It was one of those early fall rain. I had awaken to sound of it gently tapping against my window pane. Another day to fight with the throngs of people on there way to work on the trains, streets and cemented sky scrapered world of Manhattan. I didn't feel like going into work but something makes me do it everyday just the same. Most likely the money and the need to be self independent as I must be. The will to survive in this world where dollars and cents count.

I got up stretching... willing my muscles to come alive and begin this task of a normal day. I went to the bathroom and turned on the shower adjusted it to just the right temperature. Stepping into the steamed enclosure I allowed the massaging stream of water to gently wash over my face. Then I lathered my body sponge with my favorite bodywash. I spent an extra few minutes than normal but it felt too good to leave just yet. Anyway with that done and the sleep leaving my body I dried off while staring at the clothes I had put out the night before. The weatherman said it would rain in the morning then tapering off later on in the afternoon to warm up to a decent temperature of sixty-five degrees. So I felt what I was going to wear would be appropriate. As I finished getting myself together I thought about what I would grab to eat before I left for work. It really wasn't a hard decision to make because I would get the usual Frosted mini wheats my favorite cereal. Hey, but it never hurts to think about the pancakes and sausage, the bacon and eggs with toast or the cornbeef hash and cheese grits with homemade biscuits on a workday. I can dream can't I?

Damn! I was running a little late to catch that 8:15 train as I took a quick look at the time displayed on the microwave. So I opened the closet... grabbing the rest of my shit then jetted out the door. Slamming the door behind me I had walked a couple of blocks when I thought it felt pretty chilly outside. I did'nt take an umbrella because I hated dodging other peoples fuckin umbrellas all day. Still there was no time to turn back if I wanted to catch that train. I was just in time as the train pulled up. I swiped my card and ran up the flight of steps just in time to catch the doors before they closed. Shit! Motherfucka was packed as usual and the mixture of musk and strong perfume permeated in the air. This was a normal beginning of my day and for now the crowd was okay because everyone seemed to get off at the same stop where there was three different train connections. Six stops later just as always the people peeled out of the train. Then I was free to pick and choose my seating. Of course I chose the corner seat. Sitting down I stretched out my legs. I closed my eyes and thought about of a different day, a different place to be other than on my way to work.

About thirty-five minutes into my ride and with my mind wandering I heard the garble sound of next stop 14th and 6th avenue. Opening my eyes, re-adjusting my vision I stood up and prepared to get off the train. Several people had entered and gotten off the train without me seeing a face but I was very much aware of every sound and movement around me. The squealing sound of the train brakes as it pulled up to my stop I stood at the door. The door swung open like the metal beast was opening its mouth and spitting me out. I smirked at the the imagism of my thoughts and gladly got off. Quickly working my way to the stairs that would lead me to the outside world. It was still raining and the air seemed to be a bit more chillier in Manhattan. I worked my way down 14th street like a line backer to the building I worked in. The buildings assholes had the air conditioning on like it was eighty degrees outside. I got into the elevator to go to the busy travel agency I called my job. With my greeting said to my fellow employees and a special wink to the sexy receptionist. I made my way to the office I shared and looked at the assignments I had for the morning.
My job as a courier consist of me making sure that the clients received the travel arrangments and or tickets in time. Also a few other things that weren't in my job discription. With no time to waste because if I did the clients would bitch and moan about their shit. I gathered up everything I needed and left.

As I stepped outside of the door the wind took a bite out of me and I thought to myself " Forget this shit! Let me buy a hoody to put under this light weight jacket I had on." Making a few stops before my last even though the cold was wracking my brain. I stopped at this small store in the lower part of the village that seemed to have the hoody I would need. I worked my way down the aisle to where there was a small selection of hoodys. Pickey, pickey me I just couldn't grab something. Of course it had to match and look the way I wanted it to. While I stood there siftiing through the choices they had the saleperson began to ignore me and go about their own business.

The sound of the door opening caught my attention. I turned my eyes slightly towards it to see a woman dressed in a light blue jacket and a hat that matched pulled down over her eyes. I just watched her as the salesperson approached her. There was something about her that completely took my breath away. I could tell the way she walked into the store that she was used to having all the attention on her. She was petite, with caramel skin and medium length hair flowing from under her hat. Such a womanly figure. You could tell that without a doubt she was all woman, and then some. When the saleperson ask her if they could be of some help. Her voice was soft and silky as she replied " Do you have any wool scarfs?" If she was use to having attention, she most definitely had mine.

