My first semester at American University dragged on until I thought I couldn't take it anymore. I moved in August, only to find myself alone and without friends until November. To make matters worse I was homesick and missing all my friends from back home. Fortunately, just when I thought that I was going to choke my nosey ass roommate, I became close friends with her boyfriend Brian. Brian was a cool guy, I felt like I could say anything to him because he was bisexual. Eventually he invited me to go the club with him. I accepted his offer quickly, because I knew I needed to make some friends.

Friday night arrived slowly, but without incident, and I was more than ready. Class ended at 11:30am and I planned to use the whole day to get ready for the club. Back in my room I quickly slipped out of my jeans and into my bed, sighing softly as I stretched my legs beneath the comforter. The cool, smooth, satin sheets and the weight of my down comforter put me to sleep almost immediately. My dreams were filled with the faces of the women I hoped to meet. Some were dark skinned, some light, some butch, some femme. I fantasized about each and every one of them, and enjoyed a very restful nap. I awoke to find myself alone in my room, which is a rare occurrence, and I turned over to look at the clock. It was 9:30pm; I still had plenty of time to get ready. I threw the covers from my legs and pulled on my favorite pair of pajamas, blue with yellow ducks. I grabbed my towel from the closet, my shower caddy from the vanity and walked to the shower after putting on the shower shoes. As I turned on the water for the shower, I slid my hand underneath my tank top to rub my stomach. I suddenly realized how long it had been since I had touched myself, let alone how long it had been since another woman touched me. I leaned against the bathroom wall and touched my nipples, hardening eagerly from my touch. Although I tried I couldn't suppress a soft moan, and I felt myself becoming even more aroused from the sound of it. I removed my hand from my shirt and busied myself once again with undressing.

The water turned all the way up felt so good on my skin I thought my knees would buckle. I used a soapy hand to massage my slit gently, my body responded immediately, and I knew I had to take care of it. While massaging my slit, I used the other hand to rub and pull on my dark, hard nipples. My clit got hard almost instantly and I felt the tip of it peek out from between my thick lips. My mind immediately began to think of the dreams I had, and the soft lips of the women I wanted to kiss. I rubbed, thinking about being sucked between those lips and licked by their long tongues. I put one foot up on the edge of the bath tub and shoved two fingers inside of my dripping pussy that ached for release. I stroked my clit and thought about a 69, with pussy juice all over my face and all in my mouth. The thought was too much as I exploded against my fingers with a moan stifled only by my wet washcloth.

After showering I took to the bottle of Johnson & Johnson's baby lotion to ensure that my skin would be incredibly soft when the woman of my dreams did touch me. I followed with Victoria's Secret body splash on my breasts and panties. I picked an adorable outfit out of my closet. I was going to wear a 3/4 length white button down shirt with a brown leather skirt that matched my stiletto boots. The shirt fit so that the material hugged my large, soft, tits, and the skirt accentuated my butt. Brian called shortly thereafter asking whether or not I was ready. I told him to come down and keep me company while I put on my makeup and finished combing out my hair. By the time he got to my room I was already done with those things and waiting for his behind.

"Brian, what took so long? You're worse than a woman I don't know why you called to ask if I was ready, I should've been asking you that."

"Sorry, you know me though. I've gotta look cute for the boys." He said with a smile.

"You know I know! How do I look?"

"Like you finna get some tonight."

"I really hope I do. Well, I hope I get some numbers at least. I know we'll have a good time anyway. How could we not, I mean, even though I've had a bit of a dry spell that doesn't mean I can't still throw it down when it comes to partying. Anyway, are you ready? I am."

"Let's go, I'm ready for some drama." He said with a smirk.

"You know, if I didn't know better I'd swear you were gay and not bisexual."

"Well, maybe I am and maybe I'm not, but tonight, sweetie I'm all about finding me a man."

"Oooh, you know you've got a girlfriend." Brian responded by rolling his eyes.

The Delta was off the hook! Beautiful, black, female bodies were moving to the beats, many with their eyes closed looking good as hell. A few doms were standing against the wall talking and looking out into the sea of women. All of them had on the standard uniform: wheat-colored Tims, dark blue Guess jeans, and a tee shirt. A few were wearing their shirts tucked in, revealing the real shape of their breasts and stomach. I immediately felt electricity through my spine and a new wetness in my panties. Ooh, it was gonna be a good night.

