__________by Afronative

Sweet Goddess please why is it so
That those I love must always go
And I alone remain behind
To bare the anguish in my own time
Each parting glance has cost me some
Of all the good you placed in one
That canít go on but dare not stay
Why is this hell what I must pay
Time and again Iíve lived the chapter
With each new love I chase the laughter
But in the end itís all the same
Alone at night calling out her name
I once was love in all itís glory
But weary worn how ends my story
Of one that gave all that she had
To end alone heartbroke and sad.
So now my Goddess hear my plea
Remove the pain that swells in me
Bless me with lovesí sweet embrace
And free my soul with your ageless grace.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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