7:21 p.m.
_____I was staring into the bathroom mirror, putting the finishing touches on my shoulder-length hair when I heard the knock at the door. I rubbed my lips together, evenly distributing the new mahogany lipstick across my full lips. I ran to the door and opened it, smiling when I saw my girlfriend, San, standing there with half a dozen white roses in her hand.
_____"Hey bay," I said, inviting her in. "Right on time."
_____She stepped through the threshold of my apartment, closing the door behind her, and handed the flowers to me.
_____"Ahh…yeah, you know I rushed. I didn't want to be late for our night out. Here, love. A little sumthin for my favorite woman in the world."
_____San stepped forward and kissed me, her soft lips lightly touching against my own.
_____I pulled the small card from the bundle of flowers, smiling on the inside as I read, "Baby, this is just the start of what I hope will be a memorable night."
_____I told her "thank you" and went into the kitchen to put the flowers into a blue crystal vase, admiring the arrangement of baby's breath and lush white petals. I turned to go back into the living room and found San leaning back in my tan recliner, her hand stroking her chin, and her eyes glued to my body.
_____She was giving me "the look."
_____I walked toward her, slow and sumptuous because I knew she was watching. My eyes locked on hers as I put that extra sway into my hips, watching her lick her lips in anticipation. When I reached her, I sat down in her lap and put my hand on the nape of her neck. I began playing with her short, sandy curls as her hand rested on my ass, giving it a little squeeze.
_____San began to rock us back and forth in the recliner and I ran my hand further into her hair, making her close her eyes and sigh.
_____"Why you looking at me like that, woman?" I questioned her, my lips close to her ear.
_____San opened her eyes and looked at me, pausing for a moment while she looked me up and down.
_____"'Cause, shit, Kafi, you look good as hell."
_____"Thank you bay. I decided not to change out of my work clothes. I figured this would be alright e for wherever we decide to eat."
_____I looked down at myself, taking in my coffee-colored skirt that rested a couple of inches above my knees and the matching jacket left unopened over the V-necked beige shell underneath. Rounding out the outfit were the sheerest of sheer dark brown pantyhose and four-inch Liz Claiborne pumps.
_____Yes, I said to myself, I do look damned good.
_____"Baby," I whispered huskily in her ear, "we have to go. You said you made reservations for 8 o'clock. It's 7:35 now."
_____"Aww hell, let's skip dinner," San murmured, bringing my face down to hers for a kiss.
_____From the moment her mouth touched mine, I felt my clit throb and my heart rate increase. San rested one hand in the thick of my hair, and put the other on my left thigh. I moaned into her open mouth and reached down with one of my hands to fondle her ample breasts. She gave a faint groan and slipped her tongue into my mouth. Her breath smelled of peppermint and as her tongue searched my mouth, I responded by flicking my own tongue to meet hers. Our tongues played a hot, slick game of tag as I tweaked her nipples and her hand moved steadily up my thigh, rubbing it here and there.
_____We moaned simultaneously as our kisses became long, soulful and deep, tongues stretching as far as our imaginations would allow. San's tongue became slightly firm in my mouth, and I sucked it gently, enjoying the taste of her. She gripped a handful of my hair in response, and I cried out, my scream muffled by the mesh of our lips, tongues and teeth.
_____I disentangled my tongue from hers and our connection was momentarily broken as I arched my back, offering her my neck. She didn't miss a beat and as she licked my neck sensuously, biting into the tender spots, I let out a litany -
_____"Oh baby, damn…you know we gotta go, but Oh Sweet Jesus, don't stop…you feel so fucking good…"
_____I felt, rather than saw, San grin against the flesh of my neck, and my hips started to move unconsciously. Her hand continued its journey, nearing the top of my thigh. Suddenly, she stopped, right at the edge of the stockings connected to my garter belt…inches below my aching pussy.
_____My hips stopped moving, a moan caught in my throat, and my eyes flew open. I saw her smirking, looking cocky and flirtatious at the same time.
_____"Bay, why you fucking with me?"
_____"Oh I'ma save that for later, love. You're right, though, we do have to jet if we're gonna make it to this restaurant on time."
_____I tried to stare her down, tried to show her how pissed I was that she stopped so abruptly, but all I could manage is a half-dazed, horny expression.
_____San saw it and laughed, told me I was cute.
_____"Cassandra," I said her full name, softly pleading with her.
_____"Come on, let's go," she said as she patted my ass, signaling for me to get up.
_____Reluctantly, I got up from her lap, half disappointed that she had teased me like that, and half excited, wondering about what would come later.

10:47 p.m.
_____The breeze coming in from the car window glided over my face and rustled my hair. I leaned my head back on the seat and closed my eyes.
_____San looked over at me and reached out to touch my face.
_____I reveled in the feeling of her hands, reflecting upon the night's events. >From the delicious Italian meal at La Trattoria to the stimulating conversation we held before, during and after dinner, everything had been perfect.
_____My mind was on what would happen when San took me home. For the past three hours, desire had loomed on the peripheral, like a reminder. Even in the occasional absence of sexual innuendo and flirtation, I still wanted her.
