about her and she of me. Such as she was a nursing student and this was an investment in her future. Im impressed by anyone who pursues that as a career. It requires a lot of hard work and patience. I really had the urge to meet this beautiful and intellectual woman in person. It took some work because those capricorns are often shy, strategist and do things in a thought out manner. But today was the day and I was feeling a bit nervous yet feeling the excitement of it all.

I went out and bought something to wear. Did my hair and my nails with a clear coat polish. Made sure I was clean and smelling good from head to toe. I was wearing cream kakis pants and sweater. My tan timbs and kangol hat tip to the side so I was feeling real good. Of course I was running late as this seems to be apart of me I cant correct. I was a little worried that I would miss her or that she would be pissed at the fact that I was late. We were meeting at this poetry club in the alphabet city in Manhattan because she told me that she likes poetry. I read her some of the ones I wrote. I even wrote one for her because she inspired me so much. She gave me a call on my cell phone and it was a good thing that she herself was running late.

When I arrived at the club there was a line which ive never seen before. In my mind im thinking this is not good. I called her and she said that she was near by. So that nervousness began to creep up again leaving my mouth dry. Im thinking all kind of crazy shit. . Like are my pants fitting right? Is my hair and hat looking good. Oh shit, what about my breath. Is my breath fresh. Pulling at my clothes I decided to light up a cigarette. Finally she called me and said that she was here. Im like ok where I dont see you. Im looking around but I dont see her and im pretty sure I would recognize her. She's laughing and im wondering what is she laughing at. So I ask her "Whats so funny?" I look around and she's right behind me calling me from her cell. That was a good ice breaker I thought to myself. We both said hello and gave each other a hug and started with some idle chat. I was completely impressed and very satisfy with what I saw. She was petite wearing a black hat with leopard print, long braids a short jacket,tight jeans and what must have been at least two to three inch heels. She was beautiful with light carmel skin and a body just the way I like it, thick ass and thighs. Needless to say I was very, very pleased.

We went into the smokey atmosphere of the Nuyorican poet club and enjoyed the very talented local poets. Yet, I couldnt keep my eyes from glancing over at her. To me she was a vision in which poets will write thier hearts out about. Once the last poet was done and the contest was won by a very talented black female I might add. We stepped out into the crisp cool air. But, I was not yet ready to say goodnight to her. I wanted to prolong this as much as possible. We walked and talked to my car so easily and I watched her smile and heard her laughter. Those two things moved me, sending chills up and down my spine. Im wondering if she knows this.

We decided to check out this local lesbian club and bar called Crazy Nannys on seventh ave south. She was down with that and I was even more happy that she wasnt ready for the night to end. I was glad that I would have a chance to see her do her thing on the dance floor and for me to get a little closer. Nannys was off the hook that night although it was packed. We got a drink and tryed to talk some more over the blaring music in the background. Finally I asked her if she wanted to dance. She said yes and walked to the stairs to where the music was thumpin. I watched as she walked up those steps. Im not sure whether she notice or not, but i was really feeling this beautiful,intellectual and special lady. I wanted to know more about her. What makes her happy? What makes her sad? What gets her angry and what would make the passion burn in her eyes?

That night, we danced and i watched her. Looking into to her eyes watching her smile that sexy smile and seeing her blush. Feeling her body next to mine as we moved to the pulsating beats that the dj played. I inhaled her scent that made me groan inside. She was so appealing to me that I could never be left without a word to describe her. As the night winded down and the club began to close we left. Back into the cool brisk air. I found a coffee shop not to far from the club. We both grabbed a cup of coffee, sat down and talked some more. I still couldnt believe that I finally got to meet her and enjoy her company.

The morning was upon us and it was time to go. We left the coffee shop and I hailed a cab. I gave her a big hug and she felt so right in my arms. And then I kissed her. Her lips were as soft as cotton in a South Carolina field. That is the moment. . . . . and that is the night that my life changed. I will remember it for always. On that night,a beautiful and special angel wrapped her wings around me.


One Day. . . . . . while surfing the internet as I often do. . . . I had to once again wait my turn for some peace and tranquility. I usually love to check out the poetry, but one night I decided to check out the chat rooms and they were filled with so many young and immature ladies. Too my surprise I came across a profile of a woman who seemed to be very nice so I checked out this profile even further. Wow. . . . she has pics. . . . and she's attractive. I don't usually respond to people on the internet, but what the heck. . . . I'm just telling her I think her profile is nice. . . and who wouldn't appreciate a compliment. . . . . . right? Well I did and wouldn't ya know. . . . . my damned computer acts up and I get logged off. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We have had several conversations since we did finally manage to catch up with one another, and I found out some interseting things about her other than the things I had read on her profile. . . . . like she's a mother too. . . . and that was a good thing cause most of the women i've met online were single with no kids. But this woman also had a head on her shoulders. . . . and that was also verrrrrrry refreshing for a change. So we chatted some and eventually exchanged numbers which kind of knotted my stomach cause you can actually hear the person now. . . and more can be said even though, when you type you tend to be more expressive. But to my surprise. . . we have had some very nice conversations. As much fun as it was I knew it would be a matter of time before we actually met.

