__________by Infamous Trece

The I for irresponsible
The N for neglectful
The F for false
The A for arrogant
The M for malicious
The O for opinionated
The U for unemployed
The S for selfish

Don't be fooled the above is about someone else. The one I fell for and fell
hard too...real hard.

Never thought that I could love someone so deep like I loved her
Looked beyond the crutches that accident had her out of focus and on grudges
The scar implanted a virus inside my babies soul and stripped it apart
Made her look at me and I no longer seen her heart
No longer seen the person I met from the start
Felt stripped of my dignity for myself stripped from head down
Bared flesh, so she could see all my imperfections
From the beginning we weren't feeling eachother just was getting alittle
But some how the days went by and we grew on eachother
Held you down like a black sista should
Was always your walking shoulder when the tough girl stood
...That didn't last for long cause she put her guards down
And I opened my trust
The sound....the sound delays my hearing when you would verbally abuse me
like you were wearing a crown
Soaked it all in and started second guessing my looks
Next thing you know I'm trying to look like girls in video's and ebony and
honey books
The nights of sex had my mind intoxicated
Had me feeling like I was unable to help my addiction
Her ways were contemplated
The eyes she gave me
The look of disgust on her face
Made it all the way here and still not good enough for her taste
But yet I look at her and know she is not for me
But I put my time into making her be
But it just wasn't working out the way it was suppose to....(wipping tears)
hear me
I'm feeling this pain that is yanking my heart...bit that apple and in sin
It's going to be hard to start all over with someone else again
I saw her through all her imperfections, through her old hoe-ish ways to her
late night sessions, to her accident and her deep depressions, got me
I looked deep into her eyes and felt a hard shove
Heard that voice inside "wake up, girl" she isn't your miracle love

I stayed all that time thinking through the storm there would be sunshine but
the sun just never came... (sighs)

(walks over to the radio and turns Vivian Green's What Is Love off)

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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