_____I was laying on the hot sands of Herring Cove beach under a big red-n-white umbrella, shielding myself from the hot burning sun. It was just another leisurely hot summer day and I was just taken in the beauty of mother nature. Not even single cloud was in the sky that day and the tide was quiet calm. It was just about mid- day and sun was it's brightest when it when my skin started to burn. I reached for the sun block when I noticed her, one of the few black women that walked the beach that day. She was wearing a ruby red bathing suit and her body was petite yet well buffed. You could tell that she worked out regularly as she carried her firm body with such confidence. Her crown was shielded by a straw hat with a big brim. My gaydar went off in a big way and I was definitely getting an androgynous energy reading in a big way. Androgyny turns me on a big way because I get a full ebb and flow passionate package.
_____She climbed into her big white hi-chair and my peripheral vision was able to keep up with her without giving up my cover. I felt real safe the day as I'm sure did the rest of those nuclear family types and white dykes lounging on the beach. She was Mocha Brown, I mean dark chocolate like. Her skin appeared smooth and evenly dark chocolate all over and damn, I love dark chocolate.
_____Mocha Brown took off her hat and gently began a sucking motion on her whistle. She was just doing her job, protecting all those white children on the beach because the tide has no friends really. When she took off her hat I couldn't help but gasp at her baldness. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm....... I love a bald bold woman. I went into my bag searching frantically for my camera. This woman didn't know it yet but she was about to become part of my personal history. I didn't give a shit it was rude, I was going to have her all to myself and for my personal viewing. Besides, my screen savers of Lauren Hill were getting a bit tired.
_____I was in a state a shock! I wanted to plaster a my tongue along the perimeter of her head in a big way. She crossed her leg and pivoted her head to scan the beach. My camera busted a move and went snap, snap. Oh no, it wasn't me. I was able to contain myself somewhat but it was that noisy camera that just couldn't keep a lid on. Then I noticed a few pubic hairs seeping through the bikini and that awoke the freak in me. I was so excited that I started to pray to Allah, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Buddha and Vishnu all at the same time:
_____Oh chocolate wonder of my inner most lust, let me paint your dark chocolate wonders with my abiding tongue. I'd even pay you generously with kisses, hot oils and all kinds of beautiful smelly perfumes. There is no sacrifice that I would be unable to fulfill for your pleasure only.
_____As she sat there in her hi-chair gazing o'er the people with a protective stare, I lay there casually beneath her imagining to be a slave in her courtship of servants. I pondered how to drink the beach drops between her legs. Oh, what sacrifice would I make to have the privilege to lotion her body with sun block. My brain was smoking up passionate thoughts of how I could take Mocha Brown right in her hi-chair, on how I would like to crawl right up inside of her for that long journey inward, like a slithering serpent ready to sink my teeth into her bush of ghosts. Not even they could frighten me because I know that they are only shadows of yesterday. And if I was wrong, then so what because at that moment only the now mattered. It was about the radiance of savoring her. And speaking of slippage, not even her nappy pussy hairs that seeped through could prevent my abundant carnage for her, Mocha Brown.
_____I reached for a bottle of Perrier and continued on with the music reference book I was reading at the time. However, the more I kept reading the more the page magically filled with images of Mocha Brown. Within those magical pages, Mocha was smiling and winking at me. My Mocha Brown spread her legs viraciously in that white chair, itching me on. Well, I had to take care of that swollen itch so I got on all fours with tongue wagging and inched my way to her white throne. My knees tolerated the pain of the hot sandy beach. I felt no pain at that moment because I was pussy-bound.
_____Mocha Brown motioned for me to latch onto her chair but stop there so that I was reaching upright like a puppy dog. She ordered me to bark and quite naturally I complied with a gutteral woof. I sensed a Vaudeville show was about to commence and I was right. I kept wondering if she would throw me a bone if I was a good doggie and lo and behold I was fortunate. She took off her wet bra and threw it down and it landed perfectly across my face. I whiffed it and savored her essence. I took as much of the bra I could into my mouth. As I looked at her she kept making goo goo eyes at me as she drew on her bikini straps. I kept staring at the dark areas on her inner thighs that were slightly darker towards her pussy than the rest of her legs. I must admit that it turned me on completely. I absolutely loved the two-tone marble effect. It put a spell on me or at least I thought it did when everything stared to suddently spin around real fast. Alas, the sun was starting to take over and I was starting to be overcome by the blindspots and the heat of the moment.