I headed towards the bar, knowing I needed something to take the edge off my excitement. I ordered an Alabama Slamma, cr me de almond, southern comfort, orange juice, and pineapple juice, all mixed with crushed ice like a pina colada. I sipped my drink and stood at the bar to take inventory again, when one particular woman caught my eye. A butch woman, tall, maybe 5'9", dark skinned with eyes that seemed to reveal her from within. Her lips were full, and as I stared she licked them, and pulled her pink tongue back in her mouth. I sucked hard on my straw, to give me some extra confidence for when she came over to talk. I knew she'd come over and talk to me. Just then Brian came back and said he'd met someone really cute and he was going to a "caf " so they could "talk". I had to give him credit, he moved quickly and the boy was cute, but I still let him know that I was mad for being deserted. He smiled and gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and slipped a $20 in my hand. His new man grabbed him and they headed for the door.

I turned my attention back to the dance floor and the honey I was spying to see her headed for me. She walked up right next to me, but didn't say anything. The bartender handed her a Heineken, and she turned to go back to dancing. I knew it was now or never so I laid a hand gently on her arm. She looked at me and leaned in to hear what I had to say.
"Are you here with anyone?" I said, hoping the answer was no.

"Well, no, just my buddies, are you?" Whew, that was a close one.

"No, my friend just left me. He found a guy he wanted to talk to and now I'm all alone. Don't you feel sorry for me?"

"No." Uh oh, was she gonna be a bitch? I jerked my head back away from her ear to look at her face and she was all smiles. Those teeth were perfectly white and straight, framed by soft full lips. She put her hand on the back of my neck and pulled me close. As she yelled in my ear, I involuntarily arched my back and pressed my breasts against hers.

"How could I feel sorry for you with a body like that? Why don't you come dance with me?"

"I'd love to." She took my hand and led me back to the spot where her friends were standing. I met Shay, Caillou, and Faizah. We danced for a little while longer with her friends, when she suggested that we go somewhere quiet.

"Why don't we go somewhere we can talk?" she continued to yell, even though we were outside. I guess the music was still thumping between her ears.

"Where do you want to go? I know of a few cafes not to far from here." I hoped she'd invite me to her place or she wouldn't think I was too forward if I invited her to mine.

"I don't really feel like coffee. I hope I don't sound too forward, but you've gotta take chances. Do you want to go to my apartment?" Yay! I nearly jumped for joy as the words slipped from her lips to my ear.

"Sure, I'd love that, and no, you don't sound too forward." I tried to sound cool through my cheese grin, but it was clear she was getting to me.

She drove me to her apartment, and I tried desperately to rid myself of the horrible ringing in my ears. The blood rushing from my head to my clit didn't help much. She talked about her job, and some of her hobbies, one of which was collecting cars. Today we rode in her Mercedes SL-600, but she said the Viper was her favorite. I'm horrible but there's something about nice things, especially the Mercedes that just made me even wetter. Maybe it was the fact that she seemed like it didn't phase her. She spoke so genuinely; I had to wonder if her possessions weren't just for enjoyment, rather than status. Fifteen or twenty minutes later we arrived at Riverfront apartments, the most exclusive in the city. She lived on the twenty-first floor, in a one-bedroom apartment, obviously furnished for a bachelorette. The furniture was unique; one simple butter leather loveseat in the living room faced the one-inch thick television that was mounted on the wall. The far wall was a window that looked out over the river and the glittering city below. In the far corner of the living room behind the couch, a liquor cabinet was full of the finest liquors, and beautiful glasses.

She must have seen me admiring the liquor cabinet, "Would you like a taste?"

I shook my head, "No, but your apartment is lovely. You have an amazing talent for design."

"Thank you. I'd like to take credit, but my mom did it all. She loves doing that type of thing. Could I get you anything else?" She asked as she moved into the kitchen, which was even more beautiful than the living room.

"No, thanks. Actually, a cup of tea would be nice."

"You asked for the one thing I don't have."

"That's okay, I'll have water then."

"No, just a minute, let me call the grocery store downstairs. They'll bring some up. What kind do you want?"

