(for you know who)
__________by Rebecca Strait

i miss you
the very essence of you
your voice
your laugh
your bubbly spirit
and personality
you moaning my name
in secret
in your bedroom
your hands trapped
inside the sweet wetness
that is your thighs...
i miss you
can i still kiss you
dance with your spirit
finger your thighs
want u to cum inside
my mouth
my tongue so thirsty
and dry
my tongue longing
to flicker
around the honey
that are your nipples
ripe, ebony, savory sweet
i'd like to invite you over
for lunch perhaps
maybe breafastor dinner
definitely something fine
something sweet
something soft
something ripe
and tasty for me
to eat.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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