_____I sighed as San turned on some music. I perked up, eyes still shut, as I heard Toni Braxton's "The Art of Love," start pumping from the speakers. Toni's sultry crooning brought back memories…San and I making love in the shower, me nibbling on the insides of her thighs, she strapping up on me, that one time when I pretended to be a young schoolgirl and I dressed up in a red plaid skirt and a white lace thong…
_____I got so lost in my own reveries and the rhythms of the song, that I didn't recognize where we were going until San brought her black Plymouth Breeze to a stop. I opened my eyes and looked out the window, not recognizing my surroundings. Before I could question her about where we were, San got out of the car.
_____She came over to my side, and opened the door for me. Always the gentleman. She extended her hand and helped me out of the car. I could feel her eyes on my legs as I smoothed down my skirt. San held my hand and guided me forward. I noticed that we were parked on some kind of bluff, overlooking a part of the city. The stars were out, spread across the sky like glitter. I felt warmth swell inside me as San came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me as we gazed outward. I leaned into her 5'7" frame, inhaling her smell, pressing my ass into her crotch. I felt her breath quicken.
_____It started to feel like hot lava had collected between my legs. Just as I thought to myself how romantic she was, San turned me around to face her. Her demeanor was no longer warm and fuzzy; the expression on her face was urgent. She kissed me passionately, opening my lips with her tongue. I moaned loudly, as her tongue encircled mine and she grabbed a healthy handful of my ass. My hands gripped her strong arms, nails digging into her flesh.
_____San groaned, taking her lips off of mine. I felt the wind against my moist lips as she led me over to the hood of the car. When we got there, her manner became rough.
_____"Turn around and bend over," she said, her voice deepening with desire.
_____I hesitated, because I didn't know where she was taking this.
_____"NOW," she said, a slight edge in her voice. I obeyed.
_____Bending over the hood of her Breeze, I leaned forward so that my face was pressing against the cold steel. I felt her come up behind me -
_____"I want you to pull up your skirt…slowly," she instructed.
_____Trembling from excitement, I placed my hand at the waist of my skirt and began to hitch up the smooth fabric, inch by agonizing inch. I felt the cool night breeze began to snake up my legs and my pussy began to throb. My clit began to pulsate at the thought of San behind me, unseen, giving orders that I knew I had to follow and also because I knew she would be turned on and surprised by the sight of me bent over, ass in the air, accentuated by garter belt but uncovered. I wore no panties underneath my skirt. I had been planning for a moment like this, since San invited me out this morning. All night the silky inner lining of my skirt had been caressing the velvety skin of my ass, making my pussy get warm and adding fuel to my already blazing fire.
_____I steadily lifted my skirt up, shivering when I pulled it up and over my naked, round ass. I was dying to see San's reaction, but knew better than to turn around. Goosebumps broke out over my skin as San touched my ass lightly with a lukewarm palm.
_____She murmured into my ear, "Damn baby, is all that ass for me?"
_____I moaned and breathed "Yes," in response.
_____As she rubbed my ass in a circular motion, I felt my temperature rise and my juices start to flow. I kept pushing my ass out and towards her, begging for more, but she kept denying me. I whimpered in protest.
_____"Aww what's wrong baby? You want some? Is that it?" She chuckled into my ear. "Come on and tell San what you want."
_____I couldn't speak. All I could was moan and rotate my hips a little.
_____San chuckled again - I could tell she was getting a kick out of this - and then suddenly put one of her hands between my legs. I bit down on my lip and let out a muffled groan.
_____"Kafi," she said, stretching the syllables of my name out, her voice almost making love to it.
_____ "Yes?"
_____"Spread your legs a little wider for me, now…"
_____I did as I was told. Immediately, she began rubbing the length of my pussy with her whole hand. I sucked in a breath, and gyrated against her, gasping when she let a finger massage my already hardened clit. I thought that the pace would pick up, but San kept it steady, using her hand only to lightly graze my lips, and allowing her fingers to dip just a tiny ways into my wetness.
_____I felt tears in my eyes at this measured and deliberate tease and I began to beg.
_____San was silent.
_____"Please…baby, please…"
_____"Please what?"
_____I couldn't bring myself to say it. Suddenly demure and innocent, I became tongue-tied.
_____"Please what?" San asked, her voice more insistent now.
_____"Please…San…Cassandra…please…fuck me…"
_____Before I was even done saying the words, San pushed two fingers into my tight cunt. I thought I would cum right there, and I braced my hands against the hood of the car.
_____San was fucking me softly and slowly, leaning forward to kiss my spine and lick at the small of my back. I was grinding, trying to take in all of her fingers, but San was determined to work me slow. So I resolved to follow her pace, even though it was driving me insane.
_____"Oooh baby, your pussy feels so damn good," she said, as she pushed her fingers a little deeper inside of me.
_____I blushed at her words; I loved it when she talked this way.
_____I moaned loudly, urging her on.
_____"Baby, I want you so bad. I can smell your pussy and I feel you getting wetter and wetter."
_____"Oh shit," I growled, my face pressed against the car.
_____"I want you to cum for me. Cum for me, baby, please," San's words caught in her throat, and it was like she was begging me, as though, she, too, was in sweet agony.
