Destiny’s Love

_____It was late and I was tired. I wanted to hurry up and get home from work. We had a long day at the studio and I just wanted to relax. Take out my braids, eat, smoke a cigarette, and go to sleep. The way Mary J. Blige was fucking up on her vocals, it seemed like we would never finish recording this dumb song she wrote. After doing her song over and over again, finally by two a.m., everything was done and we all left the studio to go home.
_____The Cross Bronx Expressway was extremely crowded once I got on it. I was very surprised, but just praying that I would get home at least by three a.m. My wish did come true, and as usually I was tired as hell. Once I got out of my car, I slowly dragged my feet walking to my house. I thought I wasn’t going to make it, but surprisingly I did. As I walked to my house all I kept thinking was how bad I need a vacation. Hopefully it would be soon.
_____Once I got to my door, I slowly opened it up, and crept inside. I didn’t want to wake up Alicia because she always complained about how much noise I made coming inside. I slowly took off my coat and boots and crept to the kitchen to make me a sandwich. Like always, there was never anything I wanted in the refrigerator because Alicia’s daughter ate up all the good stuff when she came over after school. I then decided to go in the living room and start taking out my braids.
_____After ten minutes of successfully getting some of my braids undone, Alicia came into the living room with a red teddy on. The red silk looked so nice on her smooth, light skin. My mouth couldn’t help but to water. She had her hair coming down with a few of her natural curls swept in front of her face. Her toes were done and her nipples looked extra plumped through the silk teddy. She started to smile and walked over to me. I try to say something to her, but she then put her index finger over my mouth, giving me a signal to be quiet. I then lay back on the couch, with Alicia climbing on top of me. She slowly started to kiss my neck, with her hands creeping slowly into my boxers. With chills going down my back, I let out a low moan. I then rose up from the couch to remove my sweater, and lay back down. Alicia’s soft skin felt so good as I caressed her back softly with my fingertips. With each stroke on her back, she lets out a soft moan. As Alicia continues to kiss on my neck, I felt my pussy getting wet through my boxers.
_____I already knew what Alicia was up to, and that was to take total control for the night. She knew that I was a real aggressive with too much pride, and I was not going to allow her to have control ever. I then rise up from the couch, holding Alicia by her tiny waist, positioning her to lie back on the couch. I slowly stand up to take off my jeans. The look in Alicia’s eyes was that she was ready for me to make love to her. I slowly climb on top of Alicia. I start to take my tongue and make small swirves around her neck. Moving my tongue slowly up to her earlobes, across her cheek, and into her mouth.
_____After a few minutes of passionate kissing, I slowly start to kiss down her neck, her chest and then to her breast. Through her teddy, I start to nibble on her nipples. Alicia again lets out a soft moan, with her finger in her mouth. As I continue to nibble on her nipples, I slowly take my hand and go down to her inner thighs. Stroking them with my fingertips. Alicia then starts to move her pelvis up and down. She starts to moan more. Knowing where my hands were going next. I tease her inner thighs more by stroking slowly up to her pussy. I can feel the vibes in her body begging me to touch her spot. Alicia must of felt my nipples starting to get hard because she start to clench them with her fingertips. Grabbing them hard, just the way she knew I liked it. Once I felt her body did enough begging for her wet spot to be touched, I slowly pulled up her teddy. Her pussy was nicely shaved and the lips were slightly swollen.
_____ I always liked to look at Alicia’s pussy while I played with it. The way she moved her hips turned me on. Slowly and gently, I open her lips with my index and middle finger. Her clit was juicy and wet. I took my index finger, with my other hand still spreading her lips, and started to play with it in a circular motion. Alicia with her eyes closed, begged for me to stick my finger inside. Once I did that, she let out a louder moan. Her pussy was wet and delicious looking. Ready to be eaten. I continued to play with Alicia until she continued to beg, “Please daddy, eat my pussy. Eat my pussy daddy.” She didn’t have to say anymore, because before she could say anything else, my face was all ready down below. Oh how good it felt to hear my name being moaned out of Alicia’s mouth. The louder she got, the more excited I became, and the more sucking I did on her clit.
_____As my lips continued to suck on Alicia’s clit, she constantly ran her fingers through my braids. Moving her ass back and forth on the couch. The faster I went, the faster that ass rocked. Once it was about that time for her to climax, I started to feel the soft vibes throughout her body, her clit became more swollen, juicer, and wet. I can’t explain how excited she was getting me. Damn was I horny. As all ways, once Alicia came as hard as she could, she jumps back away from my face giggling. Damn she is so beautiful. Alicia then leaned forward over to me, and whispered in my ear “Daddy, when are you going to let me taste it?”