The salesperson directed her over to a selection of scarfs and she began to rifle through them one at a time.At this point this is when she realized that there was someone else there. We kind of made eye contact being that she had her hat concealing her eyes but I knew that she was aware of me. I quickly grabbed a hoody and began to work my way to the front of the store. I wanted to get a closer look at this enticing flavor in blue. She had in her hand a scarf with the colors of the rainbow and if that was a signal I was on it like I was on fuckin Jeapordy. The salesperson asked me if I was ready to purchase the item I had and I said " Oh yeah most definitely. I need this right now." This made her turn to me and say " Hmm... I can see that someone didn't dress right for the weather today... huh?" I said her "Yeah I guess not... but if anyone listened to the same weather report as I did you can assume there thousands of others walking around freezing their asses off." She laughed pulling her hat away from her eyes. My heart stopped she was fine as hell her eyes were a dark misty brown. She said "Yes sweetie you would be right about that." I took off my jacket to put on the hoody and I looked up to find her staring at me up and down with her sultry Cleopatra eyes like she wanted to sex me right then and there. I stared back at her with the same type of lust in my eyes. I thought, "Oh yes baby girl... I would love to take you wherever and whenever you would like. She chose another scarf along with the one she had and layed them on the counter for the saleperson to ring up. As she payed for her scarfs I put back on my jacket and proceeded out the door.

I wasn't going to let her just leave just like that.This erotic urban playground we opened left me spellbound and I wanted to make sure I enjoyed every ride. So I stood outside in the front of the store. When she came out with a small bag in hand I said to her "Seems like you might need a little something to keep you warm from the cold too". My eyes were on her to watch her reaction to my comment and I was rewarded with the reaction I sought. She looked at me with the same look I saw just a minute ago and said "Could you possibly mean the scarfs that I bought or something totally different." Yeah she knew what I meant but to slow it down a bit I replied " Nah... maybe a cup of coffee or tea. I'm about to get some at the shop across the street. Would you care to join me? By the way my name is Shyrese." She said "Sure I can use something to warm me up a little" she held out her hand and I reached out for it with mine. She said "My name is Fatima." We embraced each others hands and it seemed like neither one of us wanted to let go. I felt like grabbing her right there and making love to her right where we stood. The sexual tension between us was so thick. Adamantly pulling us in... to drown us...deep in a pool of lust and desire. It took all that I had not to be swept away.

We walked toward the coffee shop gently brushing up against each other as if we were old friends and lovers. Somehow I no longer felt the cool dampness in the air and I think it was more than just the fact that I had on an extra layer of clothing. On our way there we talked about the city until we sat down in a booth just away from the windows in the shop. I chose to sit right next to her instead of opposite. The closer to her the better. The waitress took our order for two cups of coffee and was back within just a few minutes. As we added our condiments we talked some more. She took a sip of the steamy beverage and closed her eyes as if it was the best thing she had ever tasted. I said to her "See... doesn't that make you feel better." she replied "Yes, It does... I feel its warming effect as we speak. Uhmm... that feels real good." My eyes were on her every movement when I said "Fortunatley there are somethings that feel even better" She looked at me and replied " I've heard... but do you know what that might be?" Oh, if she thought that I had no answer for her she was sadly mistaken when I said "Hmm... yes in fact I do... but to experience it is the only way to know."

It just seemed like everything we said and every movement we made towards each other was sexual. I told her that I was on my lat run for my job. She asked "Where?" and I pointed out the building one block away. "I live in the building right next to that."she said. What a coincidence or was it destiny? We talked for a long time as we sipped our coffees and flirted with each other some more. Her hands touching my thigh everytime she laughed or was making a point. My arm layed on the back of the booth just behind her head, lightly touching her shoulder as we talked. Each minute pushing us closer and closer together as we continued with this sexual repertoire. In the mist of all that as she spoke my eyes focused on her full soft lips when she licked a droplet of coffee from them. She stopped in middle of her sentence realizing where my thoughts were distracted to. That look she gave me inviting me to do exactly what I was thinking. Before I knew it we were passionately kissing. This surge of desire swept over me and my pussy pulsated with such need for her. Fatima felt the same as we both pulled away from this lust filled vortex that had surrounded us. In a soft voice in my ears she said "What are you doing to me sweetie?" My voice was hoarse and coated with desire when I said gently in her ear "I want you." "Hmm... My thoughts exactly but it sounds so much better coming from your lips." she said. There was no need for explanations. No need for pretense. We both knew exactly what we wanted. I then quickly paid the bill and we were out the door.

