__________by Wizdompeace

 I can have you.  Behind closed doors,
 Around friends, in certain situations.
 I have loved you more than the first kiss,
 from the first man and woman on this earth.
 Your touches are like feathers rubbing against

 the skin of rocks, felt and appreciated.
 Your chest warms mine, heats my heart and causes
 lust and desire to exhume from my being.
 I want you, and I want you to want me...
 I love you, and I know that you love me.
 A man can show his love through his sexual organs,
 i can show mine through yours.
 I would give my life for you, die just to save you for
 one next day, one hour, one minute... even another second.
 Never lied, never cheated... been the perfect wife/lover to you.
 But it could never be.  I Can give you my all.
 Give you my soul, give you my pain, give you my tears
 My joy and my pleasure.... but I could never give you my name
 We can share a house, a family, a life, a bed...
 but I could never share with you my name.

 I would jump to the heavens for hours to hand you a fragment of cloud.
 I would swim to the bottom of the sea to find the purest of pearls for your
 I would lie on rocks for your bare feet would not be scarred.
 But I would never be able to give you my name.

 The choice is not mine, the love we thought we had was free...
 is captured by the views of another.  The serpent that watches closely
 Studying every move and every touch has decided that sex would be
 enough.  I can give you my mouth, my hands, my pussy and breasts...
 And you Can give me your mouth, your hands, your pussy and your breasts..
 But I could never give you my name.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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