This was it; I am tired of Drea’s shit. All of these damn games. I have been calling her ass all day, and not once has she answered her cell phone or called me back. I hate fucking with her ass sometimes, but for two years she has been my world. And it has gotten to the point where she knows it. She laughs at me all of the time, telling me that I am just jealous, that she’s not doing anything. Then she’ll smile, say something sweet, take me in and play my body so well that I forget what I was raising hell about. Well not anymore. I have people that want to be with me and do right, like that sexy ass Tee from history class. As a matter of fact let me call her, because I am not waiting on Drea any longer.

“May I speak to Tee?”

“This is she. May I ask who's calling?”

“Hey, this is Jazmyn; I was wondering if I could come over and copy your notes from Monday’s class, I was half a sleep and my notes are sloppy as hell and I can barely read them.”

“Sure, that’s fine. But, I need to run out for about an hour, why don’t you come over around 8, I live over in Dean Hall room 245.”

“Yeah I know where you live, I’ll see you then.”

I can’t believe what I just did. Hell, if Drea knew I called Tee, she’d try to beat my ass, she hated Tee with a passion, and they had some huge falling out freshmen year. I never did find out about what. But since she wanted to play these games, I’d go right along with her. Hell what’s the old saying, two can play that game. Tonight was going to be my time to play. And I always play to win.

I wanted to make sure I was just right for the picking so I had to made sure everything was nice and in place when I walked over to Tee’s room, plus Drea’s best friend lived on the same floor as Tee and it was a must that Sandy see me walking over to Tee’s. And who should I see as soon as I stepped onto the floor. You guessed it. None other than Sandy herself. I didn’t care; I was hoping she told Drea. I gathered the nerve, there was no turning back now and knocked on the door. It seems she was waiting on me cuz soon as I knocked she opened the door. I could tell she was fresh out of the shower, looking all sexy in a nice pair of candy red boxers and sports bra, with just a hint of moisture left on her skin. I instantly got wet. Damn. I had only been with Drea, but oh how I fantasized, and right now I was having a good one.

“What’s up ma? Come on in, I just need to finish getting dressed.”

“You are fine Tee, I mean this is your room, and I am intruding.”

“Naw you straight, I just had to take a shower. I just got back from the gym. The notes are on the desk, if you want to go ahead and start copying them.”

“You live here alone.”

“Yeah, I can’t deal with roommates. It leads to problems. I had a roommate last year, I fucked oh girl once. The bitch went crazy. I had to end up moving out. So, now I just fork over the extra $500 and maintain my piece of mind.”

“Was it her first time with a girl. Or are you just that good?”

“It was her first time with anyone; I mean I wanted to make it special since it was her first time. Guess I made that shit to damn special. She started telling people we were a couple and stalking my every move”

“Damn you doing it like that huh… Well get dressed, and I’ll get to writing, I mean that is what I am here for.”

“You sure that’s all you are here for. I know your girl hates my guts and I’ve asked you over here so many times, why did you decide to come over now? And I know your soror is in our class, you could have easily gotten the notes from her.”

“It’ nothing, I just wanted to spend a little time with you. Drea is always out doing whatever, so I figured you and I could spend some time together. As far as the notes go, that was just my excuse to get in here. Hell, I have an A in the class; I could fail this last test and still walk out with a good grade. All I know is that every time I look at you I want to see what its like to kiss you and have you fuck me.”

“See, now that’s the difference between me and Drea, she fucks you, all I want to do is please you, and spend on night loving you.”

With that one comment all hope was lost. Tee pulled me into her arms and I was gone, even if for just one night. She kissed me so softly and gently, I knew this was just me trying to get back at Drea, but if I wasn’t careful I could fall for Tee.

“Are you sure about this Jazmyn?”

Just to show her how sure I was, I stepped back and undressed very slowly, never taking my eyes from her.

“Is this enough to show you that I am sure. Tee, I’ve never been with anyone or thought of being with anyone but Drea, but right now I want you so bad.”

If she was still unsure if I wanted this I crawled on her bed, ready to be pleased. She walked over to the bed, and pulled me towards the edge. She took those sexy lips and slowly began placing and trailing kisses all over my body. She hungrily grabbed onto my breast and began feeding, and with each lick and pull I could feel my pussy getting wetter. When she began her decent down my body, it was like the sweetest torture, one that I was so prepared to endure. When she reached my pussy, I was gone as soon as I felt her tongue on my clit, sucking and biting ever so lightly. As she slowly spread my pussy apart and gently stroked me with two fingers. It was like my hips had a mind of their own moving slowly. After a few minutes I grabbed Tee’s head.

