_____Home sweet home.
_____That's all I could think about. Getting in the house, kicking my Tims off and just passing out on the couch. Didn't even want to make it as far as the bed--way too many steps. Even dealing with the traffic on this highway was too much for me.
_____ It wasn't that I was tired; I just wanted to get off my feet and forget about my day at work. Just thinking of my day made me want to punch a wall. My boss was in a snappy mood all day, and she was barking out commands like I was some dog, and once I almost told her off, but I knew Carla better than that. She was normally a good-natured person, and this wasn't her. So I just chalked it up to her having a bad day and I just dealt with it. I knew her; on Monday, she'd be sweet as pie and apologizing all over the place. How could she not? I was the only person who put up with her frantic ass. All the other personal assistants she had before me would jump ship after a few weeks. They couldn't deal with her we-must-get-EVERYTHING-done-ASAP attitude. Everyone in the office called me the miracle worker because I was still with her after a year and half.
_____Carla wasn't that bad, she was a lot like my wife, Dria. Dria's mind could go like ninety miles per minute, then switch gears and direction in a split second. Classic Gemini, and so was Carla. When I found that shit out, I wanted to bang my head against the wall. Sometimes it's like being with my wife all damn day and night.
_____Not that I don't like being with Dria. Totally opposite. That woman keeps me on my toes every single moment, and I loved it. She was extremely spontaneous, always after trying something new, wanting constant variety. The best way to handle her is to see her as a child sometimes. She's gonna get an idea or see something she wants, but in a moment something new might catch her eye, or she'll think of something totally different and she'll fly with that, losing total interest in what she was already doing. Can't sleep on her, not at all. But that's why I fell in love with her. Dria is the type of woman that every person would be lucky to have. She's extremely beautiful inside and out.
_____When I first saw her, it was in a grocery store, and I literally I had to stop and take notice. All right, I'll be honest; her ass caught my attention first. I was looking at some coffee when I had this urge to just look to my right and when I did, I saw this beautifully tall, black woman just walk by the aisle, in a pair of tight black jeans, and the last thing that I saw was the ass. The gods really smiled upon her, for real. I'm an ass woman; I'll admit that right now. Give me an ass I can hold onto, and I can smile forever. You know that kind of ass, right? The kind that you immediately wish you was at a club and you can see it shake in your face. And hers was perfectly round and cuppable, and it just screamed at me.
_____So, of course, I had to follow her right? See, this is where shit can get sketchy. Wasn't sure if she was down or straight. But right now, that didn't matter. All I wanted to do was get a good look at the rest of her. I found her a few aisles down looking at some cereal. Damn. She was fine. She was damn tall too. At least 5'10", maybe 5'11". Long legs, long body, but slender she was not. Voluptuous all around; thick thighs, the ass, of course, and breasts that were bigger than my own DD-cups. Her black tank and jeans seem to hug every inch of her. She had long, dyed blue hair that she kept in a single braid down her back. Blue hair? Damn, usually I'd be like, hells no and walk the other way, but for some reason, it just appealed to me. I casually walked around her and glanced at her face. Fine as shit. Her skin tone was the colour of milky coffee, she was wearing sunglasses, so I couldn't see her eyes, but her face was beautiful from what I could see. Round face, soft features, and those lips-damn cute, small and pouty. I was already imagining how it would look to see those lips wrapped around my strap.
_____Suddenly her head turned and looked at me. With the sunglasses on, I couldn't tell if she was looking straight at me or by me.
_____She slid the glasses off her face, and smiled. Damn, she had bluish-green fucking eyes. I didn't care if they were contacts or not. Her eyes were slanted like she had Asian in her blood, and with the colour, it just made her look totally exotic. Those eyes were totally drinking me in. They were bold, strong, and hinted that they were hiding something totally mysterious. Suddenly I couldn't picture her as just another booty call. I totally wanted her. Completely.
_____"Are you ever going to say somethin'.?" She asked finally.
_____Ok, that was unexpected. "Excuse me?"
_____She laughed. "I've been trying to get your attention for the past fifteen minutes. Am I wasting my time?"
_____Ok, Kaye, I told myself, this is it, use the charm. But all I could manage was, "Um, no. Definitely not." If I could have, I probably would have tossed myself over the aisle and out of sight.
_____She held out her hand. "My name is Dria. Remember it, you're going to have to say 'I do' to me someday."
_____Most would have walked away right then, I'm sure. Just how cocky she was. But something in those eyes told me she wasn't playing. And I really wanted to get to know her. So I just took her hand and introduced myself. And it's been all over since then.