_____Mocha Brown noticed that my eyes were turning red and I getting cross eyed so again she rescued me by showing me with spring water. As I came to, I noticed that the spring water was coming from a big bottle that was nestled nicely between her legs, so that it looked as if she was giving me a golden shower. I just stood there taking it in on my knees.
_____The show continued when Mocha rubbed her DDD breasts together making me dizzy again. Her nipples and huge dark aerioles were making me weak because I wanted to so desperately to take them into my mouth. These were my darkest thoughts. I kept thinking that if I was trapped here for all eternity, this was the occupation I wanted to become, a professional Breastologist. I can see it now.
_____Hello, my name is Dr. Breastologist and I am here to relieve your breasts from every tension. Let me suck on you just right so that your eyeballs roll back in your head and you cry out Oh God. Let me go from side to side giving each nipple equal sucking treatments allowing your clit to rise like the sun. Then you will cry out name.......Baby, Oooh, baby stop.......pushing my head away yet begging for more. Wanting more, you look at me motioning isn't that enough and I reply back with a nod, hell no because I've hardly started.
_____I suddently felt revived by the spring water, Mocha's way of baptizing me. You see now that I was baptized I could step forward into her court of passion for the confirmation. Her left hand was giving me the green light to proceed and seeing that there was no traffic, I gladly moved up the white chair, itching slowly towards Mocha. As I climbed, I kept thinking what if she pushes me away. What if she whips me with a towel. Am I now worthy to receive her? When I arrived at the base of her feet she gently rubbed her slender fingers through my locks. She requested that I suck her toes and yes, I started with the big toe first.....taking my time enjoying each.
_____Then I licked my way up her legs, licking all the fine wet hairs. All of sudden I got a calling from her pussy. I could smell her beautiful essence as I drew my tongue closer to her thighs. She was in such a trance her head rolled back and forth in the chair. Her neck was just a turning. Her eyes closed and rolled to the back of her head. Mocha Brown and I were about to become one in the flesh in as much as her spirit. Her bikini came off completely . My tongue plowed it's way into her bush and mighty bush she was. I traced my way along her hair pussy hair line claiming my territory like a wild animal.
_____I had finally arrived at the mountain top. I felt like an explorer who had discovered new country. She spread her legs for me and I begin taking her clit into my mouth sucking on it while fondling her nipples with both hands. She let out a gentle moan and her pussy began flowing like Niagara. I took it all in, filling up a like a huge water basin. I took her in and she began to do the Lava Dance. My mouth was breathing fire as her lava lit up my mouth. And you know I was quite meticulous about sucking her. I had certain methodology to eating her out. I would lick and tug in a gentle sucking motion. I would do this back and forth taking breaks only to lick her inner lips, stroke my tongue deeply into her love channel or to breathe. Yes, let's not forget to breathe.
_____Mocha Brown was officially on fire while officially on duty. Wild ain't it. I was officially caught up in the passion and my face basqued with pussy juice as the prize. Mocha Brown let out a loud moan while pulling on my locks. I said to myself, oh shit that hurts but what duh fuck I can't stop now. All of the sudden the Lava Dance turned into the Squirm, because she kept slipping away from me. I once thought for a second that she was going to fall out the damn chair because legs were flying in every direction. When she came, she came with the force of Niagara all over me. She came so hard that I literally fell backwards towards the beach in shock.
_____When I came to I noticed that it was my beach umbrella that had fallen by a gust of wind and it was it that slapped me in the face and not Mocha Brown. This was all but a dream. Yes, I realized that I had not moved one bit from my spot in my lounge chair on the beach but was the victim of a beach umbrella gone amok. My book had fallen from my chest and was now buried in sand. I had all the while drifted off to sleep and the only prize that I had was the actual photo that I had snapped earlier. Mocha Brown was doing her job protecting the beach with her brown eyes and blowing her whistle on occasion. Still dressed in bikini red, her straw hat lay carefully snug on her head. Although I never did have her, the thought of her remained protected in my unconscious mind. I still worshipped and lusted for Mocha Brown in secret. I got up after sleeping for one hour, gathered my things and head back towards the parking lot. As I proceeded, I was stopped in my tracks by a loud whistle. I looked back and it was Mocha, who shouted out "you forgot your camera." I replied"'uh, oh yeah..... gee thanks......have a nice day!"


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