Day 1

Standing here waiting for her to arrive… Remembering all the things she said. She said, “She wanted me to fuck her, sex her, and make love to her.” She talked a pretty good game, but the time was drawing near, I just hoped her mouth hadn’t written a check her ass couldn’t cash.

If you want me to rub you down
If you wanna get freaky baby
If you want me to taste your love
Whisper in my ear and tell me so
If you want me to jump, I’ll say how high
If you want me to go down, I’ll say how low
The day started out with lunch and conversation filled with laughter. Actually, I ate, she had a glass of wine. I took that as a sign of nervousness. After lunch I took her for a drive; we stopped at a local store to pick up a few things we might need. I followed closely behind her as we went down the aisles, every now and then stepping closer to brush up against her and whisper innuendo’s in her ear. She tried to play it cool, but I could tell she was enjoying the attention and wanted me.

Once we got back to the room I stretched out across the bed to make sure it was cozy enough. I watched her as she stood in the middle of the sitting room watching my every move. I motioned for her to come and join me on the bed; I was still fully dressed. From the look on her face, I could tell she was a little nervous. We laid there in silence for a few minutes before I rolled over and wrapped her in my arms and kissed her gently. She felt the warmth of my breath on her neck and my tongue trace down her neck. I felt her back arch and a small moan escaped her lips.


Just when she thought it was going to get better, I stopped. “Give me a minute.” I can tell she is patiently awaiting my return … I’m sure she didn’t think it would be like this.

When I returned to the bed she still seemed a little tense; I laid there making small talk trying to get her to relax some. Realizing I still had my boots on, I sat up to take them off. She got up from the bed to fix herself a drink. I laid there watching her take a few sips, as if to get up the nerve.

“Would you like me to fix you one?”

I replied, “Yes please, on the rocks.”

The next thing I knew she had crawled up on the bed in-between my legs. Desire had taken over and she wanted to see if I could do all the things I said I would. I feel the warmth of her breath as her lips touch mine. Wrapping her in my arms I let my hands explore her back, working my way down I cup her ass in my hands. “Ummm, that’s it, grind up against me, I want to feel your need for me.” I run my fingers through her braids; rolling her over on her back I begin to kiss her neck. I can feel her breath quickening, I see her chest rising and falling. I remove her bra so I get the full sensation of her breasts in my mouth. They are of ample size and I can’t resist sucking and nibbling on them, making sure to give each one the same amount of attention. She suppresses a moan that I know wants to escape her. Wanting to feel her skin-to-skin I remove my tank and sports bra with her assistance. Kneeling between her legs I unbutton her pants and ease them down over her ass, pulling them off I toss them aside. I take off the remainder of my clothing tossing them on the floor as well.

Taking my time, paying special attention to her entire body even the arch in her back I devour every inch of her. I lick my way back up her thighs, to her navel and back to her breasts. I know she wants me, I can tell by the look on her face that she is enjoying this. I slide my hand down the length of her until I reach her panties; gently I stroke her through the fabric. Umm, Yes, her panties are soaked; she is so wet. I can’t wait to feel her juices, I slide my fingers underneath the fabric and enter her, she’s so hot and wet. Removing my fingers from her I place them in my mouth; she tastes so good. She can’t resist the urge to take my fingers and suck on them tasting her own nectar. Leaning over I kiss her deeply. There’s no turning back now, its put up or shut up. Sliding down I remove her soaked panties and replace them with my mouth. I don’t think she was ready for what I was about to put down on her. Just when she thought it was over … I was tapping that ass again! Flipping her over and slightly pulling her up on her knees I entered her from the back. One finger, than two, than three, still she wanted more.

“Ooooh baby, yeeeesssss! More, please give it to me”

“She asked for it,” and I obliged her. I was fucking her so good she looked back at me.

“Damn! What are you using?”

Smiling I removed my hand to show her that it was all me, nothing more.

She looked and replied. “Damn! I love those sexy dyke hands.”