_____How can I explain Dria? Dria's Dria, I guess. It's hard. She's not your average chick, that's for sure. Right off the bat, I knew she was cool as shit. She had a somewhat shy nature about her, but once she got comfortable with a person, she was totally "out there". A very daring person, so spontaneous compared to how laid-back and mellow I was. Being around her was like Christmas every damn day. You just couldn't be prepared for her.
_____Our first date, I picked her up at her apartment. We were going out to dinner at this new restaurant that I knew was pretty classy. I had worn khakis and white button-down shirt-the nicest thing I owned in my closet, because I was a pure jeans and t-shirt girl. When Dria opened the door, I was floored. She had on a black mini-dress, with black opaque stockings and, I swear to God, combat boots. Her hair fell around her shoulders in tight, blue Shirley Temple curls, and she only wore black eye shadow and her lips were blood red. An array of silver bangles adorned her arms, and she held a black trench over her arm.
_____Straight gothic.
_____Let me stop to say who I am. It'll make sense, believe me. I'm a total "urban" girl. I love my rap, my Hip-Hop, my R&B. Give me Fubu, Phat Farm, South Pole, and I'm set. I'm proud to say that I'm thuggish, that I'm hard. And it aint got nothing to do with the fact that I'm gay, or that I'm a stud, either. Cuz I know tons of gay women and studs that are tamer than I am. I've seen all the bullshit that be happening in the hood, and nowadays, shit don't really phase me anymore. I've lived a hard life, and sadly, yeah, it's made me hard too. But how I've lived, where I come from, does reflect in me. And growing up, you see the so-called "weirdos" and you do what everyone else does...crack on them. Shit, when I saw those white kids come into school with red or green hair, spiked, shaved or whatever, dressed in punk clothing, my first thought was that they needed help. I always tried to stay away from that crowd. When I went away to college, all my family and peeps told me to be careful of that crowd. Shit. They were all Satanists, witches, vampires, and crazy in the head.
_____But when you go to college, you're taken out of the only environment that you know and thrust into this whole new world that's made up of every single thing that you can think of. I was around hippie wannabees, punks, Goths, militant blacks, people like me, and countless others. After four years, your tolerance level raises to a degree you never thought it could reach. So I could go to class, hang out and chill with these people and be fine. No sweat. I was more open-minded. But after college, I came back home, and was back up in my usual shit. I wasn't the same, don't get me wrong. If I saw those so-called "weirdos", it wouldn't even faze me, surprising my peeps. I don't know...I just got to know them, and found out they were cool as shit.
_____But dating one was something completely different. So when Dria opened the door, my first instinct was to cancel the whole thing. And for a split second, I thought of making some excuse to back out of the date. But as soon as she smiled and flashed those beautiful eyes-which I found out were contacts, because they were now green-there was no way I was going to back out on this woman.
_____And I am so unbelievably glad that I didn't. Dria taught me to be so open to so many things. Before I knew it, I was listening to her hard rock music, actually appreciating it. I could actually go to certain events I would never dream of going: I'll never forget getting my "cherry" popped when I first went to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The girl had me trying sushi, all these vegetarian dishes, chillin' in all day, and going out for a walk on the beach at like two in the morning. There would be days when we'd just sit in her apartment and she'd lay her head in my lap reading her poetry to me. I thought she was a terrific poet. Her poetry was usually dark and deep, but always another window into her soul. As open as she was, there were things about herself she wouldn't tell anyone, but I got to find out just by reading her poems.
_____I guess she was refreshing in away. Certainly different. She only wore black, the only colour on her would be her hair, make-up, or whatever accessories she found interesting. Before she met me, she hadn't worn sneakers since grade school, but I found a pair of black sneakers I knew she'd like, and along with her array of Doc Marten shoes and boots, she'd wear them. There wasn't much that I had to show her, accept for more tolerance to the inner city. She was raised differently; always afraid of more "urban" folks, with the "gangsta" activities and shit that society blows up all the time. And to be honest, I couldn't really blame her, because "my crowd" made fun of "her crowd". So it was just a bunch of misconceptions we had to get over. Not that she really had much to get over; the girl was open about everything regardless. She already loved rap and hip-hop and had some insane love for Eminem, of all people. I don't know, as opposite as we were, we just seemed to get along so well.
