Lady Oshun

The cafe was buzzing with conversations, soft jazz and the footfalls of the constant traffic coming in and out of the front door. The cool winter night was drawing folks into the warm and inviting atmosphere of the popular Black gay-owned cafE. It was my home away from home in fact my friends usually found me here more often than at my own home. Tonight, I was happily celebrating the third-month anniversary of my girlfriend's infidelity with a tall cup of tea, a new magazine and ultimate and complete denial of her very existence.

I saw a gorgeous beauty across the room, sitting in a booth with her girls and shooting the occasional coy glance in my direction. I smiled at her the next time she looked over and she looked down, embarrassed at being caught. "Cute," I thought. She was mocha-complexioned, with shoulder length locs and gorgeous full lips. Her girls stood up to leave and after hugs and kisses, they all walked by my table.

"Hmmmm." said the tall one.

"Mmmmm." said the thick one.

"Very nice." said the Asian one.

"Hi there." said the light-skinned one, smiling as she passed by.

I grinned back, then looked down at the magazine. When I looked up again, she had slid into the chair across from me. The scent of jasmine wafted towards me and I looked into her dark brown eyes as she smiled at me.

She extended her hand across the table to meet mine. "I'm Keisha. Nice to meet you."

"I'm Nina," I offered, feeling those familiar butterflies in my belly as her soft hand enveloped mine. "The pleasure is all mine."

She had a dimple on either side of her soft lips. She leaned towards me and whispered, "I've been watching you all evening. And I just had to know your name. Now that I know, I think I'll just go home and fantasize about you on top of me." She kissed me on the cheek. "Goodnight, Nina."

Damn. Aggressive women truly turn me on. I felt my clit harden as she said my name. I caught her hand as she tried to rise from the table.

"Hold up, baby. I would love to know more about these fantasies of yours. Are you busy tonight?"

"No, my schedule is very open. My place or yours?"

This woman was incredible. I wasn't sure whether this was a set-up coordinated by my best friend, a dream that I couldn't wake up from, or one of those experiences where you just shake your head later and say, "Dayuuum!" I figured it was the latter, because my friend was out of the country and I was pinching myself so hard it hurt. Keisha led the way out of the cafe, switching slightly, her sweet ass straining against her knee-length red skirt.

I walked towards her car, a midnight black convertible. She leaned against the passenger side and I pressed myself into her. "Girl, are you sure you can handle all this?" I whispered into her ear, as I ran my hands up her outer thighs. She bit me lightly on my neck, then ran her tongue along my jawline.

"Let's ride," was all she said, pushing me off her and heading over to the driver's side of the car.

At each stoplight we devoured each other, growing more forward with each meeting. I figured out that she loved to have her nipples pulled while I tongue-kissed her, and she concluded that I loved to have her gorgeous body anywhere near me. I had never been turned on by anyone as much as Keisha.

"Just two exits off the freeway, baby," she breathed, as my hands found their way up her skirt, pushing it higher. She lifted herself up to accommodate me, flooring the gas pedal and we shot onto the freeway. I pushed her panties aside and felt her silky wetness envelop my fingers. She leaned back and moaned, as my finger slowly parted her fat lips and found her clit.

I gently bit her neck as I ran my finger up and down her clit, which seemed to grow harder with each stroke. She moaned louder as my other hand reached under her shirt and caressed her bare breast, thumbing her nipple roughly. I felt the car swerve and heard other cars honk as she tensed up and said hoarsely, "I want to stop the car, Nina."

"No," I said roughly, "Keep on driving." With that, I removed my hands from her body and she looked over in disbelief. "Come back here!" she cried incredulously.

I shook my head and licked the fingers that had been inside of her wetness. "I would love to make it to your house in one piece, hon."

Keisha moaned softly and cursed me, tossing her head and accelerating the sleek car. Her house was right off the main street and we pulled into her driveway.

She looked over at me and smiled that sweet smile of hers. "Come inside, Nina."

We got out of the car and she led the way inside her house. I don't much remember what it looked like, because I pushed Keisha up against the door and tongue kissed her with all of my pent-up passion and hunger, as she pushed my jacket and pants off and I unzipped her skirt.

"I need you, Nina." she growled. "I want you to take me places I've only dreamed of."

We kicked off our shoes and I raised her arms above her head and lifted her shirt off, revealing a perfect set of mocha-colored breasts that seemed to scream my name.

I must have moaned out loud, because Keisha smiled sexily at me and helped me take off my shirt and bra. We stood in front of each other, with only our panties on and it all seemed so comical that we both laughed. She grinned at me as she s-l-o-w-l-y peeled off her skin tight bikini and I smiled as she wrapped her arms around me and I felt her hands push my black lace thong off my hips and down my legs. She then turned on her heel and like an obedient puppy, I could only follow.

