I kissed you last night and tried to breathe life into that part of your soul
that once wanted me too I watched as you began to lose consciousness and
eventually fell into a peaceful rest it was only 8:30 honey instantly my
heat sank I lowered my eyelids and sighed my own breath heavy with passion
for you but also despair:don't you want me too?

Craving touch and you in the bed next to me

I want you to look deep into my eyes to hold my face in your hands to touch
my lips with the roughness of your fingertips to push your tongue into my
mouth to know when and how I want - no, need -you to tell me that I'm
beautiful to feel the roundness of me what happened?

I ache when I see couples with their bodies close when there are oceans
between us

My throat sore and tight muffled calling outs of your name to the walls that
would listen nothing sadder than love lost but I won't cage my tears and hope
that streams of salt water will show you the trail to me or back to you?

Hold my hand and kiss me touch my hair now longer

Shame and pain that I couldn't keep your love damn I lost another I'm like
some sort of repellent of good women when its nourishment that I want from
you and from no other did you forget?

How do I get you to remember?


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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