Carla Fowler

Chapter 1

_____I remember when I first met Alex. It was at a party that my friend Diane had thrown. Diane is lesbian and has a very diverse group of friends. Everything was pretty typical then Alex walked through the door with some of her friends and I was mesmerized, she took my breath away. She stood there looking absolutely delicious. Tall, chocolate brown with a pair of lips that would make L.L. Cool J jealous. She was dressed simply enough jeans, and long sleeved white t-shirt. She wore a baseball cap and a little Cool water cologne, just enough to warm me up. That night we made small conversation, about work and life in general. I turned on the charm, it was pretty obvious that I was interested and by the end of the evening it was evident that we'd made a connection, and we were basically viewed as two the rest of the evening.
_____When the night was over I hoped she would ask me for my number, but she didn't . There was just an awkward silence and we both went our own way. That night all I thought about was her. Her mouth, those shoulders and how she nervously rubbed her stomach and pulled the brim of her hat down while she talked to me. About two weeks later I was at the gas station on my way to my cousins' lingerie party, and there was Alex in a Black Escalade looking like a page out of “J.Crew”. She looked pretty comfortable in some chino's and a turtleneck. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and again she was flawless. I knew who she was immediately but I decided to play dumb. We did the whole staring, repeated eye contact thing and flashed our “make a move smiles”. My tank was full before hers, she still hadn't made a move. I got in my car, and gave her one last look and at the last minute she came over to my car.

Hey, you're Aila right

Yeah, Hi Alex

You remembered, how are you?

Yeah, I'm Fine and you?

I'm great, It's good to see you again.


So um Aila, can I call you?

I don't see why not?

_____We exchanged numbers and I left. The rest of the evening all I wanted to do was go home and call her. I couldn't wait for the party to be over. On the way home I was so excited. As soon as I walked in the house, I wanted to call her but I didn't want seem desperate. I decided to go for a jog and try to clear my head. By the time I made it back home I was convinced that I was going to call her. Before I could, she called. We spoke on the phone for about an hour. She told me about her job, some of the things she likes to do and how she couldn't wait to see me again. I felt like I was in high school. She invited me out to the movies the next night, I accepted and we talked the entire night away.
_____The next morning all I could think about was my date with Alex, I wanted to tell everybody I saw. I know it was silly but I was really looking forward to seeing her again. When I got home, I took a shower and decided to try and go for that natural beauty look. I put on my favorite pale yellow sundress, let my hair curl naturally put on some lip gloss and sprayed on a little Il Bacio . As I was taking a last look at myself the doorbell rang. I opened the door, to Alex standing there in some Dockers, a Polo shirt and a leather jacket, she looked at me smiled and stepped in. The first thing I noticed was that she was wearing that Cool water cologne again. I wanted to nuzzle her neck as soon as I smelled it. She gave me a long hug and a kiss on the cheek. I was dripping.
_____We decided to go to dinner first, she had already made reservations for Campagnola's. While we were eating she didn't say much she just looked at me and smiled to herself a lot. After we got a little comfortable with each other, we talked about everything from babies to retirement. As we left the restaurant, she gently grabbed my hand. My whole body tensed up, I mean I knew she was “out & proud” but who said I was. I went along the program and proceeded as expected. I was so relieved when we finally made to the car. She opened the car door, slowly turned me around and kissed me. My eyes were wide open and I didn't know whether to shit or go blind... I was shaking in her arms, she put her arms around my waist, and pulled me closer to her. She told me to close my eyes in a whisper and I did. It was beautiful. I don't know how long we stood there kissing but at that moment it didn't matter, it felt too good. My whole body was alive, I could feel her running her fingers through my hair, I was tingling all over and my pussy was throbbing uncontrollably. I was with a beautiful woman that lit something in me and all I could do was enjoy the moment. Then Alex slowly stepped back and put her hands on my face and said “don't worry sweetness, I wont hurt you." I felt like deer caught in headlights, we were eye to eye.... I couldn't think. I was stuck I couldn't move. I swear I could feel my heart beating. She laughed and said “I could get used to you” . When I got in the car I was completely flustered and I couldn't even figure out how to operate the seat belt. I was really tripping. We went to movies and to this day I can't even remember what we saw. All I remember is sitting in that movie seat on fire, waiting for another kiss almost aching for one. She had me in the palm of her hands and didn't even know it. I was a smitten kitten.
_____After the movie, we decided to go for coffee. I couldn't believe how much we had to talk about. She told me that she was freelance photographer and how it s one of the most important things in her life. She was so passionate about so many things that I felt a little boring with my 9 to 5 but she seemed genuinely interested in my career choice. When we got to my house she walked me to my door and gave me a hug and sweet kiss on my forehead, I felt special and wanted to return to the favor, so I stood on my tiptoes and barely reached her chin. So I planted a sweet one her chin. She laughed and put her arms around my waist and gave me bear hug and she left.