_____I think when I proposed; I shocked myself and my peeps. I mean, I knew I wanted to, I had gotten the ring and planned the whole night, but it wasn't until I took her hand in mine and actually proposed did it actually hit me. Dria just smiled at me and looked at the ring. She was pretty modest, wearing only silver, but I got her a white-gold ring, with a solitaire diamond. She kept looking at the ring for the longest time, I thought she was going to say no, but she just sighed. "You know...after two years, I was beginning to think that I was wrong and you didn't want me."
_____I just chuckled and slipped the ring onto her finger. "You know me, I just love to keep you in suspense."
_____We were married a year and a day later. She was adamant about us waiting a year and a day to make sure that it was something I really wanted, but nothing could have changed my mind. And on our wedding day, I think she floored me for the only other time in my life. I watched her appear in front of the big doorway of the tent, and she looked amazing. She told me she was making her own gown, and I had just agreed, knowing no other person in the world would satisfy her on that. I had expected her to wear black (and I think everyone and their grandmother thought that as well). But Dria stood there, wearing a silver gown, medieval style, off the shoulders, with a full sweeping skirt and train that must have been at least five feet behind her. Around her waist, she wore a simple silver cord, and a wreath of white roses in her then purple hair. She looked exquisite and I never felt so proud when we were pronounced married.
_____Five years of wonderful wedded bliss. Five years of never experiencing a boring moment in my life. Five years of knowing that just about any time I opened that door, something interesting was going to happen. And she never disappointed me.
_____Dria's wild. If you thought she was just crazy, you don't know how she was in bed. Damn. Before her, half the shit we did, I would never think of (and the other half I always assumed I'd never do). In the beginning of our relationship, she told me she loved to experiment sexually. And that was no lie. Every once in a while, she'd throw something new at me, and it would totally blow my mind. One time I came home to find the house lit with candles, and a pair of handcuffs and key on the sofa beside a note that read, "If you're ready, come in and put this on me". And when I walked in the room, she was completely naked on our canopy bed, her feet tied to the footboard, and only one hand cuffed to the headboard. I got so damn wet, I immediately stripped, cuffing her other hand and I made love to her all night. Another time we went out to a movie, and she had been teasing me all night, only avoiding me when I tried to grab her or kiss her. As we walked up the stairs to the level our movie was playing on, she lifted her short skirt slightly, revealing she was wearing no panties underneath. Fuck, if I could have, I would have fucked her right then and there on those stairs, no lie. It was a movie that had been playing for about a month, and the theatre was barely half filled. She chose seats way in the back and the closest person to us was two rows away. Halfway through the movie, she reached over, unzipped my jeans, releasing my strap, and pulled out. She then straddled me, facing away from me, giving me that perfect view of her ass, and rode me till we both came.
_____It was to the point that just about anything that she did wouldn't shock me anymore. I mean, I'd be surprised, but "nothing" would be considered ou oft character for her. I could expect anything, from her wanting to spend a night out clubbing and possibly having sex where anyone might catch us or a quiet night in, her wanting to just braid my hair.
_____Thinking of that, I reached up and touched my cornrows. It had been over a week and my hair grew fast. It was time for them to be redone. I made a mental note to remind Dria-not that I needed to remind her. When shit came to me, she was like my own personal assistant. But when it came to her own affairs, she could be called a scatterbrain. So, in a way, we took care of each other. I was the more responsible one, so I took care of more of the pressing stuff like house bills and our money management and stuff like that...and Dria took care of everything else. She would always say that she never had the head for anything serious, which is an exaggeration, but after awhile I realized that she just liked to live life and not have to worry about it. So we settled on a system where I just dealt with the more serious stuff, which suited me just fine cuz that was my nature anyway.
_____I reached into my pocket lighting a cigarette while I waited for traffic to ease up a bit, wondering if I should risk driving in the breakdown lane since my exit was only about 50ft away, when my cell rang. I contemplated ignoring it for a moment, but decided to answer it.
_____"This is Kaye."
_____"This is your wife."
_____Immediate smile. "Hey, baby."
_____"Whatcha doing?" Soft innocent voice.
_____She was in a playful mood. I could feel myself getting wet already. For some reason, when her voice got all soft and light like that, it just made me want to tear that ass up.
_____"Smokin' a cigarette and enjoying traffic." I said.
_____I could already picture the pout that probably just appeared on her face. "How long will you be?"
_____"Depends on traffic, baby. Maybe about fifteen minutes. I'm near the exit."
_____"I'm bored." She whined.
_____I had to chuckle. This meant I had a long night ahead of me. She was in the mood to play. Regardless of how tired I was I knew that I would give in to her.
