__________by P. D. James

So far away but so near
So i make love to with my mind my soul and my thoughts
Until i can make love to you with my my eyes my lips my hands
And my vagina.
And yes i fantasize what i can do with you in mind and my soul and my thoughts.
I call them my tools my weapons of love for you, i then imagine my
Dark chocolate body entangle with your honey carmel body
Moving to a rhythm that brings us to a frenzy that is so sensual and
Electrifying that both of our volcano's erupt bringing sweet
Nectar juice running down both of our legs so hot warm and sticky
Holding on to each other so tight not wanting to lose this wonderful feeling between us,
my thoughts are to gently spread your legs so i can lick and suck
all the sweet nectar that still runs down your legs taking my strong hands and draping your
Those long carmel legs over my back while i began to gently
Tongue fuck your clit, you wrapping your legs around my neck so tight that it feel like vice grips,
pushing my tongue deeper into love canal sending you into a fit of convulsion and making you scream
My name over and over and then releasing this warm creamy
Sensation into my mouth making me so intoxicated that i saviour every drop,
then gently taking you into my arms and passionately
Kissing you and letting you taste the love we just made

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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