She led me to her softly lit bedroom, to her soft bed, and I helped myself to her soft body. She draped herself on top of me and we kissed tenderly, like lovers who had known each other for a long while. I ran my fingers through her locs, over her firm breasts, up and down her warm back. I savored this beauty, taking my time to inhale her sensuality and whisper sweet words into her ears.

She had a tongue that was working me over. I couldn't get enough of kissing her it was if I had been wandering in the desert all these months and she was the cool stream I had finally found. Our kisses grew more passionate, frenzied, as she pressed her pussy into my left thigh, moaning as she slid up and down.

Keisha moaned softy as my hands found her ass, whispering, "I want you to spank me, baby. Make it hurt."

I like a woman who wanted the pain with the pleasure. I raised my right hand and smacked her ass, my clit hardening as her ass shook with the impact. "Harder," she moaned.

I slapped her twice, rubbing where my hand had made impact immediately, forcing her to feel the sharpness coupled with the comfort of a caress. I then spanked her five times sharply on her other cheek, watching her ass redden. She screamed, bucking against me. I smacked her five times on the other cheek and flipped her over, my fingers finding her clit and moving rapidly over her wetness. She cried aloud, begging me to fuck her.

I slid two fingers inside her, my thumb running circles over her clit. She moaned and bit my neck, as I thrust my fingers in and out of her forcefully. She was so wet and hungry her legs spread as wide as she could get them, her hands clenching the bedsheets. I rubbed her clit alternately hard and soft, as she moaned and begged me to make her cum.

"Nina, Nina, I need you please make me cum, baby you feel so good please, please please ."

How could I refuse a beautiful woman's request? I rubbed her clit harder and faster with my thumb, as two fingers remained inside her, massaging her g-spot. My other hand rubbed and squeezed her breasts, rolling her nipples in my fingers, tracing circles over warm flesh. She was writhing and moaning loudly, saying my name over and over.

"Please, please ohhhhh Nina, Nina ooooooh Nina ."

Her juices flowed readily over my hand as she tensed up and her body shook with her orgasm. She half-screamed with pleasure as she raked her nails down my back. As her shaking subsided, she grabbed my wrist, asking me to slow down.

I softly kissed her cheeks, her neck, her forehead. She looked into my eyes as she grasped my ass and pulled me fully on top of her.

"I told you I fantasized about you on top of me," she purred.

"Oh, I don't intend to disappoint you, baby." I said seriously.

"I like you," she smiled. "But I don't want you to get the idea that I do this with every woman I meet."

It was my turn to smile.

I had heard that line SO many times. Vixens like Keisha come by the dozen. I lost count of how many sweet-faced, sweet-tasting chicks had tossed me that explanation for their wide-open pussies and penchant for trying to leave hickeys on my neck.

I only nodded. "Whatever, baby. It's all good with me. Now, where were we?"

She spread her legs and adjusted herself, raising her head to meet my lips. I kissed her forcefully and pressed myself into her soft body. She reached behind me and fingered my clit. I moaned into her mouth as she gently penetrated me with one hand, the other hand caressing my ass. I slid against her, marveling at how well she met me, stroke for stroke. I ground myself into her pussy as she sucked air through her teeth and urged me on.

"Oooh, Nina you feel so fucking good on top of me I want to feel you cum on top of me, baby please, Nina I love how you feel please, baby," she begged, as her fingers found a satisfying rhythm on my clit, coupled with me grinding into her wet pussy.

I felt my climax building as I reached to spread her legs as far as they would go. She was moaning and pleading with me as I felt our clits slide against each other and she shoved three fingers into me. I cried out at the unexpectedness of being filled, as she purred sexily underneath me. I came violently, shaking with the pleasure of having this gorgeous woman fucking me passionately as she moaned that she was cumming too.

She wrapped her long mocha legs around my waist and pulled her arms above her head. She rocked and gyrated and screamed my name, as she came, pleasurable waves washing over her. Sweat had pooled between her perfect breasts and I leaned into to run my tongue up her body to her neck. She shuddered and embraced me.

I eased off her body, my chest heaving. She looked over at me and kissed me softly on the lips.

"You're amazing," she said.

"You bring it out in me, Keisha," I returned.

We fell asleep soon after and when I woke up, Keisha was in the shower. She emerged from her shower and peered around the corner at me, covered with beads of water. She held her hand out to me and I took it, as she led me under the warm spray. Her lips and tongue met mine and she propped her legs open.

"Can I see you tonight?" she said softly.

As I slid my finger into her pussy, I grinned to myself. How could I refuse such an offer?


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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