Xy Texan

You always knew that I loved to make love to you in the morning but lately you wouldn't even let me touch you cause you were always too busy getting ready for work. After a while of us living together I caught on that you didn't want anything from me in the morning but the regular "I love you" and goodbye kiss. I was starting to think that you were cheating on me because you would hold out on me and lie about why you were coming from work so late all the time. Things started to get rough between us over the past few weeks and I was starting to miss the old us that used to fuck anywhere, anytime, any place we could. I missed the cuddling and kissing you all night, I missed everything about you even though you were still with me. Those were the days but I don't know what was happening between us. As I sat home and reminisced on those thoughts I decided to call your office because I remember you told me that morning that you were not going out to eat for your lunch break that day. So, since I missed you I decided to call your job and see what you were doing.

You- "Hello"
Me- "Hey, Shawn what you been up to baby?"
You- "Shh, be quiet she might here you!"
Me- "What's that in the background?"
You- "I said be quiet she can't find out what we're talking about."
Me- Baby, what's going on?
You- " I can't talk right now boo I have to go, ok baby?"
Me- But, I....

Before I could even tell you that I loved you, you had hung the phone up. I was getting curious as to why you didn't want me to hear what you were talking about with whomever was in your office when I called you. Around the time you were about to get off, about 6:00 or 6:30 p.m., you called me and told me to meet you at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Downtown. When I got to the receptionist desk and told them my name, she gave me a key and told me to go to room 419 B. I was thinking, I finally can get to make love to you after so long since you had been acting strange for a while now. I got in the room and called around for you, it was a huge room..


The door closed and you were behind the door in wearing nothing but a smile. You walked over to me and I could smell your sweet scent. You kissed me softly and it sent a chill damn my spine.( Every time you kissed me I got chills). You lay on top of me as we kissed passionately, sucking on each other's tongues. I rubbed your body passionately and we continued to kiss on the bed."Damn," I thought, "it's on tonight." You suddenly stopped and got up and went in the bathroom.

"What are you doing baby,"I asked you.
"Nothing," you replied.

You then came back out with your business clothes on and told me to stay in the hotel that night because you had business to handle at our home. The thought of this upset me....


You walked over to me calmly while I was throwing my fit and put your finger over my lips and told me to hush and not to worry about anything. You kissed me softly and told me to come to our house the next day at 5:00 a.m. since you had to be to work by 6:30 a.m.

I called the house all night to see what you were doing or maybe to catch you off-guard while you were "cheating on me." No one answered the phone, this disappointed me. That night I cried because I could only think of you cheating on me. I woke up the next day and checked out of the Ritz and drove to our home.

Before I could even ring the doorbell you opened the door pulled me into our home. You took my hand and led me through a candle lit house covered in rose petals up to our bedroom. You opened the door and the room was covered with rose petals and lit with candles. You then pushed me onto the bed and took off your robe to reveal your beautiful chiseled body. I wanted to touch you but I didn't want you to tease me and only go half way and get up and leave me.

You unzipped my pants and took them off of me. I began to rubs your breasts with my hands. I took each of your nipples and rolled them in between my fingers. You then began to run your nails down my back which drove me crazy. You took off my shirt revealing my hard nipples and reached down into my boxers and pulled out my strap-on. You went down kissing me every inch of the way and then took in as much of my 8' strap-on as you could.

I kissed your head as your wet my cock with your mouth. You moaned as I pushed your head down to take in more of my cock as you could. Then you sat up and came back up to kiss me. I began to rub your pussy as you kissed me. I shoved 4 of my fingers inside you as you squirmed from shear ecstasy. You told me to sit up and, facing me, you straddled my lap.

I guided you up and down slowly on my cock as I held you closely to me and licked and sucked your breasts. We began to move faster in our rhythm to reaching our climax. You held on to my back tightly as you dug your nails into my back. I then, lay you down as you opened your legs for me to enter you.

We began to get into a rhythm again. The deeper I got inside of you the harder you pumped your pussy against me. "OOOhhh shit boo," you moaned as our paced quickened. Your grip tightened around me as we both came.

I took off the strap on and then went down on you. I licked you slowly to make sure you could catch your breath. I began to vibrate my tongue inside you, eating you like a hungry woman as you lifted your hips and began to fuck my tongue. "OHHHH SHIT!" A few seconds later, you laid there spent.

I came up to kiss you and I held you tight we caught our breath. You put your head on my chest as rubbed your body and kissed your neck. You then told me that the night that I spent at the hotel, you and some friends were fixing up the house for our romantic morning. I apologized for assuming that you were cheating on me, you kissed me and told me everything would be ok.

We took a shower together and you went to work. From them on we made love any and every way we could in the morning, afternoon and any time of the day we could. I guess all I had to do was be patient and wait for that special morning.


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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