“Oh shit Tee, damn baby I am about to cummmmm, shit, oh yes, don’t stop.”

She continued to move that magic tongue around for a few minutes leaving me weak, when I felt her get up.

“Where are you going?”

“Its ok, I just want to bring my friend out to play, it’s a nice surprise. Trust me.”

I saw her walk over to the dresser and reach in and pull out one of the prettiest straps ever invented. As I saw her slip out of her boxers, I was greeted by another surprise. Tee had her pussy pierced.

“Tee, oh my god, is that a piercing! Can I touch it?”

“Sure, I got it last year; it feels great when I have my strap on.”

Before I knew it I was running my finger around her piercing, as I did that I could feel her juices flowing. I wanted to taste her right then. And she knew it, because she slid onto the bed.

“If you want to taste, go ahead Ma, its ok.”

I did. As soon as I parted her and wrapped my lips around her clit and piercing I knew that nothing would ever take away my desire for the taste of her. After a few minutes I felt her grab the back of my head, and I knew that I had her right where I wanted her. She tried her best to be quiet, but when she came she couldn’t help but to scream out. We stayed in that position for a few minutes until we regained our strength, and she managed to get up and reposition her strap. She climbed up on the bed, and sat down.

“Come on and climb on, I want to enjoy the view and those beautiful breasts.”

I reached over slowly straddled her hips as she guided me onto that sweet, beautiful toy. It was pure bliss, as I grabbed onto her shoulders and went for a wild ride. I swear it only took two minutes before I felt the orgasm building deep in my soul. When I came I knew it would be hard to walk away. For the next two hours, Tee took me places and positions I had only dreamed of. I mean damn, Drea had my heart, but after tonight, Tee might have my body.

As we snuggled I tried hard but I just couldn’t sleep. I heard Tee’s even breathing and knew that she was knocked out. I stayed up for a while just thinking about Drea. God I loved her so bad, but the cheating had to stop, today was a prime example. I called her all day and not once did she return my call. She always professed that the one time I found out about was the only time she’d been with anyone other than me, but, I just wasn’t sure. I eventually feel asleep.

About 3 that morning I heard my cell phone ringing. I slipped from under Tee’s arm, and grabbed my phone. When I looked at the caller id, I noticed it was Debra, Drea’s mom calling. I grabbed Tee’s robe and walked out into the hall.

“Hey Debra, how’s everything?”

“Hey, Jazmyn, I am sorry for calling so late, but I just got a call from the hospital. Drea just came thru and managed to give them my information. I’ve got a flight out there in about an hour.”

“Oh my God, What happened?”

“You don’t know honey? I was calling you because I figured you had been at the hospital with Drea all day. I guess I didn’t think about the fact that if you had been with her you would have called me before now. I just found your number in my phone book. It seems this morning she was on her way from work, when her sugar dropped and she lost consciousness and hit the median wall…”

It was like I could hear Debra talking, but at that moment I couldn’t comprehend anything that she was saying. All I know is I felt my soul cry out, and a deep guilt set in. Here I was cheating on my girlfriend, who I thought was out cheating on me, when actuality she had been in the damn hospital all day. I didn’t even think to check the hospital; I know that Tee suffers from diabetes. Damn why didn’t I call just to make sure before jumping in bed with someone else. I am such a fool!

All I remember is telling Debra I’d see her in a few hours and going back into the room looking at Tee sleep. She looked so peaceful sleeping, and just from that thought I felt worse, because I’d used her. Drea told me all of the time that I jumped to conclusions. That she never cheated but that one time. It seems today I really did jump to one.

Now, I knew that Sandy would tell her. She spoke to me when she saw me on the hall and watched me walk into the room, and as nosey as her ass is, I am sure she watched for me to leave. Hell, I was pretty loud, so I am sure she knows what was going on. Could I ever forgive myself? Worse, when Drea found out, could she ever forgive me?

I leaned over and placed a kiss on Tee’s forehead and knew that nothing could ever come of this. It was a one time only thing. I knew in my heart that I loved Drea. I slowly walked out and headed to the hospital to be by my girl’s side--where I should have been all along.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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