I resumed my position and continued to fuck her to orgasm. We lay there in silence, I held her while she caught her breath, when she dozed off I headed for the shower. I heard her moving about the room while I was drying myself off. I put on some lotion and my silk boxers and joined her. As she headed for the shower, I remembered that she hadn’t eaten anything earlier. I asked her, “if she wanted anything from room service?” I placed the order and pulled out my laptop, popping in the CD I’d made just for this occasion; soon soft music filled the air. All showered and fresh we sat on the couch talking waiting for our food to arrive. We talked and ate while listening to the music. She crawled back in to bed hoping I wasn’t done for the night.

Easing up behind her I wrapped my arms around her, we lay in the spoon position for awhile. I reached up and cupped her breast, I felt her body awaken from my touch. She pushed back in to me and I felt myself becoming aroused. I humped on her ass while massaging her breasts, the friction from the silk fabric combined with the sensation of her ass bumping against me was causing my pussy to throb. Turning her over I slide in-between her legs, “Damn! she felt so good.” We grinded like this for a while, but these shorts just had to go. Now skin-to-skin I could feel her juices on my leg as I’m sure she could feel mine. I slide down the length of her body, kissing and nibbling on her until I reached her treasure. I wanted to feel her juices on my tongue again, slowly and deliberately I licked her clit. I heard her moan as I teased her, first flicking my tongue over her clit, then I dragged my tongue from the back to the front, sucking her deep into my mouth.

“Wait. I want to taste you too.”

We got in to a sixty-nine position, and feasted off of one another. I felt her tongue lick and lap at my pussy in desperation, like her life depended on it. I stuck my tongue deep inside her hole, swirling it around. Parting her lips I licked every nook and cranny of her. Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me further down to her face, her tongue darted in and out of my hole, causing me to stop just for a second. She was making me loose my concentration and I was about to cum, but I had so much more in store for her. I gained control again and although my juices were flowing I managed to stay in control. Flipping the script again I grabbed her legs and hoisted them in the air, giving myself full access to her. I licked and sucked her like she was my last meal. I felt her begin to shiver I stuck my stiff tongue deep inside. She bucked so hard I thought she was trying to jump off the bed. I had my arms wrapped around her legs holding her in place; I continued my attack on her pussy. She was trying to beg me to stop, but she couldn’t get the words out of her mouth…

“Baby, please… umm… wait… Baby, oh sssshhhhhhhhh”

I looked up to see her eyes had rolled back in her head; she tasted so good I couldn’t stop. I felt her explode in my mouth and I drank up every bit of her. She somehow managed to muster up the energy to reach down and pull me up…

“Uh huh, baby come here.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked. With her eyes still rolled back in her head she manages to mutter.

“I can’t take it anymore.”

Satisfied, slowly I ease my body down on top of hers and held her in my arms.

Day 2

Now for someone who talked so much shit on the phone, she hasn’t had much to say since yesterday. It’s almost 10 and she’s still asleep. I guess I must have really worn her out huh? I woke up this morning thinking how I could ravage her body again. However, I soon find out her thoughts aren’t the same as mine. I lay here watching her in her slumber for awhile, stroking her body and planting gentle kisses on her back. She began to stir … “Ahh the dead has come to life,” I say jokingly. “Good morning sleepy head.” Sleep thick in her voice she looked at me and give me a weak…

Umm, “Morning, what are you doing?”

Nothing, just watching you sleep your life away.

She pulled the covers over her head claiming it was too bright in the room. “What time is it?”

It’s almost 10 o’clock, come on wake up and let’s go for a ride. I guess I have way too much energy for her because she looked back at me like I had lost my damn mind. Umm, “I take it you’re not a morning person?”

“I don’t want to get up, besides it’s too damn bright outside.”

Come on, “Didn’t you say you wanted to get some chips or something?”

“Yeah, but why can’t you go to the store without me? As a matter of fact while you’re out; how about picking up some water as well.”

Well we could just stay in bed and?

What? You can’t be serious, after last night you are still ready!

Hey, I do believe you are the one who said “We would be staying in bed all weekend having sex!”

Um, I don’t remember saying that. What I said was, “We weren’t going to leave the room.” After last night all I want to do is sleep; and you can’t have any more until the sun goes down.

“You’re kidding right?”