_____"How long have you been home?" I asked.
_____"About an hour."
_____"Only fourteen more minutes and I'll be with you."
_____"Promise?" God, she even managed to sound cuter.
_____Silly, I know, but I couldn't help myself. "Promise."
_____And I could picture the big smile on her face. "Ok, I'll be waiting." Then she hung up.
_____Damn, I wish I could have brought my strap with me. This was one moment when I just wanted to walk into the apartment, bend her over, and just fuck her right there. But during my work week I kept my strap at home. I knew other studs that packed, and I had contemplated it myself, just because when I was at home, it was my baby; always on. But I had decided on separating my work life from my personal life. No need to have people noticing shit that wasn't their business.
_____I continued to smoke, inching along for a couple of more minutes, when I couldn't take it anymore. Shit, I was no fool and I knew what I had waiting for me at home. I glanced around, then just pulled into the breakdown lane and raced the remaining thirty feet to the exit. Simple as shit.
_____I made it home in record time, parking the car in one of the two spots that were for our apartment, then raced up to see my baby.
_____When I opened the door, the apartment was dark, and I felt a tingle between my legs, wondering what Dria was up to now. As soon as I closed the door, I felt a hand immediately cover my eyes.
_____"Guess who?" Her sexy voice said playfully in my ear.
_____I smiled. "Elmo."
_____"No!" She giggled. "Try again."
_____"Um...the most sexist, cutest girl in the world. Dria?"
_____She pulled her hands away clapping as she giggled again. "I got something new today."
_____"What?" I asked.
_____She moved until she stood before me and I felt my nipples harden. She was wearing a light purple, satin and sheer, baby doll dress that fell about two inches above the tops of her thighs. Purple satin panties that were ruffled in the back, and she was even wearing a pair of fluffy purple slippers. Her pink hair was pulled back into two pigtails, and she held Mr. Bear under her arm. Her face was clean of make-up, and she was sucking on a lollipop.
_____She looked breathtaking.
_____"Do you like?" She asked parading in front of me.
_____"I love it." I replied. "But it's not black."
_____"I know, but I know you wanted to see me wear colour at some point. I'm glad you like it, cuz if you didn't like it, Daddy, I was going to have to take it back." She said using the name that always got to me.
_____ Something about a femme calling you Daddy just...damn. I don't even know how to explain it. It just fucked with you, but felt amazing. No one would ever believe me if I said it, but she had this na´ve and innocent nature about her that totally clashed with the brash way she looked. She had this way of looking at me as if I was her hero. She made me feel invincible; that when she was with me, she would always be safe and ok. There were times when I got to see the real soft side of her that she showed to absolutely no one. And those times, she just wanted to crawl onto my lap and bury her head in my shoulder to cry, be held, or just talk. She'd have that ultra soft voice, and those exotic eyes would look at me with pure trust and need, and all I'd want to do is protect be her protector. And that's what I kind of became and I liked it. Even during lovemaking, she made me feel the same way. When I touch her, it's as if she's being touched for the first time. She could have an idea to try something new, and draw me into it, but make it seem as if I was the one teaching her. She told me that calling me Daddy was a way of telling me that I had her complete trust. To her, it meant that I was always there for her, to protect her, guide her, take care of her, and ultimately love her. And it made me feel proud that she felt that way about me.
_____I wasn't sure when our relationship hit that new level.It kind of snuck up on the both of us I think. It wasn't anything that we planned, but we both kind of fell into it. She had talked about an interest in role-play during the beginning of our relationship, and we would try out the usual stuff: cop and prisoner, hooker and trick, nurse and patient. We found out that we had a strong liking for our little sexual games of pretend. And with Dria's mind, she could create any persona for herself and sometimes she'd act so real, it would amaze me. And, of course, our sex life was never boring. I'd be racing home sometimes to see what she might come up with.
_____About a year ago, Dria wanted to try something new. She had warned me about it a particular morning as I got ready for work.
_____"When you come home, I want to play." She said, as she sat her vanity, sticking an array of glittered hair clips in her hair.
_____"And what are we playing tonight?" I asked her as I took some of the clips out of her hand and helped her put them in. I had seen her do that hairstyle quite a few times and knew how she liked it. Plus, she loved it when I played with her hair, so whenever I got a chance to touch it, I would.
