It's Friday night, my girls and me are thinking of what to get into. After arguing about what to do for about half and hour we just decide to get some alcohol and chill since it was too late to do anything else. Plus this city's gay scene really isn't happening. So what else do 5 bi, les and curious women do?

We all gather at my girl Nee's house. The music is pumping way too loud but after too much alcohol no one is really caring. After hours of just cutting up, laughing, and singing along badly to the stereo we decide to play cards even though it's 3 a.m. We start out playing Spades, which I'm very bad at so my partner is tired of me under bidding so we quit. No one is tired yet just very drunk and very horny. So Nee brings up the idea for Truth or Dare which to me always spells trouble. I'm somewhat shy and quiet so revealing personal things about myself didn't sound like fun.

First the game started out pretty subtle. Since everyone there had a thing for women the questions were mostly about what we like, dislike, want or feel about women. I was asked what my favorite part of a woman was, I said breast of course. As time went on a couple of the ladies started to push the envelope a little. There was a lot of nipple sucking, demonstrations on how to eat, and kissing going on. After that everyone got way too horny. We teased each other for hours and finally someone said, "Fuck it, let's just do it." Now I do love women but out of everyone I was the least experienced and had no clue what to do. But hesitantly, I agreed.

Out of this group, two of the women were a lesbian couple, Nee and Kelly. Their friend Precious, who is a straight up freak, Leelee was also bi but had a lot of experiences with women. She was fine. She was tall and thick, with honey brown skin, sexy lips, hips, and fingertips. A long time ago me and a friend fooled around a little but I still considered myself bi-curious.

Shirts, pants, and panties started flying. I'm lying there nervous but wet. I don't take any initiative but Leelee gets on top of me and starts to kiss me, hard and deep. Her breasts are humongous, not big but huge. Her body was perfect. She was nice and thick, she had a little belly but it was sexy. I'm admiring her, those thick ass thighs that held in between them the perfect looking pussy. I mean she had just the right amount of fur covering her area. She was what a woman was supposed to be sexy, erotic, enticing.

I knew a lot of women who would of loved to live out this fantasy but deep inside I was wishing it was just Leelee and me. Making love and exploring each other. I can't lie I was watching Precious go down on her and I felt some jealousy. I wanted to make her cumm. I wanted to suck her titties, feel her skin next to mine, have her grab my hair while she experienced her pleasure. I slowly made a way to get closer to her; Precious moved on, I had my chance.

I kissed her passionately I wanted her to know this was personal, that I was going to put my all into making her scream my name. I make my way to her neck, she's holding me so tight are bodies are molding together. At this point my hesitation is gone this was my moment with a woman, with her. I kissed and licked down her stomach stopping to suck on her nipples. Licking her sweet perspiration, I make my way to her forest like a lost child. I have no clue where to start so I suck on her phat thighs while I caress her luscious ass (it would even make Jennifer Lopez blush). Finally, I take the plunge; my tongue tastes her sweet sex. Damn she tastes good... and her smell had me hypnotized. Mmmm I was eating her like she was sweet potatoe pie, my favorite. She's pushing her pussy into my lips and now my face is fully immersed in her liquids. The fact that she is enjoying it is getting me even hotter. It was like there weren't 3 other people in the room or on the same bed.

At this point her legs are wrapped around my neck and I'm drowning in juices. She's moving more and her skin is feeling hot. I'm sweating from being surrounded by so much heat and moisture. But I won't stop until she cumms, until she screams, until she goes over the edge as she holds onto me very tightly, very passionately.

Precious starts to lick down my back and starts to kiss me slowly on my ass. At first I get upset because I felt like she was moving in on my set but it felt too damn good. So while I'm still enjoying my meal I get on my knees so Precious could have access to my wet spot. She's lying under me and I lower myself onto her lips and she finds my clit. My body is tingling from the sensation I'm feeling from my pussy.

Now the whole situation is really intense. I'm grinding my pussy into Precious' face while I'm still wrapped in between Leelee's legs. All you could hear was moaning, it was wonderful and pleasurable. Leelee began to climax so I begin to lick harder and faster and so did Precious and then....mmmmm.....mmmmm...yesssssssss.......oh shit!! Leelee and I both came together. I collapsed onto her sweaty body. I couldn't even feel my legs, just satisfied and happy that I made her cumm.


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