____Andrea and Michelle had been friends for a while. Actually, they had been closer than anyone had suspected; they were lovers. One summer, Michelle’s family came down to visit and stayed at her house. Being from a smaller and more down-home setting in Butte La Rose, Louisiana, they were naturally mesmerized by the West Los Angeles quality of life that Michelle had become accustomed to. She showed them all around town (at least the places they wanted to see first). They shopped on Rodeo Dr., ate at Roscoe’s, walked up and down Venice Beach, cruised the coast, you name it.
____They all stayed in Michelle’s small two-bedroom apartment. All of them. Cousin Jay and his wife slept in Michelle’s bed, their kids slept on the floor in there, Big Mama slept on the couch bed in the living room, Michelle’s mom and dad slept on the air mattress next to the couch bed, and Cousin Chris and his girlfriend (which everybody thinks its his wife, but that’s another story!) slept in the futon in Michelle’s daughter, Nikki’s room. Meanwhile, Michelle and Nikki had their own spot in Nikki’s twin sized bed. Michelle didn’t care that they all stayed with her. That was her family and they all, including Michelle were “countrified” also known as ghetto fabulous. Plus, it was kinda nice how they brought down home feeling to Michelle’s place. She missed being home in Louisiana. The house even smelled like home again, with Big Mama cooking in her kitchen. The only thing was that she missed Andrea’s presence. Her family had no idea about her lifestyle.
____Andrea did get to meet and even hang out with the whole clan, but her and Michelle couldn’t act like they normally did around them. Michelle insisted that they wouldn’t understand and so therefore left the whole subject alone when it came to her family. Andrea just accepted it and went along with it.
____On the Sunday before they were to leave, Andrea came by and ate dinner with them. Then stayed and watched a movie and talked. They liked her. Afterwards, everyone bedded down cause they had a long trip ahead of them. Andrea pulled Michelle outside quickly. “I missed you. Gimme a kiss.” Since they were outside the door, Michelle pecked her on the lips.
____“No a real kiss. Girl I want to be with you tonight.”
____“How we going to be together tonight with all them damn people in my house?” Michelle asked. “Girl you know we have been very creative at times” was Andrea’s reply.
____“Is anyone at your house right now?”
____“Yeah, my roommate is home with her man, cant go there”
____“Wanna get a room?”
____“No, I have an idea. I’m feeling kinda freaky.”
____Michelle looked at her quizzingly. Andrea had been known for keeping the sexual fire burning in their relationship. “What?” She asked.
____“Just follow me and be REAL quiet”
____Andrea led Michelle by the hand to Nikki’s bedroom. It was like walking through a minefield, dodging all the luggage and people all over the place. There was a symphony of snores throughout the apartment. They tiptoed over Cousin Chris and his so-called wife. Andrea opened the door to Nikki’s closet. Michelle looked at her. Andrea could already read the expression on her face.
____“I know you aint trying to do nothing in there” Michelle whispered. “They gon’ hear us”
____Andrea just kept leading Michelle inside the small space and closed the door.
____Michelle still protested. “We can’t even fit in here”
____“Yes we can. Watch.” It was a long, rectangular closet and very narrow. Andrea leaned back against the clothes and tried to give Michelle some room to get down on the floor. Then she knelt down in front of Michelle. “See, we can fit” she whispered. She loved the way Michelle kept protesting. She was playing hard to get with her. This turned her on.
____“You are so bad.” Michelle whispered back to her and scooted down as far as she could on her back. Her head was pressed against the side wall of the closet. She bent one knee up and lifted the other leg and leaned it against the back wall.
____“I know. But you like it, huh?” She knelt over Michelle and laid on her stomach.
____“I love you.” Michelle breathed to her.
____Andrea smiled and kissed her. She pressed her hand on her inner right thigh and rubbed it. Michelle took a deep breath and moaned as quietly as she could. Then Cousin Chris sounded as if he was waking up, but turned over. Michelle and Andrea quickly paused. They waited to see if there were going to be any sounds of waking outside the door. Nope. So they went back to what they were doing. Andrea kissed Michelle again. She slipped her tongue inside her mouth and probed around.
