Ann Azure

I love that woman.

We’ve been together for about 8 months now, and I am happy beyond imagination; I never thought I would find the woman for me. To think that it almost didn’t happen! She wasn’t my type. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a very beautiful woman. She has soft, short, natural curly hair, with a perfectly oval face. Her flawlessly chiseled face intimidates everyone that meets her for the first time. I mistook her apparent confidence for cockiness, her quietness for pretension. I am very friendly and outgoing and I didn’t want to waste my time with someone that was my total opposite. Fortunately we kept meeting through common friends, and I finally warmed up to her. She could be very shy at times, but she had a very big heart.

Yes, I could have missed the greatest joy of my life! During a friend’s party, she finally worked up the courage to ask me out; I had been dropping hints for days.
“I have tickets for this play… Would you like to go with me?”
She had said that looking intensely at her glass, trying to be nonchalant. When she turned back to me, her eyes were filled with anxiety and hope. I think I fell in love with her that night.

A couple of dates later, we were officially together. Since then we’ve had our fair share of arguments of course, but we’re in good shape. And the sex! Sure, at first glance, she might seem very prudish, but she’s in fact quite a lover: sensitive, generous, passionate, insatiable. She could keep going for hours, rubbing her athlete’s body against me, bringing me to ecstasy.

A shiver runs down my spine; all that thinking about our love making brought moisture between my legs.
“Are you okay, babe?”
She is looking at me, an eyebrow raised.
“Yeah, I’m fine” I reassure her. “Let’s skip dessert.”
I give her a deep sensual look in case my intentions aren’t clear enough.

Dinner is short, but the ride home is interminable. I keep my mind occupied with thoughts of this morning.
She woke me up, spooning me, caressing my breasts, kissing my neck, nibbling my earlobe, horny and starving for attention. I kept my eyes closed, backing my ass against her. “Are you up?” She moved a hand downward, between my legs, and started massaging me. She got my complete attention. I parted my legs slightly, making it easier for her hand to move freely. She caressed my pussy lips, running her fingers along the folds, precociously avoiding my clit. I rolled over, facing her. She removed her hand from between my legs and climbed on top of me. We kissed passionately while her thigh massaged my pussy, making me wetter by the second. She removed her leg from in between my legs and replaced it with her hand. She started circling around my opening with her fingers, driving me wild with anticipation.

We are almost there. I can barely keep my hands to myself. The couple in the elevator gives us strange looks. I can’t wait much longer. In her excitement she struggles to open the door, and I can’t contain myself, pressed against her back, kissing her neck, sliding my hands under her shirt. We’re finally in. We won’t make it to the bed. She takes my top and bra off on the way to the sofa. There, she sits me on it, kneeling in front of me. She slips her hands under my skirt, pushing it up above my hips, then changing her mind, she completely took it off, as well as my sticky thong. She is still fully dressed, and I am completely naked on the sofa, open, at her mercy. She spreads my legs apart as wide as she can, pulls me to the edge of the sofa, making sure my feet are secure on the coffee table behind her.

She doesn’t waste any more time and dives right in; a moan of pleasure escapes my lips, the first of many. She knows me so well, she knows exactly what to do and when, licking my pussy up and down, circling the entrance with the tip of her tongue, penetrating me again and again. My excitement grows louder, and all I can do is hold on to her head with one hand, the other one caressing and pinching my breasts. As much as I ache to touch my clit, I restrain myself: she will take care of it in due time. I am wide open now, and two fingers soon replace her tongue, entering me slowly at first, then progressively faster as the tip of her tongue finally flicks my clit. She sucks on it, causing a torrent of honey to pour out of me. The more she pumps and licks and sucks, the more juice comes out of me, until my body, after multiple convulsions, finally relaxes.

I kiss her and lick my juice off her face, then her eyes light up and she leaves for the bedroom from where she re-emerges holding her strap-on. I stand up, still a little dizzy, and start undressing her, unbuttoning her shirt, unhooking her bra. Her pants and panties don’t offer much resistance. We stand there kissing and holding each other for a few minutes, then she says looking at the strap-on she’s holding: “Help me put it on.”
“No. It’s my turn now,” I say firmly. She knows better than contradicting me: We’ve had that argument before.

Armed with my favorite weapon, I am ready to make my love beg for it. She is facing the sofa, and I’m right behind her, pressing against her back, making sure she feels my hardness.
“Spread you legs and bend over.” She obeys. Juices are already running down her legs: she is ready. I can’t resist. I kneel behind her, my face an inch away from her glistening pussy. I use my tongue to follow the liquid trail from inside her thighs to its source. There, I lap and lick, teasing her, darting my tongue in and out of her. It drives her crazy; she moans softly. I stand up, decided to fill the apartment with this introvert’s screams. I run the tip of my hardness along her slit, savoring the thought of having this woman enslaved to my will.

She holds on to the sofa, stifling a scream as I finally push the first inch of my shaft into her. She isn’t screaming yet; she still has control over her body.

I ram the whole 9 inches into her and this time she lets go of a faint scream. As I ram into her a second time, her knees buckle, and she secures herself by putting both knees on the sofa, still holding the back of it. I am still inside her. She leans a little more on the back of the sofa, spreads her legs wider and curves her back, lifting her ass higher in the air, panting, ready for more. And I will give her more. I hold onto her hips, and start pumping, in long slow strokes, increasingly aroused by each loud wet slap of her ass against me. As my rhythm accelerates, her screams grow louder, her spasms stronger; I know her moment is close. I push my dick into her as hard as I can, and after a series of incontrollable tremors, she bends back toward me in a final outburst. I hold her against me, and keep pushing my staff into her, until her sweet river stops flowing.

I lay her exhausted body on the sofa, take off the strap-on and lie beside her, facing her.
“I love you.”
“I love you too, babe.”
We will stay like this for a while, kissing, our bodies intertwined. Just us.
Not a bad way to spend the day.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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