Precious Jones

My lady is a rain cloud, dark and unpredictable with small, chiseled lips, perfect and pink as passion, tongue long and wide as a red carpet, whispering how they love my walk, my ass, my eyes. Her body is flexible as a hammock below a thick neck and dark brown eyes that hide behind glasses. Her left breast is bigger than the right-I love her like that. I love to kiss the knife scars on her right arm. She always pulls away from me--I pull her back and kiss deeply. She is self conscious of her scars and always wants to make love with the lights off. I try to relax her, massage her shoulders, lower back, palms-and always kiss them.and suck on her fingers; they're deliciously long and know how to stroke the kittycat just enough to bring my clit to attention.

I like the funk of sex, her juices on my tongue and stomach when she rocks back and forth and splashes all over my leg. I think her pussy is a violent sea.or a volcano. Yes! She's a volcano and when she erupts, she's like an earthquake shaking and screaming, lava everywhere, sticky, molten, sweaty, dirty, proudly erupting and coming again and again.

She'll stick her middle finger inside me (I swear, it's like the size of a small prick) and go in and out, gently at first and when she sees me bite my lip, she uses more force, nipples hard and wet from her saliva, I tell her I want more. She bites my neck and sucks like a vampire, forefinger invading my cunt, she wants to be part of my flesh. Her fingers create a fake shaft, shifting in and out, consistent as my heartbeat as she whispers in my ear: Do your thing, ma, don't hold back--I don't and ride and grind myself into her. She is thunder and lightning inside me, booming and striking, she removes her fingers and I cry out in protest. She places me on my stomach and attacks my clit, juice dripping down my left leg, she reinserts her fingers in me and grabs my ass and smacks three times. You've been a bad girl, haven't you? she purrs in my right ear. I whimper like a slave, backing myself into her. I think I can hear my skin crackle as a finger finds its way in my ass, searching for what, I think--Salvation? Enlightenment?

The combination of her assaulting both ass and cunt overexcites me. She gets off on pleasing me, knows I take a long time to come. A tongue is on my right ass cheek; my response is to push my rump in the air like a tabby, exposed, vulnerable, she blows on my asshole, Lord, wait I say, but I don't want her to wait. She doesn't and replaces finger with tongue, just as long but moist, probing, flicking, I swear, I don't hear the scream, but feel it come from deep in me, coming, like her erupting on me, both of us coming again and again.

I love her, love everything she does for me. If I could repay her, I'd restore the vision in her right eye. I'd make her green tea and paint her toenails, hold her in my arms, sing her to sleep, rocking softly like far out in the Pacific. But there's time for all that.

All we've got is time.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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