In my life, I have a prize. She is 5’8 with hips that sway like willow trees in the cool night-time Louisiana breeze…… She has long reddish brown hair that is a wild mane of “grrrrr”. She has full lips, perfectly placed breasts, and skin that is soft enough to make you long for sensual quiet naps with your head on her belly. She is my spicy hot, mocha colored, sassy yet tough diva…. My tough girl…..My princess in shining armor. She works hard, with her hands…. Yet they are always soft on my skin. She has earned respect from men and women alike. She demands perfection in every aspect of her life. But for now we’ll talk about her sensuous side.

We have a routine; She comes in from work, checks the mail, chit-chats with the kids, and hungrily looks for me. I stay away purposely, because I want my time to be all mine. As I prepare her dinner, I hear her talking to me through the kids using code. “Gosh, I could just devour anything that crosses my lips right now!” The kids crack up and tell her she’s greedy. I, however become misted down below at the thought of her ravishing my “treats” “Dang, I heard on the radio that a torrential storm is headed our way, I think I will be swept up in the moist downfall before the night is over.” At this point the kids just ignore her thinking she’s lost her mind. But me, I know exactly what she’s talking about, and I agree!

After the kids have retired to their rooms, she comes to me….. I have her dinner prepared on her bed tray so she can relax as she eats dinner. “Feed me.” she implores…… Teasingly I ask her what would she like to be fed, food prepared by my hands, or moisture dripping on my hands? She quickly responds with “Both!” Her dinner disappears very quickly as she turns to truly appreciate what I have for her.

While I don’t consider myself to be all that sexy, I do know that I possess a certain sensuality that gets to her. I was wearing a black satin night shirt…… and nothing else. She loves my long legs, so I try to show them to her every chance I get. “Come to me!” she demands hungrily as she removes her DKNY shirt to expose her sports bra clad breasts. I wonder if she knows how much I love it when she is bossy? As I move closer, I gently caress her skin…. arms, shoulders, neck, back….. I touch and tease with my fingers and finger nails…… “Baby, your touch feels so good to me.” I say nothing. I then kiss her neck… barely….. licking and teasing with my lips and tongue.

“Bite me baby!” And I do…. Nibbling on her skin as if I were famished. I kiss the top of her right breast and am brought to moisture….. She is so damn soft! She moans in my ear and then, at the thought perhaps of losing control flips me over. And with one movement she has my inner thigh under her skillful tongue. Now she knows my weak spot, and I hope I’ll be spared tonight. No, she kisses and licks me right at the point where the hip & thigh meet….. OMG! Just as I’m getting into the grove of this, she takes my clit into her mouth. Slowly licking the tip…. Tickling & teasing me until I want to scream! Ohhhhhhhh yessssss baby!!!!!

At what point did her fingers enter me? I don’t know but my body responds accordingly. In and out her fingers probe me, forcing my walls to contract at each thrust. Her lips never leave my clit…. She sucks it like a baby to a nipple….. FUCK!!!! THIS FEELS SO DAYUM GOOD!!!! At this point….. I feel her tongue plunge deep inside of me. Her finger gently massaging my clit the entire time…. Ahhhhhhhh……..I have to reach for my pillow to cover my mouth for fear of being heard by the sleeping children. She then stops, places her hand behind the small of my back and flips me over to the “ride wit me” position that she loves so much. “Come get what’s yours” she tells me. I feel her clit rubbing/grinding/gyrating against mine…. Uncontrollably I am forced to move in rhythm. My hips sway as our clits touch… she grabs my ass/pulls me in deeper. Damn, I can feel her moisture. (or is it mine?)

As much as I love being the “bitch” in control, I love it when she grabs my hair….. and she does, pulling my face close to hers. “Look at me!” she demands. I think this about the 5th time I’ve cum! But there is something about looking into her eyes as I’m about to explode…… She’s in my ear now, “You don’t like this do you? You want me to stop don’t you?” HELL NO!!!!! (She likes this) Daddy, please don’t stop. I need to feel you! In fact….. I need to taste you! Now, this is not a treat that I’m allowed to partake of often. She’d much rather be the one doing the “supping” But on tonight, we must share each other’s nectar. So I turn, while still riding my princess in shining armor.

I am so caught up in the moment that I don’t notice that she has taken the same pillow that was used to muffle my voice to quiet her own. I have to smile at this….. Miss Betsy Bad Ass….. I tenderly find her clit with my tongue, slowly & softly massaging and licking. Her essence is so damn good to me. I begin now to suck on her clit as if I’d not had any nourishment in years. I attempt to sneak my fingers inside of her cove…. Now usually this is a no-no, but the heat is definitely on tonight, because she doesn’t even stop me. Take just one finger slowly inside. It’s as if we are playing out some sort of rhythmic musical interlude, because I notice that with every stoke my finger takes inside of her, she is blessing my body in like fashion. For a while the only thing happening… in/out/in/out/in/out/…. Moans of excitement drip from both of our lips…. OMG!!!! Baby, I love you more than you could ever imagine. You feel perfect! Your body against mine, perfection.

I knew that I wouldn’t be allowed inside of her precious cove for too long, and I was right. She once again took control of thangs….. gently turned me over and ravished my jewel. I was so close to exploding I could literally scream. “Do not cum yet!” UGGGGGG!!!! As badly as I wanted to ignore her, I obeyed. She did things with her lips and tongue and fingers that are inexplicable, but highly enjoyable. Finally, after what seemed to be forever, she allowed me the privilege…. “Right now, explode….” And I did. I experienced a body jolting, mind bending, heart racing climax that exceeded every fantasy that I could have imagined. But that was not the best part. The best part was the aftermath. We held each other so close that it seemed that we truly were one being. This is why she will forever be my Louisiana Princess in shining armor.


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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