__________by Sin cere

I remember the 1st time we spoke
All them hours in that BP chat room wasnt no joke
I asked 2 see what u looked like and almost choked
As soon as we exchanged pics, i was like, "shyt!"
Cuz u was cute as hell
It wasnt long b4 we exchanged the number to each others cell
I aint gon lie, for months shyt was goin real well
That is, until...
Months later we decided 2 meet up
Standing in the Arrival area I saw you and my reaction was "what the
I took a quick glance at the photo, then scanned the place
Oh naw, hell naw, this chick played my face
Cuz now she callin my name
I dont wanna seem vain
But you and yo pic dont look nuthin the same
Dayum, now what did i get myself into again?
Caught up in some bullshyt
I thought, "I hope she aint expectin a kiss"
I know i aint come all the way here 4 this
Dawg, u know I was pissed
You see the skepticism in my expression & quickly insist that you've
lost a little weight
Ok, cool, now how do you explain your face?
Then you explained how airbrushing on a PC works cuz u knew u wasn't
my taste...
Yeah, u played me...touche

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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