She is the finest woman I have ever seen in my entire life! Each time I even think of her, I just become mesmerized! Every time I see her, I feel paralyzed…paralyzed by my overwhelming desire for her. Got to be with her! Shit, look at her! She is bad from head to toe…toe to head!

Ummph! I mean, each and every time my eyes lay upon her, all I can seem to think is, “GOT DAYUM!”

Now, she’s taller than me. So she’s has to be around 5’8”, 5’9”, maybe even 5’10”. Her skin is the color of a caramel apple, and Lord knows I surely wouldn’t mind taking a bite out of her right about now! Got me wondering what the flavor is like underneath all that delightful, appetizing caramel.

I can already feel moisture between my legs now, as I shift slightly from nervous excitement. Yep, my pussy is already wet! Simply from just looking at her and imagining the infinite possibilities.

I drop my head down slightly and lower my eyes from her image in an effort to try regaining my composure in her presence. But no sooner than I do this, I hear her speaking to me in a strong, sultry, confident, and deliberate tone. This voice attached to a woman that’s obviously used to grabbing attention and getting what she wants! But it also has an exotic edge. Is it African? No! Caribbean? Yes! That’s what it is…Caribbean!

Oh Boy!

The hypnotic voice commands me to raise my head and look back up at her! I do as I am told! I slowly raise my head and eyes, suddenly feeling vulnerable, helpless, and weak in the knee by the vision I see before me…

Black hair with light brown sugar highlights, lifted off of her neck and pinned up, with a few loose strands cascading down the sides of her neck and shoulders.

She is wearing a cranberry red, silk robe with a black mask covering her face…Oh My Goodness! From the silhouette reflected from underneath her robe, I can already tell that she has a body that won’t quit! But the only things exposed to me now are her eyes and those awesome, made-for-eating-MY-pussy lips. Mmmm…She’s clever! She wants me to focus on those eyes and lips! Well hell…I’m focused! Full, sensuous, titillating lips covered in a shade of dark berry. If she thinks she has me shaken…she’s right! She certainly does! But, I am not about to let her know it. Well…at leas not yet. So, I return her gaze with a bold, smoldering stare of my own, to which she tilts her head slightly, as if to say to me, “Oh! You want to try challenging somebody huh?” Aww shit! Now I’m nervous again! But hold my ground, still trying to appear unshaken…that is until I see what she starts doing next…

Holding my stare captive, she begins to very slowly unbutton her robe, as if my being made to watch this teasing performance is my punishment for trying to challenge her. I begin to hold my breath, watching in hungry anxiousness as she purposely hurts me with her unhurried strip tease. With her robe unbuttoned, but yet not opened, she walks towards me while lifting her mask. I scan rapidly between her face and the robe, wondering how can she walk the way she does and still keep that robe from opening and exposing herself to me. Stopping only inches in front of me, I’m drawn in and held captive by those eyes again…big, sexy almond shaped, honey browns that visually examine mines. Feels like she’s looking right through me. Damn! A chill runs through me, causing my eyes to blink rapidly. I start breathing again for what feels like the first time. Apparently amused by my reaction, she smiles and says, “You’ll be alright baby,” breaking our stare looking me up and down…then down and up.

“Uhmph, uhmph, uhmph” she declares, recapturing our broken stare, “I thought I had a nice body! I’m gonna have to touch you!” Then she smiles at me again…but it’s devious this time. Lawd have mercy! Dimples? She has dimples! One of my two major weaknesses.

Oooh, I’m in trouble! I’m so damn nervous I feel like I’m going to cry! Before I realize its even happening…before I even see it coming…she places a delicious kiss upon my lips. Intoxicating! I feel her left hand repetitiously sliding across my right breast and I become instantly lightheaded as her fingers skillfully play with the ring in my nipple. I’m losing my breath again…I can’t catch it. I’m trying so hard but then I start panting and gasping for air as she replaces her hand with her voracious mouth. I’m going to pass out! Shit, I feel like I’m gonna go blind! Somebody please pray for me! The she abruptly stops and pulls away from me. “You like that shit, huh baby?” She states rather matter of factly more than she asks. I just stare at her speechless, knowing my eyes are answering her question. I’m just trying to intake as much oxygen as I can get again, while she gradually backs away from me. In her retreat, she begins to open her robe, cutting off my air supply yet again.