Nope, “When the sun goes down you can get it.”

Well now since we can’t have sex we aren’t staying in this room, so get up and let’s go do something. I’m hungry anyway; let’s go find some place to eat.

I went to the window and peered out through the curtains, the sun was shining bright.

“Aww come on, please, I don’t wanna go.”

Crawling back in the bed under the covers behind her. I slide my hand between her legs and whispered. “Look you’ve got two choices, we can get up take a shower, get dressed and find somewhere to eat, or we can stay in the bed and I can eat you.” I guess she wasn’t joking because she got up and got into the shower. Laughing to myself I picked up our clothes that were strewn around the room from the night before.

A few hours later we were back at the hotel, but the maid wasn’t done with our room yet. Setting our stuff down in the room we left so she could finish her job in peace. It wasn’t going to take her long so we went downstairs to have a drink. The leather couch and chairs were pretty comfy; I was in a silly mood so I motioned for her to come over and join me on the couch. Acting like I was gonna seduce her right there in the lobby. She surprised me and went along with me, both of us knowing damn well we weren’t going to do a damn thing. I had my hand on her thigh when I noticed the lady behind the counter watching us; I wondered what she was thinking. Whatever it was I’m sure she knew what was up because she had been the one to check us in and kept asking me if I wanted to change my room to 2 double beds vs the king size bed when she saw I wasn’t alone. When I said no, she looked at my guest and a slight smile played across her lips.

Back in the room I put on some music and fixed us a drink. Plopping down on the couch, I pulled her closer to me.

She gave me that look and said, “It’s still too light outside so don’t be getting any ideas.”

Laughing, I looked at her and said, "I don’t know what you’re talking about."

"Yeah right, I see you looking at your watch,"she laughed.

"I don’t know what you are talking about? I was just checking to see what time it was. Besides all I need to see is the sun going down. As a matter-of-fact it’s starting to get a little dark now don’t you think? Plus I have something special in mind for you tonight."

"Oh really? And just what might that be?"

"It’s a surprise I can’t tell you. Why don’t you go slip into something more comfortable?"

As she headed to the shower, I broke out the scented candles - Strawberries and Cream and White Gardenia. Dimming the lights, I placed the candles strategically around the bedroom creating a relaxing mood. I changed the music to something soothing and refreshed her drink. Once I’m done with my shower, I find her stretched out face down across the bed. The candlelight is caressing her thick chocolate frame. I stand there for a moment in the doorway just taking her in. I instruct her to remove her robe and lay on her back. I get out the strawberries and cream lotion, kneeling on one side of her I began to rub her down. Pouring some of the lotion in the palm of my hand I slowly start to rub the lotion in, at the same time giving her a deep penetrating massage. I start off rubbing her shoulders and work my way down the length of her arms, firmly but gently easing the tension from her body through her fingertips. I have to be extra careful not to let her arm brush up against me; I’m wearing her surprise and I don’t want her to feel it yet. I remembered from one of our many conversations that she hadn’t yet experienced a strap but wanted to, so I picked out one especially for her. Not too big, but I think just right for a novice such as herself.

I rub and caress her chest and breasts, slowly but steadily maneuvering down to her thighs, legs and feet. Working my way back up I apply just a little more pressure to her inner thighs making sure not to touch her. I want her to just feel my hands teasing her. I have her turn over on her stomach so I can massage her back. I have her spread her legs just enough for me to kneel between them, with her arms stretched out on either side. I massage her neck, work my way down to her shoulders, and her arms. Leaning in slightly to apply just a little bit more pressure I work my hands up and down her back spending a few minutes there to work the tension out. I’m careful not to let my strap bump up against her ass. Sliding myself farther down towards the foot of the bed I spread some more lotion on to my hands and start to massage that mound of chocolate that is just begging to be slapped, okay I must contain myself here. I gently but firmly massage her ass and work my magic down the length of her legs.