_____Alex & I started spending all of our free time together. It was wonderful, we did everything together. I was falling in love, and nothing else mattered. Alex had a diverse network of friends, that consisted of lesbians and gay couples from every walk of life. Doctors, lawyers, analysts, singers, dancers etc… If nothing else I was making pretty good connections for any future business venture. The only problem was the fact that I didn't include Alex in my circle of life, my family and "friends" were too homophobic to even try. No one knew what was going on in my life, and no one seemed to care and that was just the way I liked it. Even though this lifestyle seemed very new to me, it also seemed very loving and welcoming at the same time. Everyone was very supportive and nurturing of each other regardless of who or what they were dating. It was beautiful. I felt safe and welcome.
_____I loved Alex completely but I knew she wanted to be a part of my life completely, and that just couldn't happen. If I “came out” to my family that would be the beginning of the end. My mother had a hatred for the gay lifestyle as a whole, but she held a certain resentment towards lesbians from what I could tell it was all based on shows like Jerry Springer & Ricki Lake. I really wanted to let everyone know how happy I was and what a wonderful woman she was to me and for me but I knew it couldn't happen. No one in my family could know that I was in a lesbian relationship, they would never understand. I've seen too many people choose love over family and end up completely alone in the end. Love doesn't always last.
_____Alex completely disagreed but she believed that in the end, the truth would be known and we'd all be better off because of it. We decided to work on us and not worry about anybody else for the time being. Through it all our relationship got stronger. We had gotten so close, that is was hard for me to imagine my life without her. Even though Alex and I hadn't made love yet I was completely hers. I was a little worried about the sex, I mean what if I didn't do it right. I know it sounds silly but it was really an issue for me. I wanted so much to please her, but I wasn't sure if I knew how, and I knew that it took a lot more than just being a woman.


_____It was our 6 month anniversary and I decided to plan a special evening for me and her, I wanted this to be the night we made love, the night we connected completely. I told her that I had a surprise for her and that I wanted her to be at my house at 9:00 PM, to my surprise she declined and told me that something came up and that she would call me tomorrow. I was livid, I mean how could she not remember, just because we hadn't been intimate didn't mean it wasn't important. I was so mad I got in my car and was ready to have a showdown with Ms. Alex.
_____When I pulled into her driveway, there was man waiting with a Red valet jacket on. I gave him my keys and stormed my way up the driveway. I couldn't believe it, not only did she forget but she was also having some kind of party that she didn't bother to invite me to. I made my way to the door and there was another man in a Red jacket "May have your coat Madam?" I rolled my eyes and practically threw it at him, I was so mad I couldn't see straight. He opened the door and announced me, "Ms. Aila Johnston."
_____I stood there like an idiot waiting for something to happen, and it dawned on me that I hadn't told him my name. Before I could question him he closed the door. I stood there with my hands on hips when I noticed the house. It was filled with roses, candles and soft music. That bitch, I thought, she never did this for me. I headed up the stairs, which were covered with rose petals. I walked in the bedroom. More roses and candles but no Alex. I heard water coming from the bathroom and in I went. There was Alex sitting in bubble bath surrounded by candles and holding two glasses of champagne.

Happy 6 month anniversary, Baby.

_____I was floored, I couldn't believe that she'd done all of this. I wanted to cry it was so beautiful.

Are you going to join me?