_____"Oh God yes, yes oh yes…baby please…" I said as everything became a blur and I was caught up in her voice and her rhythm. It was as though her fingers and her words were penetrating me simultaneously.
_____I cried out as San inserted yet another finger inside my creamy center, opening me up wider. Her thrusts were deep and hard as she fucked me with abandon.
_____"Come on, Kaf, come on baby…you know you like this shit, you know you wanna cum. Baby…I need to feel you…feel you to cum all over my fingers…"
_____She gripped my ass roughly, lifting me up and angling her thrusts toward the very top of my pussy. She pumped furiously and I could hear her breathing - hard and ragged - as she focused all of her energy on me.
_____"Please don't stop," I begged hoarsely, as I felt the familiar butterflies in my stomach and the tingling in my pussy.
_____San was as deep inside me as she could go, and her fingertips were stroking my spot, and I was riding her hand up and down, up and down, when -
_____I screamed, "Oh fuck!" and shuddered as I came, my juices rich and running down my thighs. San stayed put inside of me, my cunt vibrating and contracting around her strong, thick fingers, milking them for whatever else they had to give me.
_____San removed her fingers, one by one, the sensation making my legs go limp like noodles. She sensed my weakness and picked up my 5'3" frame, turned me around and sat me down on the hood of the car.
_____Her hand still wet from the river that had flowed from me, she brought her hand up to my lips. I knew instantly what she wanted and leaned forward a bit to lick at the tip of her index finger. She moaned from the silky sensation on her oh-so-sensitive fingers, but never took her eyes from me. I made love to her fingers, each and every one, savoring the taste of my own cum. As I sucked relentlessly on her fingers, San grunted loudly, shouted expletives - "Oh goddamn!" - and warned me that she was about to cum. With that, I took her index and middle fingers in my mouth at the same time, all the way to the knuckles, licking in the crease where one finger separated from another.
_____"Oh baby…damn!" San yelled, as she shook in orgasm, and collapsed, resting her head in my lap.
_____She laid there for a few minutes, breathing hard, trying to regain some composure. Then I felt her lips grazing my curly pubic hair and her breath caressing my clit, and I felt it get stiff once again. I heard her go, "Mmmmm…." quietly, and then she pushed my legs up and out. My back flat against the black steel, I felt her move her face closer to my pussy. Her first lick was gentle, loving. It was feather-light, touching just the tip of my clit. I let out a breath. She opened me up with her delicate tongue, taking time to lick in all the creases and crevices. She ate my pussy like she loved me, needed me and desired only to please me. Still holding my legs up in the air, she raised my ass up off the car, and licked from my asshole to the shaft of my pretty pink clit. I quivered and placed my hands in her hair.
_____San stuck her tongue deep inside of my dripping hole, tongue-fucking me with precision, and I lost control. I dug my hands deeper into her hair and pressed my pussy against her face, wanting more. She moved up, and flicked her tongue up and down on my clit. The wet sounds she made turned me on.
_____Once again I begged, "San, don't stop baby…"
_____She licked my clit until I felt it get harder and hotter than it already was. She was teasing me, but I didn't want to wait.
_____For the first time that night, I spoke roughly, demanding that she get down to business.
_____"Baby, stop fuckin' teasing me. Suck my clit."
_____San complied without hesitation. She wrapped her luscious lips around my tortured clit and began to suck. First softly but then increasingly harder. I saw colors behind my closed eyelids as she turned me out, simultaneously sucking my clit and gliding her experienced tongue over the shaft.
_____I was fucking her face now, my hips moving along with her rhythm. I was moaning and thrashing my head back and forth.
_____With her face deep inside my pussy, San said, "Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph," getting off on the feel of me in her mouth.
_____She gave my clit one fierce suck, and I let go. I bucked against her face, holding it in place with my hands. San took her mouth off of my clit, but softly licked the juices that were still oozing out of me. After she was done, she licked her own lips, delighting in the taste of me.
_____She tugged on my hands, pulling me into an upright position. She wrapped her arms around me, supporting my back, and kissed my trembling lips. I enfolded her within all four of my limbs, trapping her in my embrace. I ran my tongue slowly across her lips and then bestowed small, wet kisses upon her. San buried her face in my slightly damp neck and let out a huge sigh.
_____"Baby, you OK?"
_____"Yes," I replied, as I stroked her hair.
_____"I love you so much," she said, emotion deepening her voice.
_____"I love you too."
_____San chuckled then, taking me by surprise, and breaking the flow of our sentimental moment.
_____"Why the laugh?"
_____San brought her lips close to my ear then and told me she wanted to ask me something. I said, "Anything, baby. Ask away."
_____"So," she paused, with a smile in her voice, "did you enjoy our night out?"
_____Bringing her face out of my neck and looking deep into her eyes, I exclaimed, "Oh hell yeah!"


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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