Femme Hypnotik

_____Damn Jaye why are u so horny? I say to myself as I sit in the truck getting ready to go home. I am so horny!I can't wait til I get home!As soon as I get there KoKo is going to have the best night of her life… she's going to be in for some serious lovemaking… No forget love making… I want to fuck! OH Goodness… when I get home I'm going to tear that pussy up… Tongue all in her.. have mercy.I'm so wet.. I'm ready to play with myself.
_____I slowly slide my hands down between my legs.. thinking damn this pussy ain't no joke… Niagara Falls doesn't have a damn thing on me!I don't even care no more.
_____Shit… who is this calling me?I say as my phone starts to vibrate… oh shit, I don't need this extra stimulation… I'm already wet as hell.
_____"Hello"I say in a very pissed off tone.
_____"What's the deal boo?" says KoKo in the softest sexiest voice I've ever heard.
_____"Mmm, Oh hey baby what's up?"
_____"Nuffin, when you coming home?I got something for you."
_____"I'm on my way now, and what is it that you have for me?"
_____"Don't worry about that…just knowthat you need to bring a wet pussy home to me tonight"remarks KoKo.
_____"Oh God girl, why you playing with my emotions?"
_____"Damn ma, what's up with you?Let me find out you're wet already"
_____"Damn skip!I was finna do it up in the truck…2 deep if you know what I mean"I said getting even hornier with every word I spoke.
_____"Ah, fa real? You wanna do this?"
_____"KoKo !!! Stop playinnnnn !!"I whined.
_____"Touch it for me boo… I want to hear you moan.You know you want this… so touch it."
_____"Ugh, damn… why don't you touch it?"I said getting frustrated. " I mean damn I'm sitting here on pins and you talking bout some touch it."
_____"Oh I will.. don't worry about that.I'mma touch it, tease it, taste it… and mmm…you KNOW the deal.But yo ma, stop wasting time… come home to me…so I can give you what you really umm get your fingers out ya pussy and bring ya fine ass home to me, Love you Jaye." Says KoKo as she laughs her sexy little laugh.
_____"MMM… fa sho… well um holla at me. Love you too boo"
_____Oh GOD!Damn that girl does some crazy shit to me… she be having a bitch all over herself… I mean damn she ain't even say nothing to me and I'm wet as hell.Damn Jaye… let me find out you gotcumm all over your thighs from 2 seconds of hearing KoKo's voice, I need to get it together for real.
_____I'm surprised I didn't wreck my truck as fast as I was driving, I was speeding like a bat out of hell.I know I'm making big money and all, but Navigators don't grow on trees!Shit, don't act like you wouldn't be driving fast too if you were about to get your pussy ate J. I practically flew out of the truck when I pulled in the driveway.Shit, I can't even remember if I closed the door.I was so hyped I couldn't even get my key in the door…but when I got in the house I was too excited.
_____"KoKo, baby where you at?"
_____"I'm upstairs…"
_____I ran up the stairs so fast you would have thought I was on the track team or some shit. Watch out Marion Jones… Jaye Wilson will blow you out.Shit all you got to do is put my baby at the finish line with promises of her eating my pussy.
_____"Hey baby," I say as I walk into the room."Did you miss me while I was gone?"
_____"Oh you know it," says KoKo as she walks over to me and wraps her arms around my waist."Mmm. Damn you're getting a little thick in the ass huh?I can't wait to tap that tonight…" she says as she runs her hands up my legs between my thighs… "Mmmm, you wet like that?"
_____"Damn boo…you got me shaking and shit already… I REALLY need to get myself in check!"
_____"You think you shaking now… wait until I put it on you"
_____"Well put it on me then," I say as I smile and lick my lips.
_____The next thing I knew I was on the bed and my clothes were on the floor.Studs these days ain't no joke!
_____"Damn KoKo!I thought I wanted it, but hell, you waste NO time."
_____"You know I always get what I want, and right now you're what I want."
_____"Well mmm, that's cool.I mean I'm not complaining…"
_____Before I could finishing my sentence KoKo's tongue was in my mouth, and her hands were between my thighs. She started to lick on my neck which had my pussy even more wet… and talking shit in my ear which had me going crazy.
_____"Do you like that Jaye?" she whispered as she slowly slid two of her fingers inside me.
_____"MMMM. Yes baby"I moaned as I squirmed all over the bed.
_____"Say my name…" she said as she pushed her fingers deeper inside me.
_____"This feels so bum" I moaned as I bit my bottom lip and closed my eyes.
_____"Say my name Jaye.. say my name boo." She whispered in my ear as her fingers went deeper and deeper inside of me.
_____"Mmm… KoKo…damn….KoKo !!"I moaned, getting louder and louder each time.
_____She moved down my body and situated herself between my legs.She started to kiss and lick on my thighs.. and the whole time I'm thinking "girl u better stop playing and stick your tongue in my deal!!" But I laid there and patiently waited for her to fulfill her promise of ‘touching, teasing, and tasting me'.Well I tried to wait patiently… but the teasing got to be too much and I couldn't take it anymore, because I was basically throbbing and she was doing a whole lot of nothing.. so I just thought I'd help her out by pushing her head a little. You know, let her know what the deal was. She got the point I was trying to make and oh boi! Did she do something great with her tongue.. she was only down there for like 2 minutes before I was moaning and screaming her name.I was grabbing the sheets, and bucking all over the bed.(Yes the head was that bum)She had me screaming her name like a bitch.Then she got funny and wanted to stop… and I was like ha, hell nah playa!I'm not finished with you yet.I pushed her head back down and was like "Eat me, now!"
_____"Damn Jaye!"
_____"Eat me KoKo…" I whined.
_____"I will, just be patient..,"she said as she licked around my thighs.
_____"No!Eat it now!" I said as I pushed her head back between my thighs.
_____I'm usually not this aggressive, but when it comes down to sex and my pussy, you can't play with my emotions, because I'll get nasty with you.But ol girl got the point and I'll be damned if she didn't go to work on my pussy.That tongue was a "hurricane" for real. She had me all over the place… I swear I ripped the sheets in half.
_____"You ready to cumm for me boo?"
_____"Yes… KoKo…I'm… mmmm… yeah, I'm ready"I moaned.
_____"HuH? I don't hear you… it doesn't sound like you want this"
_____"But I do… go ahead boo… make me cumm. Please. Please make me cumm"
_____"I will baby… just be patient, and let me do all the work."
_____"Enough talk… eat me!"I said as I pushed her face back into my pussy.
_____When I say that old girl was on point with the tongue, I mean what I say.I mean damn, there's no sleeping on her!You know at first I was sleeping on her a little bit because I never thought that anything like this would happen, but I'll be damned.She ain't no slouch with the tongue!She was down there a good 15 seconds before I started getting squirmish again.She was already working my pussy to death with that hurricane tongue of hers. Then she went gangsta and stuck two of her fingers in me.That was it.. after that it was all murder she wrote.She sat there looking content and licking all my cumm off her fingers, while I still shook, trying to get over myearth shattering orgasm.
_____"Jaye, you alright baby?"
_____"Yeah I'm alright," I said. "A little sleepy but I'm good." (Don't be faking like I'm not supposed to be sleepy… I mean hell, head like that?You'd be sleepy too)
_____"Damn ma! You get your pussy licked for a hour and now you want to be sleepy."
_____"Damn straight! But you know I'm going to return the favor right?"
_____"Oh fa real?"
_____"Yeah you know the deal."
_____"Well let's go then…"
_____"Mm… you sure you're ready for this?"
"Let round two begin…."

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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