_____"It's a surprise." I glanced at her reflection in the mirror and she winked at me. "Just don't be late." She added.
_____Well, I was late. An entire half hour. It was one of the worst days I had at the office. Anything that could have broken down did, and Carla was having a fit because she couldn't find some important documents for a meeting she was having the next day. After hunting the documents down-which ended up being in the trunk of her car-calling in technicians to fix our computers, and fielding massive calls that Carla was avoiding, I just wanted to erase everything that I could. Even my cell phone had died in mid-traffic so I couldn't even call Dria to let her know how late I was going to be.
_____By the time I got home, I found Dria sitting in on the sofa watching television and I almost dropped my briefcase. At the time, her hair was coal black, and she had parted it into two braids on either side of her head, and secured them with green ribbons. No make up-and at the time, that was a surprise for me-and she was sitting on the sofa, legs crossed Indian style, sucking on a lollipop. She was dressed in a short, green and black plaid, pleated skirt, matching vest, white button-down blouse, and a slim, plaid neck tie. She was even wearing white knee socks and patent leather black mary-janes. Classic school girl. I totally didn't know what to do, except to just stand there and take the whole image in.
_____She turned her face towards me, pulling the lollipop out of her mouth, and poutily said, "You're late. "
_____I was a little at loss for words, not sure of how to play my role. But instincts took over and I closed the door behind me, this time just dropping my briefcase on the floor near the door. "I'm sorry, honey, I got caught up at work."
_____She crossed her hands over her chest. "You didn't call. Mr. Bear and I were worried."
_____Mr. Bear? Beside her was a 3-foot tall black teddy bear. It was so huge, that sitting beside her, it made her look smaller and more vulnerable.
_____I swear, my clit throbbed.
_____"I'm sorry, baby." I slipped my jacket off my shoulders and quickly sat beside her. "My cell phone died. But I tried to hurry home as fast as I could."
_____She kept her arms crossed and the pout was now more prominent. "Daddy, I was scared."
_____A chill ran up my spine hearing what she said. I had girlfriends call me Daddy in the past, but it was usually meaningless, just something to scream out during sex. But hearing it from Dria triggered something in me and, damn, it made me want her even more.
_____"I'm sorry that you were scared, baby." I reached out and caressed her hair. "Is there anything that Daddy can do to make it all better?"
_____Her green eyes shifted towards me. "Not punish me."
_____Ok, now I was seriously confused. "Punish you for what?"
_____A note appeared out of nowhere, and she handed it to me. Still playing along, I opened the note, and had to hide my smile at what was supposed to a letter from the principal of a school. In the letter, the principal, Ms. Jackson, explained that Dria was caught smoking in the girls' bathroom and had been suspended for three days.
_____And then I caught onto the game she wanted to play. Bad girl that needed to be punished, and she wanted me to be the Daddy.
_____I loved it.
_____I got to my feet, ready to play as I pushed the note into my pants pocket. Then I turned on her.
_____"I'm very disappointed about this."
_____I could see her eyes light up at my acceptance at playing. But they changed quickly to keep in her role. "I'm sorry."
_____"Smoking of all things? You know you're too young to smoke. When you smoke, you're being a bad girl. Haven't I told you how I feel about you being disobedient?" I said, my mind half on the pack that was in the pocket of my jacket, remembering a similar conversation with my mother when she first found out I was smoking cigarettes.
_____She nodded somberly.
_____"What did I say?" I prompted, forcing more anger in my voice.
_____"That if I was bad again, you'll have to punish me." She said.
_____"And you know what kind of punishment you'll get won't you?" I asked her, hoping she'd help me figure out what kind.
_____Dria nodded again, catching on. "A spanking." She said it so softly I barely heard her.
_____"A what?" I asked harder.
_____"A spanking." She said more clearly.
_____Oh, fuck. I had always dreamed of spanking her and she knew it. Something about getting my hands on that ass just danced in my head for the longest time, but sometimes I wasn't sure how far she wanted to play. During lovemaking, I could get away with a few here and there, and she seemed to enjoy it. We could play our pretend games and be chill, but I always had a fascination with trying a little S&M, and had mentioned it to her in the past, but she had just winked at me, but never brought the subject up again.
_____And now this.
_____And I knew what to do. Just play it the way I wanted and if she had any objections she'd say the safeword we agreed on: heterosexual (It was the one word we were confident that we'd never accidentally say during role-playing).