I can feel myself starting to get wet just from the thought of being inside of her. Leaning down I let my lips and tongue gently travel up the length of her body, I feel her start to stir. My hands grab a hold of her ass cheeks and I start to knead them like mounds of dough. I faintly hear the beginnings of moans coming from her. I lay my body down over the length of hers making sure the head of my strap is pressed up in-between her legs. A low moan escapes her lips, which serves to encourage me. I let my tongue trace along the nape of her neck up to her ear, whispering, “Baby you feel so good, I want to be inside of you.” Slowly I start to grind my hips against her; I feel her body start to keep time in rhythm to mine. I slide my hands underneath her grabbing her breasts; I begin working each nipple between my fingers, I feel them hardening as I play with them. I said, “Baby, please, I want to see it slide in and out of you, see your juices on me.” Our breathing is becoming a little ragged from the anticipation; she reached back and grabbed my head pulling me towards her face. When our lips meet it’s like some kind of volcano erupted; that was all the answer I needed. Not breaking the kiss I turned her over to face me, I felt her hands tugging at my bottoms. It was a struggle at first; probably because we were so excited. Finally I just rolled over and snatched the damn things off.

As bad as I wanted to be inside of her I couldn’t resist tasting her first. I got down on my knees between her legs, 1 by 1 I kissed and nibbled on them as I raised them in the air. The sight of her wide open to me was a sight to behold. I could see faint trances of her love juices trickling down. I refused to let any of it get away from me. I engulfed her pussy with my mouth and let my tongue begin to do a snakelike dance along her lips. I flicked my tongue over her hardened clit and slide it inside her as deep as I could go. Reaching up I caressed her breasts while still licking and sucking her. I eased 2 fingers inside of her and felt her walls clamp down on my fingers. That was all it took for me I had to be inside of her.

Getting up on my knees I positioned her legs on my shoulders and as slowly and gently as I could I eased the head inside of her. Watching it disappear inside of her with such ease made my desire to be inside of her rush to a whole new level. I slowly eased the rest inside of her, watching her face to make sure I wasn’t causing her any pain. Slowly I began easing in and out of her, not pulling all the way out but just enough to get a rhythm. Remembering 1 of our conversations, I had her turn over and get on her knees, there was that ass in my face again just dying to be smacked. Spreading her ass cheeks apart exposing her all to me I guided the head to the entrance of her wet pussy and entered her with a quick thrust of my hips.

“Ooooh shiiiit, yeah baby just like that! Give it to me daddy.”

Now normally being called daddy doesn’t really do anything for me, but seeing my strap diving in and out of her dripping hole and her screaming shit like, "Yes! Come on daddy take it! This pussy is yours!" Well let’s just say that shit turned me the fuck on and I tried to wear that pussy out. I smacked her lightly on the ass and she loved it. I smacked her again and grabbed a hand full of her braids pulling her head back. It seemed like the rougher I got the more turned on she became. This was something new for me so I had to make sure I didn’t tumble over in to some dark part of my mind that obviously might like this.

She was grabbing my strap with her muscles and pulling and holding me inside of her. That shit was amazing! That’s when I started to loose it. I had to give my knees a break so I had her lay on her back hoisting her legs up in the air over my shoulders, I started taking longer, deeper strokes pulling out until the tip of the head was touching her pussy lips. I grinded my ass and entered her faster and harder. I watched as her juices covered my strap, she had a sistah putting in work! I was sweating my ass off… Thank goodness I work out, ‘cause it looked like my arms and back would be in it for the long haul.

Pausing long enough to let her legs down I eased down on top of her. We were both breathing pretty hard but I could tell we weren’t done yet. I kissed her lips and she slid me some tongue. I let my tongue work it ways down to the nap of her neck and linger there for awhile; I could feel her pulse beating strong. I have this thing for a woman’s neck and bit and sucked on her neck for a moment. I continued working my way down until I had a breast in my mouth, I began sucking and flicking my tongue across her harden nipple. Arching her back to feed me more of her, she grabbed me by the back of my head and held me there.

“Ooohh yeessss baby! you feel so good!”

Now there is one thing that really turns me on and that is to hear a woman moaning in my ear. I was still inside of her and I could feel her muscles start to pull me in, letting me know she was ready for more. I gave her breasts a little more attention and let my tongue work its way back up her body, when my lips grazed her ear I pushed my hips slightly forward sliding deeper into her and whispered … “Tell me what you want!”