_____“Never,” I replied. “You know how I feel about that Alicia.”
_____“Just one time daddy. When you tell me to stop, I promise I will.” Alicia then starts to rub my pussy in a circular motion through my boxers. Damn. I know the saying if your woman doesn’t get the loving at home, she’ll seek elsewhere, but I just couldn’t see myself moaning and balling up like a fem. Fuck it I thought. I guess one time won’t hurt.
_____“All right baby.” I said to Alicia. “Only for a little while boo. All right?”
_____“All right daddy. Only for a little while.” After Alicia said that, she had a big grin on her face that told me she was up to something. She then started to kiss my neck, and with her tongue, went down to my breast. Very gently, she began to suck on my nipples, the way she know I like her to do it. Still with her right hand, she continued to rub my pussy, still in a circular motion, but this time a little faster. It felt so good, but I just couldn’t let out a moan. Instead, I bit on my bottom lip as hard as I could.
_____Once Alicia felt I had my tits sucked on long enough, she started to move down to my stomach, kissing it gently. She then took her tongue and started to stick it in and out of my belly button. I had let out a soft moan. And I do mean soft. Still sticking her tongue in and out of my belly button, she then took both of her hands and started to pull down my boxers, with my help also. Once my boxers were off, I began to have butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t believe I was going to actually let my girl of five years finally taste me. Alicia always knows when I’m nervous so she started to firmly rub my stomach and slowly take her time going down to my pussy. Once she got down there, I spread my legs a little wider. To my surprise she took her tongue and ran it down the line of my pussy, and went straight to my crack. Damn, did it feel good? She almost nearly had me jump off the damn couch. She then slowly begins to lay soft kisses on my thigh. She kissed every spot there was to be kissed.
_____ I laid there with my eyes closed shut, not wanting to let out any moans. Patiently I continued to lye on the couch, waiting for Alicia to eat my pussy. She noticed that I was waiting, so she then spread my lips apart with her index and middle finger. I was slightly embarrassed of how wet and swollen my clit was. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I then felt Alicia’s wet warm mouth on my pussy. She started to slowly lick my clit with her tongue. It felt so good. With her fingertips, she was squeezing my nipples gently. I started to moan very low. I tried very hard to keep my moans down to a minimum, but the faster Alicia licked my pussy, the louder I became.
_____Alicia then started to suck on my clit. Moving her head in a back and forth motion while she sucked. My pussy became wetter, and wetter. I felt my pussy becoming warm in her mouth. My clit was starting to throb more and more as she continued to suck. My legs then start to slightly shiver. Alicia had given me a smile as she felt my leg left jerk against her side. Oooo… the way Alicia moved her ass with her teddy on turned me on more. She had a big round yellow butt that you can just smack every time it jiggled. She just continued to swerve her ass like she does on my strap as she continued to eat my pussy.
_____ After ten more minutes of Alicia’s pussy sucking and licking, my body started to feel the explosion that was about to erupt. I continued to lick my lips as Alicia’s tongue started to stab harder and harder into my pussy. Each time she pulled her tongue out I could feel it get hotter and hotter as she stabbed it back inside of me. Once Alicia went back to sucking my clit, I started to moaner louder and louder as my clit became more sensitive. I then started to feel this real intense feeling in my clit.
_____Alicia started to hum louder on my pussy as she waited hungrily for me to come inside her mouth. I knew it was coming because my body became real warm and started to jerk like it was out of control. I then let out a loud scream of pleasure. My love had come down the way I never experienced before. It felt like a waterfall was coming out of my pussy, and Alicia was the thirsty earth that needed this water to quench its thirst. I could no longer take the pleasure of my body releasing itself and Alicia sucking on my pussy, it just felt too good. I then jumped up from Alicia’s face real fast. She started to giggle and moved her body slowly over to me. She kissed my face and then asked, “How do you feel daddy?”
_____I started to smile. “I feel good boo, for real. Damn, where did you learn all of those tricks?
_____Alicia started to grin. She was just so beautiful whenever I looked at her. “I all ways knew a little something. You just never gave me the time to show you.” She then lifts my head and kisses my lips. We then held each other until we fell asleep.


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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