_____I felt a little akward undressing in front of this girl. I've known her for months but our true emotions for each other hadn't come to light up until this one day.

_____I met Jamie through my cousins Phoenix and Atlantis whom were twins. They have this band called "Ms. Pajama" which included Christina and Ashley(also twins), Michelle(the sexiest latin girl i've ever seen) and Jamie. I happened to be in my cousins' neighborhood one day and decided to drop in for a visit like I normally do. The band was practicing in the garage and the first thing I noticed, besides the bickering because some one had messed up, was the extremly attractive drummer. Her platinum blonde hair was low cut. Right off I could tell she was a stud. The boyish tank top she was wearing gave away her lean yet muscular build. The girl's skin was lightly tanned and had a set of striking icy blue eyes. Right then I was attracted. So as the days went by I began to talk to her everytime I just happened to be around during their band practice. Soon we were talkin on the phone but back then it was on the friend tip. It took a while for either of us to make a move even though we both knew we wanted to be more than just friends.

_____So came this one day where I made my way to her house. She had invited me over just to hang out since we were both bored. Jamie didn't live too far, maybe about a five minute walk around the corner. As I walked over there my mind kept wandering back to the little event that took place in the school libery earlier that day. During our free period we decided to study for a Driver's Ed. test together. Of course as we tried to study we got side tracked into another subject when I over read "Strapping in". We laughed at the pun and then Jamie asked "Have yiu ever used one of those?"

_____I felt my brown skin blush and answered "Maybe. Have you?"

_____" I may have used one on someone" Jamie blushed after making the comment. She was so cute at the moment.

_____"Oh really. Well uh. . . . . . . . do you still have it?" I asked starting up some suducing.

_____Jamie blushed a little deeper. "Maybe" So adorable!

_____I looked away from her eyes after realizing I was swimming in them a little too long. But Jamie held her warm gaze on me. I tried not to notice but she seemed so lost in my features. I looked back into her beautiful face and asked "What?" in a cute voice.

_____"I. . . . uh. . . . . . . " she hesitated for a second then took a deep breath. "Look, Tandra, I'ma just be str8 up with you now. . . . . . I really like you. I mean I really really want you. Since the first moment I saw you walk into Phoenix's garage I was like 'wow'. Your so beautiful. I can't help but stare at you. " Very touching words. Jamie shallowed and looked back into her driver ed. book.

_____"I'm gald someone said it" I said placing my hand on her's.

_____"What do you mean?" she asked looking deep into my brown eyes. Her voice was low and innocent. I dropped my eyes to her sexy lips. With all the strength in me I leaned in and pecked her on the mouth with mine. Softly. I pulled away about an inch from her lips before Jamie dove in to kiss me back. This time the kiss lingered. Lips gently pressed together. Surges of electricity shooting from my heart to my clit. I was close to slipping my tongue in her mouth when a friend of ours caught us and teased us both.

_____But with all that out the way, I was remembering the kiss over and over. I couldn't stop thinking about how it made me feel. Coming down the block I spotted Jamie coming my way. She said she would meet me half way. I saw a smile cross her face as we got closer to each other.

_____"Hey you. " she said putting a arm around my shoulder. I put a arm around her waist as we walked to her house. There, Jamie let me in and led me to her bedroom.

_____"Kick off your shoes and relax. We can pop a movie in the DVD if you want or play the video game" suggested Jamie. "That'll give us something to do"

_____I sat on her bed and watched her read off her DVDs to me.

_____"Hey" I said getting her attention. Jamie looked over at me. "Come here. I got something to tell you. " I beckoned her to come over to me. She smiled and walked over, sitting on the bed. Our hips touching.

_____"Whats up?" she asked licking her lips in the sexiest way. I put my arms around her neck ad we kissed in the most passionate way. It lasted a good while. Our tongues snaked around in each other's mouth. I felt her hand go up my thigh and rest on my denim crotch. We broke the kiss and she looked into my eyes as her hand went up my shirt. Slowly.

_____I wanted to take this slow but lord knows I needed this girl now! I flunge off my shirt,letting it hit the floor. I could she the shock in her eyes. A good thing. She then too took her shirt off. I got up and unbottoned my tight jeans. Jamie jumped up and began removing her baggy jeans and her black Calvin Kline boxer-briefs. After tossing her bra on the floor, Jamie climbed under the sheets. I soon joined her. Laying my pettie frame between her legs. We clasped our arms around each other and continued our intense french kiss.

