The Ultimate Femme

_____Brianna cringed as the door slammed. She hated arguing with Shaun but this time she had gone too far. Shaking her head, she grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. Of course she couldn't concentrate on anything, but she'd be damned if she'd let Shaun know how upset she really was.
_____Bri laid across the bed as her mind raced. It happened every time she and Shaun argued, which, if she were honest, wasn't really that often. Considering that they'd been together for over 2 years, their occasional arguments were few and far between. But when they happened, they happened for real.
_____She truly hated arguing with Shaun and often apologized even when she wasn't the one in the wrong. Shaun's pride was unbelievable sometimes and to her, an apology was a sign of weakness, of giving in. Bri knew that and accepted it. To her, it was just a part of loving a stud. Most times, Shaun showed that she was sorry even if she didn't say the words. She'd be so cute, walking around looking sad and remorseful, that Bri couldn't help but put her out of her misery. Most times that was the case, but not THIS time. THIS time she had pissed Bri off, and that was hard for Bri to just brush off.
_____Closing her eyes, she thought back to when she first met Shaun. She had practically given up on love at the time, after realizing that some women were just as dishonest and hard to trust as men. She'd met Shaun and instantly recognized her as another one of those "playa playa" types. The type she had no time or love for. She wasn't about to set herself up to be hurt again. But Shaun had been relentless. She seemed completely mesmerized by Bri and pursued her to no end. She'd even given up all of her other women completely!
_____Bri smiled as she remembered how Shaun made her feel she was the only woman in the world. After being cheated on in a previous relationship, Bri needed that more than she knew. The more she thought about it, she realized that Shaun still made her feel that way. She realized that argument or no argument, she still needed Shaun in her life and wasn't willing to lose her over something so silly. Rising to her feet, she headed towards the door...

_____In the other room, Shaun paced back and forth across the living room floor. She loved Brianna with all of her heart. She'd given up life as a "playa" to be with her. At the time they met, she'd been seeing at least three women and any one of them would take her back with just a phone call. "Bri ass needed to remember that," she thought to herself.
_____Flopping down on the sofa, Shaun listened as laughter floated from the bedroom. She couldn't believe that Bri could so casually watch TV after an argument like that. "Fuck it then. If she ain't trippin, I ain't trippin. I can watch TV too. Shiiiiit!" Grabbing the remote, she flipped on the TV and lay back on the sofa. She closed her eyes as thoughts of her life before Bri flashed through her mind.
_____Whoever said being a playa was easy FLAT OUT LIED! Shaun thought back to the many nights she had struggled to remember the name of the person she was chatting with online, over the phone, and sometimes even face to face. It was hard work keeping them separate in her mind sometimes. And even though each of the women was beautiful in her own way, there was also something missing in each one of them.
_____One girl would make Shaun laugh like nobody's business, but couldn't have a serious conversation about anything ever. Another girl would have Shaun's toes curling in bed, but was dumb as rocks about every other subject. Then there were the girls that looked good on her arm but were always looking for the next stud who had more dollars to spend. Bri was the only woman who pulled it all together and filled every need in Shaun's life perfectly. And it was Bri she loved, no questions asked.
_____"Oh, who the hell am I kidding?" she asked herself out loud. "I don't want any of those women. I'm with Bri because I love her. But man, that girl can drive me crazy!!" Crazy or not, she knew that she couldn't take a chance on losing Bri over something so silly. Rising from the sofa, she headed back to the bedroom just as the bedroom door opened.
_____There stood Brianna, with an unsure smile on her face. They both attempted to speak at once.
_____"Shaun I. . ."
_____"Bri, baby. . ."
_____Laughing nervously, they both stopped. Shaun walked over and took Bri into her arms. "I hate arguing wit you ma."
_____"I hate arguing with you too, Shauna. Especially over something so silly."
_____"I know ma, I know."
_____Shaun walked Bri back over to the bed. Kissing her softly, she grabbed Bri's face and looked her in the eyes.
_____"Baby, I want you to know something ok? You are the best thing that's ever happened to me and I don't wanna lose you over no madness ok?"
_____Bri beamed at Shaun's admission. She knew things like that weren't easy for her, which gave the confession all the more meaning.
_____"I know that ShaunaBoo. Can we just kiss and make up now?"
_____"Not yet ma. I wanna say this so that you know I ain't about games."
_____Bri sat back on the bed and listened. It wasn't often that Shaun WANTED to express herself.
_____"Go ahead boo."
_____"Well, I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you. I mean, even with all the women I had before, my life was empty before you, ma. You're a real woman, a good woman and well, I just want you to know that I know that."
_____Her eyes filling with tears, Brianna pulled Shauna to her. She wrapped her arms around Shaun's neck and kissed her deeply, slowly, with all the passion she felt inside. They fell across the bed; Shaun rolled over on top of Bri placing soft kisses on her neck.
_____**Kiss** "I'm sorry baby" **Kiss** "I love you so much" **Kiss** "I never wanna lose you ma" **Kiss Kiss**
_____Slowly, she kissed her way down Bri's body. Shaun loved the way Bri sounded when they made love. She took Bri's breast in her hand and slowly circled her nipple with her tongue. Bri's body jerked as the low moan escaped from her throat.
_____"Ooooo damn that feels good" she moaned.
_____Shauna smiled to herself as she switched to Bri's other breast. Giving the same attention to that one, she slid her hand down Bri's belly until her fingers found Bri's pussy.
_____"Damn Ma, you wet as hell," she said as she ran her finger up and down Bri's slit.
_____Moving down her body, Shauna kissed Bri's pussy softly. Tonight, she wanted to make love to her, slowly, to show her how sorry she was and how much she cherished her. Shauna spread Bri's pussy open with her thumbs so that she could see her clit. It was hard, and Bri's body jerked when Shauna touched it with her tongue. She slowly ran her tongue in small circles over her clit as Bri's hips rose to meet her mouth. Slipping a finger inside Bri's pussy, Shauna took her clit in her mouth and sucked it gently.
_____"Oh shit Shauna! Oh damn that feels good boo!"
_____Shaun rewarded the praise with yet another suck of Bri's clit. She knew it wouldn't be long before Bri was ready to cum but she wasn't ready for that. Shifting her attention, she slowly licked the crease of Bri's leg where her hip and thigh met. This was one of Bri's spots and Shaun moved her head from the left leg to the right, skipping over Bri's clit purposely.
_____"Baby, please_please stop teasing me. Suck my clit Shaun please!"
_____Never one to deny Bri's sexual begging, Shauna took her clit into her mouth as she slid her finger deeper into her pussy. Bri's hips bucked forward as Shaun brought her to orgasm.
_____"Oh fuck_.yea, boo, that's it_oh damn_.I'm gonna cummmmmmmm."
_____Shauna felt Bri shiver as the orgasm moved over her body. Rising to hold her in her arms, she gently caressed Bri's body until the spasms were done. Rubbing her hair, and kissing her ear she whispered in her ear. "I love you Brianna and I'm sorry about earlier."
_____"It's ok Baby", Bri answered. "I'm glad we had the fight."
_____"Glad?" Shauna asked confused.
_____She knew Brianna hated arguments.
_____"Yea," Bri said smiling. "If we hadn't fought, we couldn't have made up!!"
_____"Guess we'll have to argue more often!!"
_____"No, we won't."
_____"Yes, we will."
_____"No, we won't."
_____"Yes, we will."
_____Laughing, they both yelled together "MAKE UP TIME!!"


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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