_____“What’s up D? What u doin?”
_____“Nuthin much. In Chapel Hill, just left UNC.”
_____“Well I was gonna ask if you wanted to come over about 4:45pm. I have to run back to the office real quick and then I’m going back home. I was gonna try and clean up before you came but if you need to come now you can.”
_____“Nah, that’s ok. I want to spend a few minutes alone before I come.”
_____“Okay so I’ll see you at 4:45?”
_____“Yep. See u then”
_____I’m D. It’s short for Danielle. Her name is Jaye. We met online a little while ago. We been chilling together lately, getting to know each other better. We spend so much time on the phone that it is scary to think about not having free night and weekend minutes. She has the best telephone voice. It’s the kind of voice that you want to hear every night before u sleep. Just the same way you want to hear it first thing every morning. She is just a little shorter than my 5’7” with gorgeous cute smile and the sexiest body you will ever see. She is very sweet and has a good sense of humor as well. Even for friends those things are definitely a plus with me.
_____We are both 21 and both still in school with all intentions of finishing sometime this century. So when I found out that she was local, I had to get to know her better.
_____I met this lady with all intentions of friendship only. Mainly because I am not ready for the kind of relationship I want and secondly because I found out that the last chick I talked to happened to be a friend of hers. That was disclosed the first time we spoke online and it made me a bit skeptical about getting too close to her. Considering that the last girl I talked to is past tense, I didn’t want her to get a bad impression of me from her friend since things didn’t work with us. So that made me a little bit more skeptical about attempting friendship with her. To be honest there aren’t too many opportunities to meet new pham around my way so I bit the bullet.
_____So we chilled every week at least once for the past 3 weeks. Usually I went over to her place, we kicked a blunt or two and chilled or we went play pool or something of that nature. With the way we smoke, food is always present. So I decided I was going to visit after I did some browsing for Christmas presents. The mall I was going to is right up the street from her apartment so 4:45pm was a perfect time for me to come over.
_____After the most insane shopping experience of my life, I hit the food court for some Bourbon Chicken to go and proceeded to my car. After that shopping experience I needed the biggest fatty I could roll. So there I was, sitting in my car rolling an L when I got her last text message saying “Jus Come In I am In the Shower.” That message in itself gave me a chill. I could imagine the water rolling off her sexy body. I shook the images from my mind and finished the last twist of my blunt. After a quick stop at the store, I was pulling into her complex.
_____I walked in and heard her shower going. I went past her room, through the living room and out onto her balcony. It was chilly and a little rainy, perfect snuggling weather. I sat outside and smoked a cigarette while I waited on her to come from her shower. I sent her a text telling her I was out on her balcony and to get me when she was dressed. I was deep in a daydream about helping her dry off and lotion up when her voice interrupted my thoughts.
_____“Hey you. Man its cold out here!”
_____We exchanged greetings and I followed her back inside the apartment. We went into her bedroom where she put in a tape and I lit the blunt I rolled earlier. We ended up watching a play written by Tyler Perry, a black author, and performed by a black cast. It was hilarious and it lightened the mood a bit for me. I was trying to keep my eyes on the television and not on the curvaceously sexy body lying next to me. While we finished the blunt I was plotting a way to get her into my arms, if only for a moment.
_____“I didn’t get my hug today.”
_____“Well, you can get it.”
_____Did I know what I was getting myself into asking for that hug? Maybe I did but I couldn’t help myself. Her hugs are wonderful. They tend to make you forget the bad things of your day and you lose yourself. I didn’t want to let go. After the hug, we both had to get a grub on. Munchies hit hard and I enjoyed my Chinese food from the mall while she grubbed on some Burger King.
_____After the movie went off and our tummies were full, we did our usual thing and listened to some music. It’s rare that I meet someone who, like me, is more into music than television. So we were bumping tunes, talking and dancing when I thought of a song I really wanted to hear. It was “My Body” by LSG. We never cut on the lights after the movie and with that song playing; the mood was perfect for...well you know. Before the song was over, we were all over each other. We were hugged up rubbing each other and moving our bodies to the rhythmic beats coming from her computer speakers. Suddenly silence pulled us from the sweetest embrace we ever shared.