_____"Stand up." I ordered.
_____She quickly got to her feet, head down, hands clasped before her. I took her arm, pulling her to the centre of the room, then I started to slowly walk around her, taking her in from all sides. I loved the outfit. She had mentioned going to Catholic school for a couple years when her mother was at her wit's end and tried to scare religion in her (obviously, it didn't work). And I had told her that it was a shame she didn't have any pictures of those days because it would have been cute to see her in the uniform. She had teasingly replied that almost everyone had that Catholic school girl fantasy, and I never denied it.
_____And it was coming true now.
_____I couldn't hold out anymore. "Stay right there." I said, then went to the kitchen and brought back a chair. I placed it near where she was standing, then sat down.
_____"Lay over my lap." I told her.
_____I could see her tremble as she turned to face me, before leaning over me, resting her hands on the floor, so that her middle was directly over my lap. I adjusted my legs so she was balanced, her skirt-covered ass up in the air.
_____No offense, but this was getting to me so much that my hands literally shook as I lifted the back of her skirt to find that she was wearing white cotton panties.
_____Get the fuck out of here, I thought. Even down to the littlest detail. My wife was just too good.
_____I calmed myself as I pulled the panties down to just below the swell of the ass I fell in love with. Dria had gained a few pounds since we had dated, and complained about it just about every day, but my ass could care less. The more the jelly, the hungrier I get, I'd always say.
_____But my eyes drank in both chocolate cheeks, as I let my hand glide over her skin for a moment, just relishing in the feel of it. One of the things that Dria loved about me was that I had large hands. She said she loved how her hands felt small in mine. I used to hate them, since women tended to have more slender hands than men, but she fawned over them so much that I ended up appreciating them myself. And right now, as I watched my hand inch along her flesh, I knew that my large hands would come in handy.
_____I let my hand roam over each cheek for a little while, warming it up. She kept jumping every once in a while, and I knew that she was anxious for me to start. But I wanted to draw it out as long as possible, just because I knew she was expecting it to happen.
_____I lifted my hand suddenly, feeling her tense up, but then gently placed it back on her ass, rubbing it again, and I could almost hear the disappointment in her mind. I quickly lifted my hand, again feeling her tense up, but I repeated my actions, just rubbing her ass. Inwardly, I laughed, knowing it was driving her crazy.
_____I did it a few more times, and the last two times, she didn't even tense up, just getting used to me teasing her. I lifted my hand one more time, letting it hover a few moments, before letting it drop on one cheek hard.
_____Dria cried out, her whole body tensing and I watched her clench her ass cheeks. I rubbed her ass for a few seconds, then lifted my hand a little higher before bringing it back down on her ass. She cried out again, gasping. I gave her two more slaps, before I rubbed her ass for a few moments, feeling how warm it was getting.
_____"Does that hurt?" I asked her.
_____"Yes!" She cried.
_____"You know you deserve it, don't you?"
_____I gave her ass a quick slap. "Yes, what?"
_____"Yes, Daddy." She corrected herself.
_____"Mmm, good, baby." I gave her ass three more slaps, each a little bit harder, hearing her cries and listening for her to say the safeword, but she didn't. I gave her some more slaps, excitingly watching her ass starting to turn red.
_____"You want me to stop?" I asked her.
_____"Yes, Daddy!"
_____"Have you learned your lesson?"
_____"Yes, Daddy!"
_____"I don't believe you." I gave her ass two more slaps.
_____"I did, I promise!" She cried. I could see a tear starting to roll down her cheek.
_____"I don't want to hear you doing this again." I told her. "Or next time it will be worse and I don't care how much it'll hurt you, understand?"
_____"Yes, Daddy."
_____I then slapped her ass again, this time the hardest, and she cried out so loud, I was afraid our neighbours would hear her. But I kept my role, sternly standing her up. As soon as my eyes saw her tear-stained face, I instinctively wanted to just pull her in my arms and apologize to her. But I could see the lust in her eyes as well and knew she had enjoyed every single moment of the spanking I had just given her.
_____"Now, you know Daddy hates to do that." I said softly. "But if you keep misbehaving, I have no choice."
_____"I know." She said guiltily, her eyes locking with mine, and I could feel how turned on she was.
_____"Now, come give Daddy a kiss." I told her.
_____She leaned forward and her soft lips met mine. I suddenly got to my feet, pulling her close to me. She let her arms circle my neck. I let my hands travel down to cup her ass, but got a better idea and just lifted her up. She immediately wrapped her long legs around my waist. I carried us down the hall to our bedroom, as she sucked on my neck, sinking her teeth into my skin. She was lucky that I had good stamina, cuz having her bite my neck was one of my weaknesses and I had to fight my knees that were threatening to buckle.
