__________by DatGyrlSKITTLES

Every morning I wake to find
a small piece of me is missing
And I know that she has come to me at my vulnerable
hidden within a dream,
and robbed me yet again, leaving as quickly as she
At first it was small things, like my attention
then my interest
then a significant amount of time in my thoughts
But she was not satisfied with these
and so she sought to steal
much more valuable treasures
So she crept up without the slightest sound
and took more and more of my time
Took control of my senses
So all that I see, hear, touch, taste or smell
reminds me somehow of her
And when I wasnt looking, she took hold of my
that I would lie, cheat, steal and kill for her
without a second thought
Yet still, she was not satisfied
so she waited, with my most prized possession set in
her sights,
to catch me at my weakest point yet
and when i stopped in my tracks to search
for the things I'd already lost to her
She came to me and quickly left
Taking with her my heart
But when she did, she didnt realize
she'd left her mark on my soul
and so I knew it was she who had taken so much
And instead of asking for all of it back
I begged that she'd keep it
And hold me high among the things she loved
And when she agreed, I was satisfied.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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