__________by Femmetheories

I never knew my heart til I knew you
You are my notes
Never knew true art though til I knew your voice
I fought loving you like people fight death and I had
no choice
You are my pen and every word I write
You are the daytime and optimism in to my pessimism
and night
My inspiration the greatest part of me
I gave up on fighting and let myself feel
So I took you and composed and made something for once
that was real
Cuz with you I made love and we kept all of our
clothes on
Now people are going to get it twisted and get me
I donít mean phone sex but you were on a metro pcs
I will admit that on that first night with you I got
no rest
I made love to your mind
You returned to affection to mine
You helped me that night and became my reason to live
and do it right
Right now I write in hopes of expressing emotions
that have no words for me to find no remedies no
I live for love and you are love to me because you are
my heart
My soul inspiration my love my most beautiful work of

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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