Shawntress Edwards

_____Hello, my name is Chantel and do I have a story to tell. I have always found woman attractive so it was no big surprise when I realized I was ready to be made love to by a woman. That's when I saw Tall, Thick and Lovely. Her name is Crystal Known as "Chris" to most She was 5 "10,187 pounds wide hazel eyes and dimples to die for, all set in a honey brown complexion.
_____It was a Wednesday afternoon when I saw her shooting hoops in the park, I had seen here there before but, wasn't sure about who she was. You see Chris is a Soft Stud or Tomboy, whatever you want to call her. That is what attracted me to her, she must have felt me watching her because she gave a quick glance in my direction winked and smiled. Seeing her dimples alone made me blush, so I figured I would stay and watch her for a while I honestly think she was enjoying it I know I was. A few moments later the game was over she came and set next to me on the bench said she noticed me watching her. Asked if I liked what I saw. Being the real person that I am I didn't feel a need to lie and told her, "Of course." She gave a smug look and smiled. The conversation went on for at least an hour before she told me she had to go.
_____We exchanged numbers and she gave me a wink and went on her way. I was extremely excited that I got the attention of another female. It's something I thought I would never get because I didn't think women found me attractive, but I guess I was wrong. When I received a call from Chris it was Thursday afternoon. She told me she got out of class early. She said she had been thinking about me since we had met in the park. Claimed she could not get me off her mind. She wanted to talk to me and get to know me better. We talked for 3 hours. I loved every minute of it. She asked me if I was doing anything Friday night I told her, "No." In her cocky way she said, "You are now." I found that to be so sexy. She did not tell me what we were doing, but told me to dress for a special night.
_____Friday night around 7:45p.m. I was looking in the mirror and putting the finishing touches on my make-up. I thought I looked good as hell but was still nervous about going on my first date with a female. Then, phone rang and it was Chris asking me if I was ready. I told her I was almost ready and she made a joke. "You know what Brandy says don't you? Almost doesn't count." I laughed. She asked me for directions. She said she would be there in five seeing she was not far from where I live.
_____ When I answered the door there she was in black DKNY pants suite sistah had it going on. I was getting hot just seeing her look as good as she did. She handed me a dozen red long stem roses and told me I look beautiful. I blushed a thank you and returned the compliment. We sat and talked for a while because our reservation wasn't until 8:45p.m. We left the house around 8:15 and, when we got to the restaurant, Chris opened the door for me. She pulled out my chair for me and recommended the stuff shrimp. That's what I had and she had lobster because she doesn't eat red meat.
_____ We talked about past relationships and our goals in life. After dinner we took a moonlit stroll on the beach. After more talking, Chris did something I didn't even see coming. She gently grabbed my arm and kissed me. WOW!!!! The kiss was soft, sweet and delicious, and I wanted more.
_____ It was getting late and I figured she had to get up in the morning, so I suggested that we call it a night. She assured me the date wasn't over; she had other plans. We made it back to my house. I went to turn on the radio, but being nervous I turned on the television. That was cool because I didn't want her to think I was trying to set "the mood," but she walked right behind me and turned the television off and cut the radio on. We talked more until one of my favorite songs came on Fire & Desire by Rick James and Tina Marie. She asked me if I wanted to dance. Being caught off guard I said, "Who me?" She just gave me a who-else-am-I-talking-to look. I nodded and she pulled me to the middle of the floor. As she slid, her arms around my waist I could feel my nipples harden through my silk shirt. She then gave me another kiss that was sweeter then the first. She rocked us to the song that seemed to never end.
_____ I could feel her hands slide down my back. As much as I hated to, I stopped her. This was our first date and I had a great time, but I didn't want to ruin it by doing something I may regret in the morning. She said to me, "You are right. I can respect that." She then kissed me again and said goodnight. After she left, I ran to the bathroom and took a cold shower. It didn't work. I was hotter then a 2 alarm blaze. I was feeling it.
_____A week had passed and I hadn't heard from Chris so, thinking I would never hear from or see her again I decided to just forget about her. On Saturday morning I went to the mall to try and take my mind off her when I heard, "Chantel? Chantel? I know you hear me girl." It was Chris. I said, "What is it that you want? I haven't heard from you in a week." She explained that my line was always busy. I believed her for the simple fact that I spend a lot of time online so I couldn't say I didn't hear the phone ring.