_____At the same time we softly grinded our pussies together. I was getting so hot. My pussy was becoming more and more moist. I moved my lips to Jamie's neck and as I swirled my tongue on her skin, she quivered and released gentle moans for me. I ran my tongue over her thoart,to the other side of her neck to her ear. Jamie held me tighter as I traced her ear with the tip of my tongue. While I did this, Jamie kissed my shoulder and neck. I moved down and stopped at her small breast. When I pursed the light pink nipple in my mouth, I heard a groan escape Jamie's thoart. While my tongue worked on one nipple, my hand made its way down between Jamie's legs. I felt her body fidget when my fingers found the swollen numb that was her clit. Jamie's hand ran up and down my back as I simulated her sticky pussy and sucked my nipple.

_____I couldn't wait any longer. I needed to get my mouth on her pink pussy. I dipped down,wasting no time, I ran the flat of my tongue over Jamie's juciy pussy. God she tasted so sweet. She only let me lap her pussy down before pulling me up. I get lost in eating out so when she was repositioning me on my back,it took me a second to figure out I wasn't between her legs anymore. Jamie pinned my arms over my head,gave me a quick kiss on the lips and went to swirling her tongue around both my dark chocolate nipples. I bucked my hips up a little. Her mouth felt so warm around my nipples as they became harder with every suck.

_____Jamie gave my right nipple one last suck before kissed down the valley of my breasts, down my stomach, over my belly button, and let her chin graze down my freshly shaved pubic region. I felt one of Jamie's long fingers slide deep into me. She must have been massaging my G-spot because suddenly my pussy throbbed lightly and became wetter. I knew I was far from cumming but that finger was bringing me closer. I rolled my hips gently to the rhytm Jamie was making inside me.

_____As she stirred my hole with now two fingers, Jamie kissed my exposed clit. It was so hard and the skin around it had pulled back on its own. I waited for a warm mouth to close around it but insted Jamie craweled up. Clearly she was making me wait. She sucked my nipples as she fingered me at a slow pace. Mmmmmmmm. I was melting. I had a need to have something more inside me. I felt a little embarrashed to ask but it was the heat of the moment and anything was possible.

_____"I want you to fuck me. " I said in a sexy whisper. Jamie let my nipple slip from her lips and looked up at me with a grin.

_____"You sure?" she asked knowing just what I was demanding.

_____"Yes" I said, but in all honesty I really wasn't. In a past experiance with one girl, a strap was torture inside my tight pussy. But I had been fingering myself trying to open myself up more,preparing myself for next time.

_____"Could you go get some lube first" I asked as Jamie climbed out the bed.

_____"Sure" she left out the room and returned with a bottle of baby oil. Jamie set it on the night stand next to the bed and went to the closet. There she pulled out a box. I began to sweat knowing what was in there. I turned my head to the side as I layed there in the bed. I couldn't see the length or size of that strap because it would only make me more nervous. I could hear Jamie putting it on and about a minute later she craweled under the sheets. Laying between my legs. I shallowed hard. I could feel the toy resting against my pussy lips. Jamie knelt between my legs as she lubed the dick and my pussy.

_____"Are you sure?" asked Jamie.

_____". . . . . . yes" i answered with a mind to reconsider but needed to come bad.

_____I felt Jamie slowly fill me up. Thank god it didn't hurt as bad as I thought but my walls were straining a little. Jamie laid into my arms,buring her face into my shoulder. With gentle strokes she moved in and out of me. I began moaning as my inner walls were massaging around Jamie's "dick". She would speed the pace up just a little from time to time. Damn I could feel my climax coming closely.

_____"Oh baby you feel so good" I said in her ear followed by a long moan. She was fucking me for a good while. Then Jamie pulled out of me,opened my legs wide and started eating my pussy. My moans got louder and my pussy was ready to come any minute. Jamie lifted my thighs and wiggled her long tongue inside me. "Oooooooooooh shit. " I said running my fingers in her soft hair. "OH god i'm coming"

_____Jamie quickly began fucking me again and under a minute I came. Hard. I nibbled Jamie's neck and shoulder as my oragasm washed over me. It subsided after a few seconds. I laid there limp,unable to move. Jamie laid next to me and kissed my face.

_____"That was nice" I managed to say. Jamie smiled.

_____"If you want. . . . . . . . you can fuck me too" she said.

_____Damn. I never heard of a stud suggesting something like that. I wanted to do so. Of course I did after nibbling on her clit. It was odd fucking a girl like that but enjoyable.

_____After we were both spent, Jamie and I got dressed and played some Super Mario. I sat between her legs as we sat on the floor playing the silly video game. About an hour later I suggested I should be going.

_____"You sure you don't want to stay just for a little bit longer?" asked Jamie. I could tell she wanted me there to stay as long as possible.

_____"I wish but its getting dark and we both know this neighborhood is a trip" I explained. Jamie walked me to the door and we shared a long kiss good-bye. As I walked down the street, Jamie stood in the door way and watched me disappear in the distance. She caled me later that night and we talked for hours.

_____Though this was some days ago its still fresh on my mind.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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