The short walk to Fatima's building was filled with talk of how much we wanted each other and what pleasure we would bring to each other. Unknown to everyone we passed of this heavy fog of desire that enveloped us. We entered her building and went to the staircase that would lead to her apartment. By the time we had reach a couple of steps we were in each others arms. My hands feverishly exploring her body. Her nails scraping across my back. Our tongues deep down each others throat. Every step we took brings us closer to the point of no return awakening a string of new passionate love play. The sounds we were making echoed in the stairwell. I placed my hands on her firm round ass and lifted her closer to me literally carrying her up the last couple of steps. She grabbed my hand pulling me toward her apartment door. My hands layed on her waist as I stood behind her grinding my pussy into her. Kissing her along side of her neck, down her back as she reaches in her pocket pulling out the keys and opened the door.

Slamming the door behind us as we enter we're tearing at each other clothes my jacket and hoody removed. Her outerwear removed our hands freely touching each other. I pinned her against the wall allowing my hands to slip under the sweater she wore. Our breathing was hot and labored as I realized she was braless and I quickly felt the warm fullness of her breast fill my hands. I helped her pull the sweater over her head and was taken aback by her voluptuous body. The tip of my tongue trail a path down underneath her neck and down to the middle of her breasts. Tantalizing her... tasting her. A moan escapes her lips. I then held her breasts with my hands as I gently kisses one erect nipple at a time before I circled it with my mouth sucking gently at first and then more vigorously burying my face in their softness. I'm unfastening the button of her jeans and then unzipped them as I continue my sexual assualt on her body. To leave no space no time in between our sensual appetites.

She leads me to her bedroom and we stand at the foot of her bed. We are again devouring each other lips our tongues all too familiar with each others taste. My hands quickly moves down over her belly down to the opening of her jeans to find lace panties. I slip my hands underneath her panties where I touch her neatly trimmed mound. My fingers can feel how hot and wet she was. Her jeans I readily removed along with her panties tossed to the side along with our inhibitions. She layed down on the bed as she watched me remove my pants. The sweat visible on our bodies from the heat of our passioned fill escapade.

I knelt down at the foot of the bed spreading her legs apart. Leaving kisses and small nibbles on her calfs moving up along her inner thighs while my fingers stimulated and teased her pussy until it almost felt like torture. Each touch rewarded with sounds of pleasure originating from deep within her chest.. leaving her lips... arousing me to please this very desirable woman. Then I gently kiss her pussy and she reaches out and pulls my head into her hot box. "Oh Shyrese eat me, eat me now!"she screams.

Without hesitation my tongue delves in and out of her. Tasting, teasing and sucking her beautiful pussy. I fully emerse my tongue into her throbbing hole and my hand reaches up to knead her breast and finger her nipples. Her hips are winding and grinding against my face. I can tell that she is on the verge of an orgasm so I enter her with two, three and than four fingers thrusting in and out. Slowly at first than fast. Gently next than harder. At the same time my fingers are pleasuring her I take my hand and spread her lips apart to let my tongue continue its work on her swollen clit. There is no doubt that Fatima is climaxing now as her thighs begin to tremble her breathing quickens as if there is a lack of air. Her inner walls tighten around my fingers and the flow of her feminine nectar is shared with me. Gripping my head in between her thighs she becomes momentarly motionless almost as if she's holding her breath. Then she lets out the sound of a womans unbridled pleasure.

We continued on to stimulate and arouse each others desire. Exploring and finding those things that just turn each other on for another hour or more.

As we layed in each other arms unsure of what bought us to this point. Neither of us would be able to explain what kind of emotion could posses such power causing an nuclear reaction in two people who had never met until that day. But it was a fact that there will be many more of these wild and passionate meetings between us. No doubt this day would never be considered by me just a normal day. For in that minute I was swept away by a beautiful Nubian Goddess. My last run of the day would always be there... or so we thought.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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