_____ We decided to go out that night at 8:00. Chris showed up looking fine as hell. I let her in and went to finish dressing. We left to go play pool. It's something I always wanted to learn how to play and she was willing to teach me. Needless to say my game was weak, but I still had fun trying to learn. We left the pool hall to ride around for a while. When I looked at my watch, it was 2 in the morning. She noticed I had looked at my watch and asked if I was ready to go home. I gave her a sly grin and said, "Yes. Tomorrow after you fix me breakfast." She knew exactly what that meant.
_____ When we rolled up to Chris's apartment, she asked me to wait outside for a minute. Not five seconds later she came back and asked me to come in. I was smiling from ear to ear on my way in she wrapped me in her arms and kissed me. I stopped her and told her I needed to tell her something. She set on the couch. I set next to her, looked in her eyes, and said, "I have never been with a woman before." She was quiet for a short second and said, "That's all right baby, but are you sure you are ready"? I smiled at her, kissed her, and said, "Yes, I am."
_____ She stood took my hand and we walked into the bedroom where there were rose petals on the bed, candles lit, and Champaigne with long stem glasses. I looked at her and said "So, you just knew I was coming over here tonight huh?" She handed me a glass, poured us a drink and smiled. "Yes,"Chris said, "I kinda figured you would."
_____We talked some more she then guided me into the bathroom and began kissing and caressing me unbuttoning my blouse kissing me on the neck, licking down to the mid section of my breast she then took my bra off, she slowly licked down to my naval and unzipped my skirt and pulled it done while licking around the inner part of my thighs. She then undressed her self and then guided me into the shower. Facing her, she pushed me under the warm water so that it could run down my body, and we kissed. She then turned me around with my back towards her and lifted my arms around her neck, she cupped my breast as she kissed my neck and caressed my breast. She took the shampoo out of the shower basket, told me to hold my head back and washed my hair rubbing her fingers through my hair massaging my scalp. Rinsing the shampoo out making sure the soap didn't get in my eyes, she got a body sponge out of the shower basket and rubbed soap all over me placing one hand in between my thighs and with a wet finger she slowly slid inside of me. Moving her finger in and out just enough to make me ask her not to stop.
_____We got out the shower and went back into the bedroom where she dried me off. She then laid me down on my back and gave me a full body massage using coconut oil that smelled like coconut. After the massage she turned me over and made her way in between my thighs were we kissed each other. She put my arms behind my head and begin to make circles around my nipples with her tongue, kissing and sucking my nipples she then placed a piece of ice into her mouth and slowly teased my breast sending chills all over my body.
_____Soon after I could feel her finger lingering around my sweet peach. She used two fingers to part my lips, with the other hand she teased my clit with the ice cube rubbing it up and down, making circles and spelling her name. Gently she slid her finger inside of me my moans were soft, my breathing was faint just when I was getting comfortable with the feeling it gave me she pulled her finger out to taste my juices off of her finger. She then re entered me, but this time with 2 fingers and a powerful thrust that made me jump. Placing her fingers deeper inside then before was sheer pleasure for me. Aas I whispered her name and tears came to my eyes. She once again removed her fingers to replace them with her wet, thick tongue placing her hands under my bottom she lifted me up and being to place her tongue where her fingers just were. As she pushed her tongue deeper inside It sent a chill through out my body that made me beg her not to stop, and she didn't.
_____She got up and told me she wanted me to ride her tongue, and I said in an unsure voice "sit on your face??" She told me how to position myself and not to worry about hurting her. As I kneeled down over her, I could instantly feel her tongue inside of me. I moved slowly at first. My moans got louder as I picked up speed, working my hips like a pro. My sweet peach was indeed ready to explode, tightening up and grabbing Chris tongue as if was holding on for dear life. Chris moans were getting as loud as mine until our moans became so intense it sound like one voice. A few minutes later my thighs begin to shake, so I knew I was ready to reach the point of ecstasy. My body started to jerk, tears ran down my face and sweat dripped off my body. We lay there in each other arms and kissed. I felt my body again explode.
_____I did something I always wanted to do make love to a woman, and this woman made love to my body as well as my soul. Yes, indeed I have been turned out and now there is no turning back.

The End

Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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