When she stops, she allows her robe to drop to the floor, never taking her eyes off of mines. Feeling like a mad woman, I lunge towards her, driven by uncontained lust. But I make no advancement. I forgot that I can’t move. She has me cuffed, butt-naked, between two poles in the middle of the bedroom. I am a long-term prisoner in her personal penitentiary. She laughs at me heartily, while pulling the mask back down over her face, knowing she’s killing me softly with her seductive revelations…

Big, bold, beautiful breast! The second of my two major weaknesses. Caramel with chocolate nipples! YUM! Baby is working some D cups too! Her titties have obviously never breast-fed any child. I bet they taste even better than they look! They’re so pretty…firm…looks like they’re standing at attention and saluting me! I nod my head, in saluting them back; really wishing I could show them the proper respect by “oral acknowledgement.” Her stomach is relatively flat with slight ripples in the center. Oooh…Nice! Janet, oops, I mean Ms Jackson (cause I’m nasty) would even be impressed! Her legs are big, long, curvaceous, thick…got dayum she’s toned! And just look at those thighs! Wait a minute! Are those thigh-high, black leather, stiletto boots she’s wearing! Oh my goodness! I cannot believe what I’m seeing!

And her pussy hairs are trimmed in the form of a “T.” By the way I’m feeling now…that “T” has to stand for either torture or tremendous! Shit! My mouth is watering so badly, I feel like I’m going to choke on my own saliva. My pussy is so wet, I feel like I just got out of the tub without drying off. My hot, feminine juice is now trickling between my thighs and descending between my legs! My clitoris is fluttering too! I think I’m going to cum all over myself right now. To top it all off, she is wearing a black, leather, dominatrix outfit with the designed breasts portion cut out, leaving them vulnerable and delightfully exposed. She also has a sex weapon tucked away on her left side. Is that a flogger or a whip? Hmmm! I’m too excited! This woman has a body like Serena William’s and a voice like Angela Bassett’s! She’s bad…and she knows it! Knows I think she’s bad, too! Cause she’s grinning at me again, flashing those dimpled cheeks!

She knows she’s getting to me and she’s getting shear pleasure out of torturing me! If I could just free myself from this pole, I’d show her the real meaning of torturous pleasure! I just want her titties in my mouth right now! Those are “D” cups! I am a breast woman, so I know breasts whenever I see them! Yep…those are definitely “D” cups! Will somebody please help me? Better yet, somebody better help her once I get free!

And her pussy! I won’t be able to feel it on my anxious tongue fast enough! I’m going to eat her pussy like it is the last thing I’m ever going to eat again in my lifetime! I’m just going to simply take my time…savor the taste, appreciate the flavor, and inhale the aroma…eating it slowly, aggressively, and thoroughly…until there’s hardly and juice left for me to consume. I’m going to eat her so well and make her cum so hard that I’m going to make her stutter her own name…fuck saying mines! I don’t need her to tell me the pussy is mines! Especially when I’m the one making her yell, moan, scream, cringe, shake and see the stars! Hell, obviously it’s mines!

She loves it when I toss her salad, too! Shit, I love it too! It drives us both wild. My pussy can leak an entire puddle from the excitement pleasuring her in this manner gives me. It’s not so much the act itself, but it’s her reaction to it. When I spread those big, soft, caramel ass cheeks and flicker my tongue across her anal entrance, she tries to stay strong. She will hold it in and only moan softly. But when I plunge my tongue deep off into her anus, and tongue fuck that ass…Wooo!

The moans turn into wails that beg me to stop! I have her wailing like a little bit…well, you know what I’m saying! But that’s my lady! That’s how we get down! We go all out! No inhibitions and no sexual rules! We just do whatever feels good to the other person! We keep one another happy and keep it interesting because we both know that what we won’t do for each other…another woman will…and I don’t want my baby turning to anyone else but me! Shit, as for me…I’m sprung! I am not going anywhere! I love her with everything in me! I will do anything to please her, make her feel good, and keep that gorgeous dimpled smile upon her face! She loves me too! She’s not going anywhere either! We are just two freaks in love! And the strap-on action between us…Ohhh! Let me tell you…

Whew shit! A sound in the air snaps me out of my erotic, loving thoughts! I damn near cum from that sound and the sight and thoughts of her combined! Lawd have mercy! She has the short whip in her hand! “You want me so badly huh baby?” She asks walking towards me again, looking like a lioness about to devour her prey. “I know the thoughts that run through your nasty mind! Tell me you want me!” I open my mouth to obey her order, but apparently not fast enough. She cracks the whip lightly across my pierced nipple! Damn! Somebody please call my mama! “I said tell me you want me and I’m not going to repeat myself again!” She demands. “Baby! Baby…I want you, I want you, I want you!” I announce immediately. “Good boi” she states, kissing my lips passionately and pressing her breast into mines. I’m on fire! “Please set me free baby so I can make love to you” I beg her in a husky, breathy whisper. “Not yet baby! I’m running this thang right now,” she says “so you will wait! Understand?”