Well....after many days of nervous tension that built up contemplating our meeting we finally agreed on a date to meet up. We both have a mutual love for poetry and she happend to be one of the most talented writers I have met in person and she even wrote me one personally. I cannot tell you how that made me feel, but I was flattered in the worst way. It made me feel very special and needless to say I have saved it and I look at it from time to time while I'm looking at her pics that she has on her profile. Because it's like she is here reading them to me in person. As a matter of fact she did read them to me, and I thought that was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done. I am just a sucker for romance.

Romantic. . . . . . . this is what this young lady is. She is also very talented in other aspects. . . which surprised me at first. Well after only Iming one anot her and speaking from time to time I really didn't know much about her. I have only known aggressive woman and they mostly came across more manly than that of a woman, but she seemed more feminine and I didn't know what to expect at our first meeting. She knows so much about fixing things like contracting. . . . . and I was so impressed with this woman. She told me about her family and how much she helps them with so many things and I found that we kind of had a few things in common, since I am also very family oriented.

Anyway. . . the time came for us to finally meet and she suggested a poetry club called Nurorycan or something like that. I was afraid I would get there late because being late is my specialty. But she assured me it was ok since she was also running a little late. . . . . . . I did try to keep in some kind of contact with her cause I didn't want her to think I wasn't coming. . . . . . .

Wellllllllllll After. . . . . a very scary ride thanks to my daughter I did finally get there. . . . . . the only thing that took me so long was trying to decide what to wear. I know first impressions are important so I tried to keep that in mind while I was getting ready. I wanted her to at least think I was ok. My pic online is a little blurry so I wanted to try to look as good as possible. If she could see what my room was like she would truly be flattered LOL I must have been in the shower for two hours trying to keep from sweating. I didn't want to come across too tight. . . or too slutty. . . . . oh God. . . . the pressure of a first impressions.

Ok. . . . . finally I got it together. I lotioned. . . . . everything like she was gonna inspect me from head to toe. . . . . even had the undies matching. Victoria Secrets. . . . . just in case. . . . Oh man what am I saying. . . too soon. . . . ok. . . . . I'm finally ready to go. After that ride I was glad I had my hat on cause I was so nervous and wearing a hat gives me a sense of security. . . . and I can hide. . . . . . . . . . .

Once I got there I immediately began to scan the crowd. . . . . Damn there were soooooooo many people. I knew I should have gotten there a little later, but you can kind of hide in crowds. I didn't want to hide though. . . . I was just nervous, but hey she's got to be nervous too. . . . wait. . . . I think I've spotted her. yep that's her. . . . . from the pics she had online I could definitely spot her out. . . . . she had every personality you could imagine and it definitely made it easy for me to find her. Hmmmmm now how do I get her attention? I stood there for a minute then I called her. I saw her looking around, and I really got nervous. . . . . but we were face to face now. Her smile was just as warm in person. . . . She was just as cute. . . . and she looked nice in her preppy gear. . . . . Damn my feet hurt, but ok. . . first impressions. Anyway we hugged and she had a nice embrace. . . . hmmmmm .

Once inside we were greeted by a very crowded bunch of poetry lovers. I loved it. . . she even found us great seats. There were some really talented people there, but I would have loved to hear her do her magic up there. . . . . maybe one day. We sat there and enjoyed some very good poetry. . . they should all have won.

Afterwards we went to Crazy Nanny's. . . a women's club. . . . cause it was just too early to call it a night just yet. We got a chance to talk more and even get a little closer. . . . . in fact a lot closer. As much fun as it was it had to eventually end. . . . . but just for the moment. I haven't enjoyed myself that much and felt so comfortable in awhile. . . If only a few hours can be that much fun. . . . I can only imagine what our next meeting will be like.

After prolonging our departure for a little longer we said our goodnights or should I say goodmornings after a cup of coffee. She called me a cab and then got in her car after giving me a sweet kiss before leaving. . . . . . we still talk a lot on the phone but our next meeting will definitely make for interesting reading. . . . since it will not be our first meeting. . . . . and we definitely know what we both want.

The End

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