__________by DL

I need to know now, as we sit
side by side, thigh to thigh,
Tenderly grazing fingertips

Are you really feeling us as couple? Are you really ready for this?
Donít want you running scared and later try to flip the script
Greedily accept and eat all my love then claim you didnít really want it
I want you wide and awake, not in some momentary alternative daze
to be awaken very shortly to straighter tortuous days
You see, Iím familiar with the games women like you sometimes play
Staying just long enough, for an ultimate Fuck,
or till the curiosity finally fades
Then Iíll go through unnecessary bullshit with you
trying to be incognito going against my pull
to the light now preferring dark shadowy nights
Shunning sunny days casting blinding shade my way
But thatís not you right? Yeah I heard that before, Thatís what they all say

So tell me, Could you offer me singular loving that lasting?
I noticed you sometimes expertly straddle
bilateral factions of passion
So I know youíre limber and agile, and more than slightly bent
Should I have broke into a sprint at the first glance that you sent?
Iím such sucka with a knack for heartache and pain
Usually packaged nice and tight with a pretty face and long sexy legs
I just canít resist the forbidden; Iím drawn like a moth to a flame
So I guess if I get a lil singed itís myself I have to blame
But I think you should be warned
Hell hath no fury like a women fucked then scorned,
so be true with me as I have been with you
Cause Iíve become a bit trifling and vengeful, Iíll bitterly blame you too
So if youíre not sure, speak up, give me a clue
Donít keep accepting my loving
Donít let me pursue
Any longer

Tell me now as we sit
side by side, thigh to thigh
Tenderly grazing fingertips

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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