_____As soon as we entered the room, we fell onto the bed, pulling at each other's clothes.
_____"Did you like that, Kaye?" Her sultry voice asked in my ear.
_____"God damn, woman, you are fucking amazing." I said to her, unzipping her skirt and pulling it off her legs.
_____She giggled as she unbuckled my belt, teasingly pulling it from my pants. She held it up to her lips, kissing it gently.
_____"I hope I never have to earn this." She winked at me.
_____"You might if you don't behave." I told her.
_____She just gave it a long lick, before tossing it aside. It was moments like these that I seriously had to thank the gods for giving me the guts to talk to this woman.
_____We quickly finished undressing, and I immediately lifted Dria's legs up in the air, lowering my head. I already felt the heat before my lips even came in contact with her. As soon as she felt my tongue touch her clit, she wound her fingers around the ends of my braids, pulling my mouth more into her. I reached up, parting her lips and held them open, letting my mouth completely engulf her clit.
_____"Oh, Kaye, yes!" She gasped.
_____I let my tongue gently rub the tip of her clit, knowing that was the most sensitive spot to her, and it always made her cum fast. I wanted her to have a quick first cum, making her even wetter for what I had in mind.
_____"Kaye!" She cried. "No, baby, I'll cum too fast, don't."
_____But I ignored her, making my tongue press more into her clit, and I felt her tremble. She stopped her pleading, and took a tight hold onto my head, as I pushed her into an orgasm. She bucked her hips, tensing her legs, and her pussy became wetter as the juices seriously flowed. I let myself drink her for a little bit before I pulled my mouth away.
_____She lay there, panting as I climbed up till my face hovered above hers. I gave her a gentle kiss, letting her taste herself before I moved away, getting off the bed.
_____"No..." She said as she turned to face me.
_____"Stay on the bed, on your back, and close your eyes." I said harshly.
_____The look of surprise on her face flashed for only a moment before she did as I said.
_____I walked to the dresser, opening the top draw and took Ali out. Dria had bought me the strap a few years ago as a present. I had straps before, but this one was the one of the bests, a Vac-U-Lock, and it quickly became my best friend. And don't even think of asking me why I named it Ali.
_____I strapped myself up, then turned to look at her. Damn, she was beautiful. She was laying flat on her back, spread eagle, her large nipples erect, pussy just glistening. Damn it if I didn't want to just dive back in and devour her pussy some more. But my desire to fuck her was greater.
_____But first, my little pleasure. I got on the bed, laying beside her.
_____"Come and get it, baby." I said softly.
_____She quickly got to her knees, climbing between my outstretched legs, and took Ali in her hands. I watched her part her lips as she slowly swallowed it. I have no clue what it does to me, but watching a girl suck my strap was a big thing for me. People call it dick-envy, but I don't give a shit. Almost nothing looked more appetizing when you're getting ready for a fuck. Dria didn't even blink the first time that I had mentioned it to her. She had never done it before, but thought it was kinky as hell, and gladly tried it out. She was all for doing things that got me off. And she's loved doing it ever since.
_____I watched her lift her lips from Ali, then let her tongue snake out so I could see her give it a long lick from the base to the tip. I wound my hands around her hair, getting a good grip, and started to guide her as she gave it a tongue bath all over. She made sure to move Ali from side to side so I could get a clear view of every move her tongue made. I was almost to my breaking point, feeling my clit start to ache, also wanting Dria to give it the same attention. But unfortunately not tonight. I was planning on getting off differently.
_____I pulled her head up, moving her lips over Ali, then pulled it down, and she swallowed it again. I pulled her head up slightly, then back down again, and she caught on, starting to bob her head as she sucked on it. And I guess, for a split second, I was dick-envy at that point, watching Ali slide in and out, between those sexy lips. It would be amazing to actually be able to feel that.
_____I let her suck Ali for a few more minutes, before pushing her away.
_____"On all fours." I said to her.
_____I saw the grin on her face as she turned away from me, spreading her legs and pushing her ass in the air. I got to my knees, holding Ali, as I pushed into her. Dria groaned, pushing her ass back at me. I got my balance and took hold of her hips with both hands, then pulled back, till only the tip was inside her, then snapped my hips forward, shoving Ali back into her hard.