_____She got up to pick a play list so we wouldn’t be interrupted every time a song ended. It was so hot from our dancing that I had to come out of my shirt. Before I knew it, one of my favorite songs came on. “Lose Control” by Silk was playing. At first I just closed my eyes and sang along for a bit. I was peeking from the blinds, looking out the window, trying anything to keep from noticing how sexy she was and how she lied on her bed looking so inviting. She must have been a weakness because before the first verse was over I was on the bed with her.
_____I lay on top of her and began to kiss her neck and her ears. I traced circles around her earlobe with my tongue. I made my way slowly down her neck. I began to kiss between her breasts as I caressed them through her shirt. Her nipple felt as if it would pierce its way through the shirt at any moment. Me, being the nice lady I am, decided to free them before they started to hurt. I ran my tongue around her chocolaty nipple, teasing her just a little.
_____Just when I knew she was digging that I took as much of her breast into my mouth as I could. I sucked her right breast making sure not to stop caressing the other. I proceeded to show her other breast some love. Her breasts enticed me to the point that I pulled her nipples together and flicked my tongue wildly across both of them. I could feel how much she enjoyed the sensations brought on by licking both at one time.
_____I continued on my southward trail, pausing to kiss her firm stomach. Her tummy was so smooth and defined. It was soon to be one of my favorite things about her body. I licked around her navel and kissed the soft spots on her abdomen. I could smell the nectars of her fruits coming from her womanhood. It was so alluring that I couldn’t keep myself away from it.
_____I continued my journey southward until I was looking at my prize. I slid my tongue down her clit slowly. She jumped a little from the warm contact of my tongue on her center. I began licking slowly as she started squirming. Then I slid my tongue deep inside her. She arched her back, taking more and more of my tongue in. I flicked my tongue in and out of her as hard and fast as I could. She arched her back even more. I could tell she was feeling that so just when I was about to enter again I stopped and began licking her clit again. My tongue was moving faster than I thought it could.
_____I like to think I’m good with my tongue but I had never eaten someone like this before in my life. I couldn’t get enough of this girl. She tasted even sweeter than she smelled and I was hooked. She moaned loudly as I continued to attack her clit. After a few more minutes of direct pressure from my tongue, she couldn’t take it anymore.
_____“Oh Shit D, I’m coming…”
_____That did it. She moaned very loudly as her body began to jerk and shake. She climaxed so sexily that I still didn’t want to stop. I licked her juices from her lips and couldn’t help moaning myself. This sexy lady had me hooked on her like a fiend. I lied there looking at her ceiling and began to smile as I read a poster she had above her bed. The poster says, “Smile, it’s the second best thing you can do with your lips.” I smiled thinking that nothing could be better than what I just had.
_____She rolled over and lied on top of me as we held each other tightly and listened to the music. We were laying there in silence for so long that I was in a state of unawareness. I wasn’t sure if I was asleep or just day dreaming. All I knew was that I enjoyed everything about Jaye. Our friendship was developing nicely and the sex was so amazing. I just knew that I didn’t want anything to change unless it was for the better.
_____We woke up from our laziness and smoked another L. We were all over each other for the remainder of my time with her that day. She was sucking my breasts and sliding her fingers inside me. She lied on top of me and moved those sexy hips, causing me to squirm beneath her. After she got me so turned on that I was about to explode, she rolled off of me and moved my own hand down into my boxers. I began to rub my clit slowly as she watched the movement in my shorts. I was getting closer to orgasm when she took my nipple into her mouth. She was licking and sucking so gently and so well that I couldn’t hold it anymore. My orgasm came fast and hard and left me a little bewildered. I gathered my composure and dressed myself. After one of the best hugs I ever had, I hit the road and began my drive home.
_____“I was driving home and I had to call you. I just wanted to tell you that I can still smell you on my lips and my fingertips.”
_____“Woman, damn you can’t be saying stuff like that to me. You making me all shy.”
_____“No need to get shy about it. You taste so good and you’re so sexy. You lucky I went home. Well, I am driving so I will call you when I’m home safe okay?”
_____“Yes, you do that. Be careful, Sweetie.”
_____“I will. Bye”
_____From then on, just as I predicted, our visits got even better along with our friendship. Who would have thought that we would have the kind of friendship that I was looking for so soon? She has permission to make me lose control again anytime she wants. I’m sure you can guess who comes to mind whenever Silk comes on my radio!

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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