__________by Theresa

Love had no lost
As my heart couldn't help but grow to be the boss
All I get, Is a big booty, money hungry, pretty face chick
All she wonts is my pretty face, vibrating tongue, and nine inch stick
How can I deny the feeling that Love wont come my way
For every femme I cheated is this payday

For today," im committed, serious, and honest
Until Ashabti walks my way
I can't help myself, It's so many dimes
Can a nigga get a dollar? Or maybe 50 cents? because I have 21 questrions.
So it's a blessing, i'm guessing
My soulmate hasn't came
I'll just lose her to a Lukle video
Juicy clicks and double dee tits.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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