_____"Oh, God..." She hissed.
_____"You like that, baby?" I asked.
_____"God, yes."
_____I smirked, as I suddenly stopped. "Yes, what?"
_____She paused, uncertain, then I watched her literally tremble.
_____"Yes, Daddy." She said softly.
_____I gave her ass a hard slap. "What?"
_____"Yes, Daddy!" She cried out.
_____I grabbed her hips again as I started to fuck her. I looked down, watching Ali slide in and out of her, watching her ass jiggle with every thrust I made. I reached out with one hand, grabbing both of Dria's pigtails in one hand, pulling her head back, as I sped up my thrusts. I could hear her ass slapping back against me, drumming out a beat that only we could appreciate.
_____"Oh, fuck." She gasped, moving her hips with me. "Yes, Daddy, yes. Fuck me harder."
_____I was seriously ramming her pussy now, loving the sounds of her moans. I let go of her hair, put my hands on her waist and began pulling her against me, knowing I was forcing more of Ali inside of her. She bent her head down, burying her face into the pillow as she moaned even louder, this time more muffled because of the pillow. Dria was loud as shit during sex. She was not one for keeping anything to herself. If we weren't role-playing, she'd tell me how she liked it, how she wanted it, that I owned it, etc. But just hearing that sexy voice moan was enough for me.
_____I leaned forward, so she could feel my breasts on her back, as I reached around, my hand finding her swollen clit. With two fingers, I pulled on it gently, and she started gyrating her hips, and feeling her ass grind against me was almost too much. I knew I was going to cum soon if she kept that up.
_____"Oh, fucking yes." She panted. "Fuck your pussy, Daddy, give it to me."
_____I continued manipulating her clit, stopping my hips for a moment, to just rub it. She moaned loudly, spreading her legs more, so I'd have more access. I pulled Ali completely out of her, slipping two fingers in her, and I curved them so I was putting pressure on her walls.
_____"Yessss..." She groaned. "Daddy, you're gonna make me cum again. You want me to cum for you?"
_____"Cum for me baby." I told her, removing my hand, then roughly shoving Ali back into her, hearing her scream into the pillow. She started fucking me back harder, and like a beast, I somehow managed to find more strength to fuck her back even harder.
_____"Kaye, it's gonna cum." She warned me, and I could feel her legs start to shake as they always did when her orgasm was about to start. I closed my eyes, concentrating on getting her off before I did, but I felt my orgasm burst, and thankfully I felt Dria tense up as hers came as well. Dria was moaning so loud, I reached around, sliding a finger into her mouth to suck on. I came so fucking hard, my hips thrashing, that I felt like I must have been hurting her. I was still pumping her hard, riding her till her orgasm started to subside. Only a few times before were we so lucky that we could cum together like that, and when it did, it was always unforgettable.
_____When her body started to calm down, I slowly pulled out of her, then laid down, pulling her into my arms.
_____"You, alright?" I asked, still trying to catch my breath.
_____She nodded, drawing her knees up to her chest, her eyes closed, ready to fall asleep. I don't know who thought that only men fall asleep directly after sex, cuz Dria always took a nap afterwards.
_____But that night, watching her sleep, all I could think about was how much I enjoyed what we had just done. I must have stayed awake for almost an hour just thinking. Something had just sparked inside of me and I liked it.
_____After that night, we rarely did any other type of role-playing. We had found our path, and we just stuck with it. And as time went on, we grew more comfortable in our roles, and eventually it did spill out beyond our bedroom. The roles we created just fit our personalities so well, that it became part of us. Whenever I look at Dria, I'd see a strong, independent, confident woman who's vulnerable and I just wanted to protect her and love her. I love the fact that she depends on me emotionally. That she puts her ultimate trust in me and that she trusts that I know what's best for her. I love the idea of taking care of her and always being there for her. She's my little girl, and I love her completely. And I just became her Daddy. And I've loved it ever since.
_____So now, as I watched her parade in front of me, I thought back to that first night, and I just took her into my arms and gave her a gentle kiss.
_____"You've been a good girl for me today?" I asked.
_____She nodded, giving me a kiss on the nose. "Very good."
_____"You want to make Daddy happy, baby?" I asked her.
_____She knew what I wanted and just nodded again, before rushing into the bedroom and came back a few moments later with Ali in her hand. I undressed and she helped me strap up.
_____I gave her one more kiss. "Mmm, baby, you want it?"
_____"Yes, Daddy." She said.
_____"Come and get it." I told her, holding Ali in my hand.
_____And she winked at me, as she sank to her knees...


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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