“Yes baby, I understand!” I state in defeat. “That’s a good boi baby,” she whispers in my ear and nibbles. Then cracks the whip across my ass. My legs buckle. It feels like she grew extra hands suddenly. I feel her touching my face, sucking my neck, rubbing my titties, sliding her hands down my stomach, feeling between my legs, grabbing my ass, fingering my pussy, stroking my clitoris! I’m ascending fast! I’m trying to tell her I’m going to cum if she keeps it up, but I can’t quite get the words to come forth. Bay…Ba…I…I’m…I gon…shhiitt!” Is all I can manage to say. “I know baby! I can tell! I feel you!” She whispers in my ear, “Not yet though! Hold on for mami!” I vaguely hear what she’s saying. I just know that she can’t keep physically playing me like a guitar and think I’m not going to react to her plucking. Shit! I’m only human! Damn…I’m so close!

Stopping behind me, and licking my ear, she utters, “Ummm! Ok baby…let’s do this!” My legs begin to shake as I feel her breasts pressed strongly against my back and one of her hands cupping my pussy. I feel her bending me over gently and eagerly…Oh My Goodness! When did she strap on?! Did I black out?! When did she have time?! “Ready for me baby?” she asks. But before I can answer, she is already planted deep inside of me. Damn she feels good! I close my eyes and say a prayer for strength. She allows her titties to brush back and forth over my back, knowing how wild that always makes me feel, while reaching around and stroking my clit to the rhythm and intensity of her thrust. I gasp loudly from her touch…from her feel…from her magic! I’m under her spell. “Tell me it feels good to you baby!” But I can only continue gasping for air as her stroke quickens and deepens. “Tell me! Tell me you like this!” My mouth is wide open, but I can only inhale and exhale air. No words are coming forth.

She stops thrusting, staying deeply within me, but keeps her hand cuffed on my pussy working the fuck out of my clit…”Tell me it feels good! Say it dammit!” Wheww…Lawd help me! Iiit feel s-s-soo good and I want your asssss ssso badly! Pl-please d-don’t st-stop!” She roughly pulls my head back and places her fingers up to my mouth. I suck some of my own juice from her fingers. She lustfully licks off the rest, smacks my ass hard, and begins thrusting slowly again. “Mmm! No…Unacceptable! It’s I-want-your-ass-so-badly-Mistress! Say it…Now!” I’m ordered.

With all the breath I can manage without fainting, I burst, “I want your fine, sexy, big-tittied, caramel, brick house ass so badly mistress!” “Oooh! Good boi” she oozes and proceeds to fucking my damn brains out! Whew shit! Will somebody please call my Mama for me? I’m cuffed to these two poles! I can’t do anything but take it! This woman is going to kill me! I can’t hold out much longer! I feel like I’m drowning! My legs are giving way! My head is dangling! My eyes are closed tightly! I’m moaning like it’s going out of style! Ohh! Ohh shit! Ohh…that’s my muthafuckin’ spot! “Yeah, that’s it baby! Cum to mami! Give it all to me!” I do as I’m told, once again, and cum like it’s the Fourth of July!

I guess I really did pass out, cause when I open my eyes; I discover I am now laying in bed with her. She has her legs wrapped around me…she’s holding me…she’s stroking my face and my hair…she’s kissing me tenderly upon my eyes and lips. “You ok baby?” She asks me so tenderly. I look up at this gorgeous woman…the finest woman I have ever seen in my entire life…the one who is still as gorgeous to me today as the first day I ever laid my eyes upon her…the one I proposed to and made my wife three years ago…I smile at her proudly…lovingly, “Yes baby! I am blessed!” I wink and then kiss my wife tenderly. “Yes baby we are,” my wife agrees, smiling down at me. “I love you too!”

The End

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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