_____I nervously took off my clothes, this was the first time she'd seen my body naked. I knew I had a great body, but I was still nervous. I slid into the tub and she greeted me with a kiss. We kissed for what seemed like hours before we got out of the tub. Alex dried me off and massaged my entire body with oil. I returned the favor and we made our way to the bedroom. Her body was exquisite, all I could do was adore her. I walked over to window, the view was beautiful and I wanted to savor this precious moment. I wanted to lock it in my memory forever.
_____Alex walked up behind me and started kissing my entire body; she kissed my shoulders, my lips, my neck, and my hands. She started gently sucking me all over my body. I never knew that kisses could feel this good. My entire body was trembling. Alex picked me up and carried me to the bed. She laid me down and gently opened my legs. She began kissing up my inner thighs until she found what she was looking for.
_____My head was spinning, everything seemed fuzzy and soft all I could do was close my eyes and feel her soft lips kissing me all over. Her arms wrapped around me as she moved me to the center of the bed, I loved how they felt strong, and soft. I could actually feel my pussy overflowing, she ran her hand up my inner thigh and let out a slow moan when she felt the wetness she created. Alex proceeded to kiss me from the bottom of my feet to the back of my neck. She did things with her mouth that I never knew existed. Alex sucked, licked, and kissed my pussy until I came over and over again uncontrollably. After I could not take anymore I sat up, practically begging to please her, but she never let me say a word. Alex looked at me with this seductive grin and told me to let her love me. I laid back and she started all over again, I started moaning and moving along with her mouth.
_____Alex laid on top of me in a position that made me feel as if though we were physically connected. We continued in that position while kissing, rubbing, moving and sucking until we both came together. There we were glistening with sweat and lust and completely satisfied. We laughed and enjoyed the moment. I was lying in Alex's arms falling asleep while she stroked my hair when I heard a loud knock at the door. I jumped up as if I was caught in the act.
_____"Alex open the door." Alex jumped up and headed downstairs. I grabbed the sheet and was right behind her. She opened the door and in came this woman who was obviously older and pissed off that Alex was with me. She looked at Alex and looked at me and lunged for me. I screamed and ran behind Alex. Alex grabbed her and pushed her away, she stumbled to the floor and started screaming..

How could you do this to me?? ANSWER ME!!!?!?! We just broke up and not even 6 months later you start fucking his little bitch??! Why won't you return my calls, my pages…I know you've been avoiding me, and nobody will tell me what is going on!!!! Is this is why you left me?!?! For this little bitch?!?! .. What is she 12 years old?!? You can't be serious!!

_____Alex walked me into the living room and told me everything would be alright. I gave her the sheet considering she was nude, she smirked and put her arms around my waist and kissed me on my forehead. When she kissed me, I was wet all over again she stuck her finger in my pussy and slowly pulled it out. I almost passed out and completely forgot about the chick in the living room. I think Alex did too because she started kissing my neck, and all of sudden....
_____Alex went back in the front room and I made my way back upstairs to find some clothes. I saw Alex slowly walk up to her, speaking calmly almost whispering... I could hear Jaime crying in the living room. I felt like a home wrecker.

Jaime, Jaime stop crying, just stop it.. Look at me. I told you last year that we were not working out remember???!?. Remember how we both agreed that we loved each other, but not the way we should. Jaime, we agreed to be friends.

Alex, I'm still in love with you.. baby come home with me, let's work it out. Like we always do.

That's just it Jaime, I'm tired of working it out.

What are you saying?

I've already said good-by, Jaime. I want you to go home. (Alex started walking towards the door.)

Oh so what is she your woman now!?!?? You know what?!?? fuck you Alex, fuck you and your little bitch!!!!! I hope she breaks your fucking cold ass heart..You sorry ass bitch, you wouldn't know a good woman if she slapped the shit out of you! I swear I wish I had never met your sorry ass... AND AS FOR YOU BITCH...DON'T THINK YOU DOIN' SOMETHIN', 'CAUSE YOU AIN'T SHIT EITHER. I SHOULD KICK YOUR ASS RIGHT NOW...

_____I heard footsteps running up the stairs, I looked out the bedroom door and she coming at me, headed for the bedroom, she was in before I could close the door. Jaime ran up and tried to swing on me, but I caught her arm and grabbed her neck with my other hand. She was stunned, but before she could react Alex came flying in the room and grabbed her. They landed on the floor.


_____Alex picked her up off the floor and pushed her towards the door. She lunged for me again, but Alex had a grip on her.


_____She pulled away and stormed out, slamming the door. It was quiet for about a minute, then you could her calling us all kinds of bitches and hoes until she was out of earshot. Alex wlked out on the porch, and started smoking a cigarette, she hadn't lost control at all. When she noticed me, she cracked an embarrassed smile and apologized.

Look baby, I am sorry I ..

And Jaime is??

My ex-girlfriend, we were together for four years.... look I really hope that this incident doesn't ruin us, because I really want to continue this with you.

_____I walked in and sat down in front of the fireplace, Alex sat next to me and started massaging my shoulders. She told me all about the relationship and why she had to end it. In all honesty I didn't care, Alex was mine and that was all that mattered. All I needed was her touch. We spent that entire weekend celebrating our love and opening our souls to each other. She asked me to be her woman, and I happily accepted. I had never been so happy.

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