“Ahhhh, yeah baby give it to me…I want you to fuck this pussy!”

She spread her legs farther apart giving me access to her. I slipped my arms underneath her shoulders and starting grinding in and out of her. The more she moaned the more turned on I got, I had to be deeper inside of her. Propping myself up on my hands I was able to get a little deeper, I could feel her muscles contracting holding on while I was pulling out. With all the movement going on I felt the harness shift, it was starting to rub up against me. The more I slid in and out of her the more the leather rubbed up against my swollen clit. That was not good, I knew it was just going to be a matter of time, I could already feel an orgasm mounting deep within me. There was no way I could stop now and adjust the harness. I didn’t know how much longer I could control it. She must have sensed that I was close to the breaking point because she reached down and grabbed my ass and starting pulling me closer to her. Trying to control the surge that was creeping up inside of me I shifted and let myself down on top of her. That didn’t work; it was too late I was going to explode.

“You alright baby?”
“Yeah, I’m okay” I said panting slightly while another wave rushed over me.
“You wanna stop?”

No I’m okay… “Do you want me to stop?”

“You think you can continue?”

“Yeah, just give me a minute okay.” (Now who the hell did I think I was fooling?)

I continued to lie on top of her for a minute or two, kissing her neck and collar bone trying to regain my composure. I managed a few more weak humps but that was it. I slid out of her and rolled over on my back, the strap was sticking up in the air. She was propped up on the pillow just looking at it, I was wondering what was going through your mind when you said…

“It’s a good thing you don’t have one of those for real” (smacking it making it wave around)

“Why is that?”

“Because, you’d probably be running around doing some damage with that thing”

We both just fell out laughing…

“Naw, I wouldn’t be trying to sex every female just a few of them.” Taking it off I tossed it to the side.

She asked, “So what made you cum? I’ve heard people say it’s possible but I don’t understand it. Was it the material rubbing up against you or what?”

That was part of the reason but although the strap isn’t a part of me it becomes of part of me mentally when I’m with someone who really gets into it. Though I can’t actually feel what it feels like while you are wrapped around it I can mentally visualize and feel what it must feel like, if that makes sense. “Damn, I see why you didn’t want me to touch you until this evening, you wanted to try and sex a sistah to death."

“Payback from yesterday.”

I awakend to the sound of voices, looking around I find her sitting there watching TV. It has only been a little over an hour, so now she thinks she can talk smack.

“So you decided to wake up?”

“What are you doing watching TV at this time of night?”

“Well, you went to sleep on me and I wasn’t ready to go to sleep yet.”

"Yeah, I guess I did dose off for a little while; at least I didn’t roll over and go right to sleep. A sistah needed a little rest after that workout you put me through. It’s all good because as soon as I get my strength back it’s on."

"Whatever! Your ass can barely move and you were laughing at me last night!"

"Okay laugh now, but you just wait and see; just let me lay here for awhile."

“Please you been sleeping for a minute, you might as well take your ass back to sleep ‘cause you are done for the night.”

“Not if you aren’t satisfied I’m not.”

“So who said I wasn’t satisfied?”

“Just checking, I wouldn’t want you to be telling your peeps that I flew up here and didn’t handle my business.”

“Naw, never that.”

I attempted to get up and go get myself some water, she was right I could barely move, my ass was worn slam out. She got up and got us some water and climbed back in the bed next to me.

Day 3

No sense in frontin’ we only had a few hrs before it was time to check out. After that workout last night we slept pretty damn good, so we were both ready to finish where we left off. She got up to go brush her teeth and freshen up., Now I don’t know why she kept putting on all them damn clothes to sleep in knowing I’m just gonna have her out of them in no time. While she was in the bathroom I noticed her little tootsie roll package on the night stand. When she came out of the bathroom I was checking it out. Inside was a small bullet, she looked at me and just shook her head…

“We didn’t get a chance to use it last night.”

“We can always use it this morning right? Besides I didn’t finish taking care of you last night now did I?”
“Well, don’t just talk about it get up and handle your business.”

