__________by Schanell

Asleep, on the bed I lay
Hands touched me, in a gentle way
Soft as cotton, my eyes still closed
Up and down my body, I felt them
Chills on my arms, my back did quiver
Palms quite sweaty, and my stomach turned
My heart raced uncontrollably
For this experience, I yearned
Gently, lips touched my forehead
Wet lips I felt, on my breast
Hands on my thigh
How I tingled in side
Lips near my belly button
Now, a rush
You know I felt one all of a sudden
Reflections I had, picture us
Sexy and wild, making out on this bed
I rolled over, took control
Relaxed a bit and let my spirit flow
Hours later we lay quite still
For this feeling I felt, I may never again feel
Too quite, I mean
Not even a whisper
Then suddenly again,
I leaned over and
Kissed her!

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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