__________by Wizdompeace

I love you. Words that may seem to be slippery off wet tongues,
but my words are those that will protect you from my own weaknesses.
It is easy to betray another person, easy to give them one ideal and
than physically act out a whole other reality. But to betray ones self,
is only possible if one does not know what it is that they want in life.
I want you. That being the only possible way for me to feel and with
that feeling.. wanting you is the only possible action for me to think out
and portray for you to see.
I used to meditate. Calm down my surroundings and focus mainly on
anything that could deal with you and your happiness. Place myself
in a corner, lonesome, and concentrate myself on perfection. Perfection
being anything that involved you. Almost circular in benefit. If you are
perfect, and you have me, than in turn I will be perfect, perfect enough
to be had by you.
I am confused by you. I try to understand you and comprehend what ever
it is you may ask of me. Hopefully I am not too pitiful in your eyes, but
I doubt that I am. See, when you make someone to be the way that you need
them to be, I highly doubt you would make your significant other, pitiful. When
you give someone the privilege of being your lover, usually you would wish that
they are strong enough for you, attractive enough, intelligent and hopefully an
equal in your determinations and goals. You gave me that privilege. You made
me more important than I previously was, should I thank you with words or just
lay you on your back and make passion to you with my tongue and my hands?
A question that could be just answered by facial expression. A look into my
eyes maybe, a hypnotizing glance. You are a place in heaven that I would
die repeatedly for. The lies are dying,the hate is dying and all errors that I could
possibly have, are dying. Just to be closer and more indulged into your heaven.
Into your thoughts. Into your love.. into your perfection....

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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