I scooped up my strap and headed to the bathroom to freshen up and got ready. While I was in the bathroom my mind went back to a conversation we had previously. I thought, “ell I might as well satisfy another fantasy while I have the opportunity. I mentally got myself ready for what I was about to do and then I came out. Climbing up on the bed I was gentle at first taking my time, I needed her to be relaxed and ready for what was about to go down. When I was satisfied that she was good and wet, I looked at her, lowered my voice, and said “Can I hit it from the back?” She gave in too easily


Leaning down closer to her ear I whispered ”You’re giving in too easily, you’re suppose to deny me, I’m trying to fulfill your fantasy.” I could swear I saw a light flash behind her eyes as she realized what I was hinting to.
Let’s try this again I said still stroking her, “Can I hit it from the back?”


I grabbed her by her hair

“Don’t tell me NO! I said I wanted to hit it from the back now turn your ass over!”
Pulling out of her I turned her over and commanded her to get on all fours. She hesitated just a bit, one hand grabbed her by her hair and my other hand grabbed her around her waist and pulled her up. I positioned myself behind her and slammed into her a few times … “Don’t ever tell me NO! When I say I want something I want it, you understand?”


“Yes what?” (Slammin’ in to her again)

“Yes daddy”

“That’s right, now tell me how does that feel, is it good to you?”

“Yesss, ooohhh damn that shit feels good, that’s it fuck me, tear that pussy up!”

Letting go of her hair I got up on one knee with one foot planted and holding on to her hips I proceeded to fuck her like our lives depended on it. She started matching my forward thrust with backward thrusts almost knocking me off balance. I should have had her bend over the edge of the bed, which would have been better, maybe next time. The harder I pounded in to her the more she moaned. I thought maybe I was hurting her, but in between moans and groans she assured me she was fine and to just keep doing what I was doing. Steadying myself while still grinding in and out of her I reached up and grabbed her breasts that were dangling in the air. I pinched her nipples between my fingers slowly applying a little more pressure, making sure not to cause you too much pain not really knowing how much was too much. She balanced herself on one hand and began to rub and stimulate her clit with the other, bucking back harder in to me. I watched as I drove my strap in and out of her, coated with her creamy nectar. What a beautiful sight, I spread her cheeks apart to get a better view; Lawd knows I wanted to slide inside her ass so bad. I didn’t go there because although we had talked about a lot of different things I wasn’t sure how she felt about that. I was so busy watching and day dreaming I was caught off guard when she said, “Hold on a minute.” She reached over to the night stand and grabbed her tootsie roll and pulled out her little bullet. She leaned further down on the bed with her ass high in the air and me still inside of her. I heard that little buzzing sound and it was on again.

Realizing she was on the verge, I started stroking her nice and steady. Bucking her hips back in to me she wanted me to pick up the pace.

“Oooooohhhhh don’t stop, I’m almost there come on daddy make me cum!”

Rubbing her back, I reached up and with one hand on her shoulder the other still holding her by the waist guiding her, I quickened my pace.”That’s it baby let go, cum for me.” Tossing the bullet to the side, she collapsed down on to the bed gripping the sheets… thrusting forward I stayed inside of her and drove it home

“Awwww Shit! Yeeeessssss baby, ooooohhhhhhh Shhhhhhiiiitt!!!!”

I felt her explode underneath me almost pushing me out. For a moment I just laid there not moving or saying anything, gently I started rubbing her arms and the back of her neck trying to get her to relax and let go of her hold on the sheets. I was careful not to move too much until I felt her body start to calm down. Slowly I began to ease out of her, I felt her tremble a little more so I stopped for a second. When was I finally able to ease all the way out the head came out with a POP!

I rolled over on my back undoing the harness and tossed it and the strap on the floor. I started rubbing her back to get her to settle down. She turned her head and looked at me

“Damn!” Was all she said.

It’s time and we’re back to where we started from, she dropped me off. I get my bag out and give her a hug. “I enjoyed myself this weekend.”

She hugs me back… “Please tell me we can do this again!”

I pick up my bag, smile, and give her a wink. "I thought you knew."

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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