an ode to a kiss
__________by The Kymster

Pure sweetness
Strongly desired
Taken at first,
But willingly given later.
Much like it was stolen from the vine.

We matched
Sometimes it works out differently,
A rhythm is necessary
Bodies must connect,
Static is bad
But we pulsated together.
Our hearts knew it was time
They waited as long as possible, perhaps because they, like I,
Had a premonition that the moment would have long
Recurring consequences.
Much like the chopping off of hands
For stealing fruit in other countries.
But there are joys to be found in rebellion
The flash that shot through
My entire being, the signal
That this love was real,
And needed.
Then, I knew
You had the power to make me love

So, we kissed.
Good love
Just like great fruit
Not sex,
A kiss
More than an ordinary kiss.
Slow, pacing the hunger evenly
Our lips striving for the same finish line
Waiting to be devoured.
Just like great fruit.
But you canít eat it again.
Once itís gone,
You only have a memory.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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