Nia Mitchell

I cannot recall the first time in my life when the beauty of another woman mesmerized me. I do not remember the first time that another woman's scent intrigued and excited me. I do, however, remember the first time another woman captivated my heart and introduced me to true love for the first time in my life.

It was three years ago and I had just moved to a small town outside of Atlanta. I was fortunate to get a job with a respectable accounting firm that would pay for me to attend graduate school. I was on the job about three weeks when fate placed Kai in my life. She was one of the company's regular clients and the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was all of the things I admired in other women. Classy, sophisticated, educated and down to earth. I saw her when she entered the building, and as she walked through the reception area and past my office our eyes met and I knew that I was in trouble. She backed up casually, gave me a sexy smile and asked, "You're new here aren't you?" I was so nervous that I was barely able to utter a faint "Yes" before she floated further down the corridor. While she was in the conference room meeting with my supervisor, I sat in my office trying to make sense of what had just happened to me. I have always been attracted to other women, but no woman had ever made me feel the way that this woman did. I could not get over the intensity in the room when her eyes met mine. I was so sure that she felt it too, but when she left the building without saying anything to me I was crushed and dismissed the idea.

Two weeks passed before I saw Ms. Kai again. When she walked into my office unannounced and sat down in the chair across from mine, I was speechless. She looked at me with beautiful brown eyes and asked me if I was adjusting to everything okay. I told her "Yes, but I am still a bit unfamiliar with certain parts of the city". She gave me a sexy smile and said, "Well, if you need a personal tour guide, I am available". She then took my hand and wrote her number in my palm. As I sat there completely shocked, she quickly rose out of her seat, took one of my business cards and placed it in her purse. She then looked at me, gave me a wink and strutted out of my office. I sat at my desk, for what seemed like an eternity, replaying what had just happened. I could still smell her perfume and feel her presence. As I thought about the warmth of her touch and the look in her eyes, I started to get sexually aroused. It took everything in me to get my work done and to stop fantasizing about Kai.

When I got home, there was a message on my machine from Kai. She informed me that she had gotten my number from a friend of hers who worked in my building. She said that she was calling to invite me to dinner at her place and gave me directions and the time at which she would be expecting me. As I played her messages over and over, I tried to think of an excuse as to why I should not go. When I could not think of one. I showered, dressed and left for Kai's place. When I arrived, she had placed a note on her door instructing me to "come on in and to make myself comfortable". As I opened the door, I could hear Anita Baker's "More than you know" playing on the stereo (Score 1 for Kai). I walked into the den and perused her music and literary collection. I found such great artists as Miles Davis, Will Downing, Kirk Whalum, Phyllis Hyman, Nikki Giovanni, Audre Lorde, and Richard Wright. I had definitely found my soul mate! I was so deep in thought that I did not notice that Kai had entered the room until her unforgettable scent drifted across the room and forced its way up my nostrils. She walked up to me, placed her hands on my waist and whispered in my ear, "I hope that my taste in music and literature gives you some idea of the type of woman I am. I can be sexy and sensual like a perfectly played saxophone note and I can be serious yet laid back like a perfectly penned verse". She then took my hand and led me into the dining room.

As we both sat down, I noticed that she was wearing a purple sheer blouse with no bra on underneath it. During dinner I caught myself staring at her breast and wondering how her nipples would feel against my tongue and lips. She caught me looking, smiled at me and walked around to my side of the table. She stood behind me and slowly started to unbutton my sweater. After removing my sweater and bra, she told me to stand up, but to keep my back to her. She pulled me to her and I could feel her bare breasts against my back. She reached around me and slowly stoked my nipples with her thumbs. She told me to turn around and face her. She kissed me softly on the lips and asked me if I had ever made love to a woman before. I told her "only in my dreams" and kissed her back. She took my hand and led me into her bedroom. She walked over to her bed, pulled back the covers, and sat down on the edge of the bed. As I stood in front of her trembling with desire, Johnny Gill's "Lady D'Jour" played softly in the background. I walked up to her and she pulled me down onto the bed with her. She told me to lie back and then she straddled me and looked deep into my eyes. She kissed me with all of the passion in her, and then she slowly ran her tongue over every inch of my body. When she reached my love zone and gently sucked and licked my swollen clit, I knew that nothing could ever be better than this. I was wrong! She slowly slid her tongue into my love tunnel and I almost passed out. Her tongue teased and tantalized the deepest part of me and it felt as if this woman was licking my soul.

The next morning I awoke with the notion that what had happened was just another dream, but when Kai reached out and pulled me to her, kissed me on my cheek and said, "It was my first time too", I realized that it wasn't. I reached behind me, grabbed her hand, placed it over my heart and vocally thanked the creator for bringing this woman into my life. Kai leaned over me and gave me an intense look as tears began to flow from both of our eyes. She placed her face close to mine so that our tears could fuse and become one. We held each other tight and both said a heartfelt "Amen" as we listened to Anita Baker sing about her "Angel".


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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