__________by Mahogany Lioness

I want to take your candied clit between my hungry lips and quench my thirst
with the nectar of a goddess.

My hands slide beneath your cool cotton blouse,
caressing full Nubian breasts.

I close my eyes, allowing my fingertips to be my guide.
They spring forth and fill my hands with their silky softness.
You close your eyes, and your lips part slightly while I knead them.

Your breath quickens as I capture your tender nipples between my fingers.
Rolling them back and forth, pinching them, flicking them...
I milk them to attention, and milk you of a moan you tried hard to suppress.

In one fluid movement I remove all that shields them from me and press my
face between your soft mounds.
Inhaling deeply, the scent of you skin catches in my throat.

Raspberries coupled with your natural essence join forces and attack my
senses, fueling my desire to drink from your cup.

My desire for you is flowing throughout my body. My heart is racing for you,
my mind is spinning for you. My clit is swollen, and my pussy is moist with

I want you to watch me, as I bring you to the edge and then over it.

I want you to see how your moans and cries run through me, and causing my
nipples to pout and my lips slick and wet with dew.

I watch you, watch me as my tongue slithers across your swollen nub. Just
when you didn't think it possible, it stands straighter yet, as if to greet
my touch.

My tongue picks up where my fingers left off. I allow them to travel across
your belly toward the zipper of your jeans.

I'm licking and sucking your nipples harder, and faster now. Licking,
flicking, sucking, and nibbling gentle, you surrender watching me "work," and
close your eyes.

You don't even notice that that I'm massaging you "there," until you feel the
strength of my touch. You want to cry out, but I silence you with my lips and
my kiss.

I slide my leg up between yours and you tremble against me. I know you didn't
intend for things to go as far as they have.

I keep expecting you to stop me, or try and escape my grasp. I try to make
walking away to be the hardest thing you've done in your life.

Without warning I slip my fingers inside of your panties. I smile springs to
my lips, as they slip and slide and become slick with your wetness.

You want me as bad as I want you. No turning back now.

You're eyes are open again and your looking at me with wide eyes. Protest
stuck somewhere in your throat, and you swallowed it whole.

You're so moist and warm and slick for me, baby.
I ask you if you like what I'm doing to you.
You don't answer.
I tell you that if you like it, you'd better let me know.
You say nothing.
I stop.
You pick up where I left off.

I'm watching you make yourself feel good.
You're eyes never leave mine, although your breath quickens, and your chest

Your finger slides back and forth across your swollen clit quick and fast

You pause, telling me that it's too intense.
I tell you not to dare stop.

You continue, throwing your head back moaning louder now.
You take your other hand and pinch your left nipple hard.
It slides down the length of your body as you tremble and cry out.

I tell you to make a finger disappear inside you.
This is our movie, and I'm helping you write the script.

I watch as your finger slides deep within you, and a drop of your honey
escapes you, creating a sticky trail disappearing beneath you.

I see a tears forming in the corner of your eyes and I know you are so very

Ordering you to stop, a shaky breath escapes you as you obey my command.

I tell you to look between my legs where my thighs are slick with excitement.
I push my finger deep into my slit, and trace your lips with my juices.
You lap at my fingers hungrily, and lick them clean.

Laying down, I tell you to get on top of me.
I want you to ride me.
I tell you to wrap your legs around me, and you obey.

Sliding and gliding you slippery slit across mine, you catch my rhythm deep
inside, and answer it with a tremble.

My clit is swollen to a hard nub.
Together we grind our pussies together, and once again you moaning.

You're eyes open wide as I add one finger, and then another.
I shiver feeling you tighten around them.

I tell you deeper, harder and faster.
You follow directions so well, rocking the bed beneath us.

You tell me you like the way I make you feel.
I tell you to shut up and ride, stuffing my honey soaked fingers into your
You suck them hungrily, loving the taste of yourself.

I feel that familiar feeling rising inside me.
You're pussy is so sweet.
I can't stop my legs from trembling beneath us both.

The scent of you and I mixed together coupled with the pleasure, the fever,
and the flavor of us two, teases my senses.

You tell me that it's going to happen soon.
I bring my hands to your ass and guide your pussy to my mouth.
I'm thirsty and want a drink.

You pussy slides over my lips and I push my tongue deep into your hole.
I slap your ass, as you bounce up and down on my tongue accepting it deeper
and deeper inside of you.

I move my hands to your mound and spread you open wider.
Concentrating on your little nub, I know it won't be long.
You're crying out, tears streaming from your eyes.

You curse.

And then...


Your honey races from you hot, thick, and creamy.
At the same time I struggle to keep from drowning, and not to miss a drop.

When your trembling subsides, you slide down the length of my body,
and lick your honey from my lips and chin.

Your leg slides down between mine, and I press my slit firmly against it.
Beneath you I grind myself up and down your leg.

You're mouth is all over me, and I tell you it wont be long.
My lips, my chin, my breasts, my stomach, my belly button, my....


I tell you to eat my pussy.
Your tongue flicks across my clit furiously, and you push one finger deep
inside me, then another.

My hips are bucking wildly as you fuck me.
I tell you to fuck me, harder, then faster.

Pushing your fingers deep inside my core, while licking and sucking on my
clit, I cry out for you to make me cum.

A finger slides down the length of my slit and finds it's way to between the
cheeks of my ass.
You spread me wide giving my swollen clit everything you have, all the while
massaging my hole with the tip of your finger.

It hits like a clap of thunder.
I tell you I'm cumming.
You push your finger into my hole.
I scream.
I cuss

Hot, creamy cum erupts from deep inside me.
I can feel you struggling to take it all.

Now my face is the one wet with tears.
You lick me clean before collapsing next to me.
I cry harder.

You ask me if you hurt me.
I tell you, that you didn't.
You ask why I cry.

I tell you that I don't know.
I tell you tears of joy.
You began to cry.

We hold each other and cry together.

When the tears subside, we remain.
In lust, and in love.

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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