"What kind do they have?"

"Whatever you like." She said imitating Eddie Murphy's bride to be in Coming to America.

"Okay, playa. Um, I guess I'll have black tea." I said with a smile.

"Okay, I'm sure they have that. While we wait let's sit on the couch and talk shall we?"

Our conversation had just begun when the doorbell rang. It was the grocery store delivering the tea. We yelled back and forth until the tea was finished, at which time she carried a silver tray with a tea kettle, and a beautiful cup of delicate china. The tea seemed to warm every part of my body as it flowed hotly through my insides. All I could think about was her fingers and her tongue inside of me. I watched her lips move, and listened to her voice, sometimes forgetting to pay attention to what she was saying. I placed the tea cup on the coffee table and turned back to her intense gaze. It seemed as if she had moved closer, and somehow her hand was now on my thigh. Did someone turn the heat up in here? All I could think to do was to get up. My head was reeling from the closeness of her body.

"Where are you going? Did I do something wrong?" She said being careful to hold my hand gently in hers.

"No, I'm just a little warm. I was hoping you wouldn't mind if I helped myself to a glass of water."

"I wouldn't mind, but..." And with that she pulled me on top of her. My legs were spread, straddling her hips and she quickly pushed my skirt up around my waist. A sudden desire to be taken consumed me as my mouth found hers. Our tongues danced; I sucked hers into my mouth, and she sucked mine into hers. I tasted the skin on her neck, sucking gently here and there. I could feel the urgency in her touch, could she feel me? Her hands moved to my breasts and she rubbed them firmly while kissing their tops. I relaxed and let her undo my shirt with a yank, popping off buttons left and right. 'Shit, I really liked that shirt.' She groped my breasts with long, delicate, strong fingers, and pulled at my nipples through my bra.

"Oh, shit. Take it off. I want to suck on those nipples." She said as her hands slipped to caress my buttocks allowing me to remove my bra. I wanted to tease her, and then thought better of it considering the fact that I'd only be teasing myself. I threw my bra on the floor and proceeded to stand up to remove my panties and skirt. "No, uh uh." She growled and pulled me back down on her forcefully and the passion and wetness between my legs began to grow. Her hot, soft, mouth sucked hungrily at my breasts. She grasped each one between her teeth, and then flicked her tongue along each and I knew that I had to cream all over this woman's face. Her hand reached between my legs to cup my wet pussy. Only thin silk stood between long fingers and an aching pussy. I felt her fingers slip inside of my panties and I gasped as one of her fingers brushed over my slit. Her fingers grasped and bunched the silk, and with amazing skill she ripped them from my body. I quickly grabbed my panties from her hand and guided her fingers inside of my hot, wet, cunt. I shoved the wet panties into her mouth, and heard only a moan as three of her fingers entered me. I grabbed the back of her head and fucked her fingers hard.

"Oh, fuck! Your fingers are so damn good! Deeper! Please! Oh fuck me harder!" I felt myself get closer to climax and pushed her away finally. I grabbed her hand and pulled her onto the floor with me. I yanked her shirt up above her head and quickly undid the hooks on the back of her bra. Her nipples were in my hot, eager mouth while she undid her pants. She quickly undid her belt and stood up to remove her pants and boxers. I gave her a look that said only one thing. 'Put it in my mouth'. She got down on the floor with her knees above my shoulders, facing my feet in a 69. I stared hungrily into that wet pussy until she put it into my mouth. I groaned, her pussy was so good, I wanted to cum right away. She held back an orgasm too by taking her thick clit in and out of my mouth. I felt her hot wet mouth surround my very center, and grabbed her hips, forcing her clit to suffer a good tongue lashing. We licked and sucked on each other, moaning and grinding into each others faces until she felt my impending orgasm. Her hips moved more quickly until we both grabbed each other and came simultaneously. Her hot cream streamed from her pussy into my mouth and I licked her until she pulled away. She seemed to enjoy how wet she made me, and proceeded to show her appreciation with fingers in my ass, now wet from my cum. I wanted her again immediately but we decided to take it slower the second time. We continued later in her bedroom, but not before I fully undressed. Needless to say our night was amazing; so amazing that it was the beginning of our now three year long relationship. We're getting married in the spring.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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