__________by Pheonix Phire

i'm always here loving you.
waiting for you to see
that i am here loving you.
i'm always here wanting you.
waiting for you to see
that i am here wanting you.
needing you to need me.
wanting you to want me.
hoping that you love me…like i love you.
talking in my sleep
singing sweet love songs
declaring my emotions
spilling the secrets that only run
wild through my mind
and here
in this time
i'm always here loving you
waiting for you to see
that i'm here loving you.
waiting to for us to be
one…and true
just me and you.

say you wanna be with me
say you'll never leave
tell me the things my soul is searching for
tell me you adore me..
tell me i'm only yours
and your only mine
and in time
we'll grow together…one soul
we'll mend and blend
till our hearts beat in unison.
hold my hand when i reach for you…and
touch my gentle when i cry.
twirl my hair round your fingers tips
and kiss my lips goodbye
when you leave for work during the day
and kiss my lips hello
when you return at night.
and let me know
your always here loving me.
as i am here loving you.
loving you
loving you

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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