____With her right hand, she caressed her way up and inside Michelle’s T-shirt, then down to the elastic of her sweatpants. Michelle tried not to moan as loud as she had before, but she knew what would be coming. She rubbed the back of Andrea’s shoulders. The closet was too narrow for Michelle to fully get her arms around to grab Andrea’s ass, so shoulders would have to do. Andrea sat up for a second and took her shirt off. Michelle took it and placed it in back of her head as a pillow. Andrea leaned back down over Michelle. Michelle grabbed the sides of her waist and kissed Andrea’s neck. Andrea moved forward where Michelle could get more of her. Michelle took Andrea’s breast into her mouth. It was warm and soft. And so was Michelle’s mouth. Except it was moist too. Andrea laid back down and resumed kissing Michelle on the mouth. She pushed her sweats down past her ass, almost to her knees. Her panties were wet too.
____Michelle loved the way Andrea always could turn her on so much. She felt the warmth of Andrea’s naked torso on her. She was also excited about the setting. She had never done anything like this before. Only Andrea could make her do something this crazy. If somebody found them, it would be the end of her relationship with her family as she knew it. But the excitement of the risk was overwhelming. She had to do it. This is going to make a great story one day, she thought.
____She felt the moisture gush out of her when Andrea ran her fingers over her lips. Andrea could feel and hear her shudder with excitement as she pulled her pants and panties off of one leg. She backed up some and kissed her belly button. Michelle laid her still clothed left leg over Andrea’s back. Andrea backed up a little more and moved in closer to her. She could smell the sweet wetness between her legs. It was one of her favorite smells in the whole world. She reached up and touched Michelle’s breast and pressed her lips against Michelle’s pussy. Michelle couldn’t help but moan again. It’s not easy to keep quiet when you’re getting sucked on like that. Andrea parted the lips with her tongue and cupped her mouth on her clit. She could feel the pulsation in her lover’s body. She continued to lick and suck on Michelle until she came. That was the hardest part of all—climaxing without anyone hearing. She couldn’t help it. She let out an indistinguishable sex moan and jerked so hard that her knee bumped against the closet door. Andrea looked up at her. “Girl, they going to hear you.”
____“I can’t help it.” Michelle whispered, in a slow sensual voice.
____Andrea slowly slid the closet door open just a crack. She peeked outside to see if anyone had awakened by their noise. Nope. So she closed it back and directed her attention back onto Michelle. She laid on her stomach again and kissed her on the mouth. “I love you, girl.”
____“I love you too, baby. Yo’ ass is crazy tho. I can’t believe you did that.”
____Andrea smiled. “You did it too, nasty ass!!” She grinded her pelvis into Michelle. Her leg slid around in the pussy juice on Michelle’s leg. Michelle shuddered some more and closed her eyes. Her clit was still ultra-sensitive from the previous orgasm. She came again as Andrea kept grinding on her.
____Andrea sat up and tried to put Michelle’s panties and sweatpant leg back onto her right leg. It was a real struggle getting it back on in that dark and cramped space. Finally, they were successful. Andrea put her shirt back on and quietly slid the closet door open. The air was cold in the room. Or more like the air inside the closet was hot and muggy. They stepped out and tiptoed back across the minefield to the front door. Michelle gave Andrea one last peck on the lips before she went home for the night.
____The next day, the family had all gotten up, dressed and ready for their long trip back to Louisiana, without a clue as to what had gone on the night before. Cousin Chris had even commented to his so-called wife about a dream he had last night and that he was anxious to get back home to the privacy of their own house. Andrea came by to wish them all a safe trip.
____As they were leaving, Big Mama said to Andrea, “Chile’ now the next time, you gon’ have to come on down to Louisiana and pay us a visit, you hear? Don’t worry about no sleeping arrangements. Cause you see how we Maxwell’s do it. It’ll be cramped, but we’ll make room for you. You bein’ such a nice friend to my baby Shelly, and all.”
____Andrea and Michelle looked at each other and smiled. “Oh, I’m not concerned about there not being room for me, Big Mama, I get in, where I fit in. That’s how I do it.”
____“Aint that the truth” Michelle smirked.
____“Well good, we will see you next time, but in Louisiana, alright?”
____“Yes ma’am” Andrea said.
____The family walked outside to greet their airport shuttle driver. Michelle and Andrea said good bye to the family and looked at each other. They both knew that this would make a great story about how they spent a portion of their lives in the closet, literally.

The End

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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