Dedicated to the love of my life: Kanetha “Nikki” Rogers

_____It takes a minute to know somebody, an hour to like somebody, a day to fall in with somebody, and a lifetime to forget them.
_____I remember the day I met Kanetha. I was sitting down on a bench in the park in town and she walked past by me and stopped to look at me. I looked up from my book and noticed that she was staring just a little bit too hard. With me being the friendly person that I am, I flashed a smile then started a small conversation with her.
_____“Hello, is there something I can help you with?” I asked.
_____“Yes you can.” She replied.
_____“What would that be?”
_____“Can you tell me your name and about yourself?”
_____“Sure. My name is Jasmine, I like to read, write, sing, and chill at the park. Anything else you would like to know?
_____“Yes there is. Do you have a special someone?”
_____“Ummmmm, not at the moment.”
_____“Good, because I like what I see and I don’t want to be rude by trying to holla at a shorty that’s taken.”
_____“Oh really now?”
_____“Yes really.”
_____“Well what is your name and what do you like to do?”
_____“My name is Kanetha, I like to sing, play pool and basketball, and to meet new people.”
_____“Interesting enough for you to give me your number so I can call you to finish this conversation?”
_____“Hmmm, I guess so.”
_____Kanetha had me tripping all over myself. I didn’t know what to say. She was being bold as hell. She was charming, sweet, nice, and last but not least, fine as fine can be. She was 5’6, brown skin, brown eyes, succulent lips, nice athletic body figure, sexy slanted eyes when she smiles, and big cute dimples. I was impressed. Now on the regular, I wouldn’t have gave her the time of day, but something about her approach and that damn smile just made me vulnerable. It was like I was automatic when she asked me for my number.
_____I took out a piece of paper and pen, and jotted down my phone number and handed it to her. She took my number and told me she would call me ASAP. As she walked away, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Something about her struck something inside of me. Oh yes, I feel the beginning of something that’s gonna be very good. VERY GOOD.
_____I had just got in my house, kicked off my shoes, and flopped on my couch. I very rarely have the chance to relax since I’m always working and just chilling at home was good enough for me. I still had Kanetha on my mind. Her smile and eyes was trapped in my thoughts. Damn, I wish she would hurry up and call.
_____Ring, ring. I never jumped so high in my life. I dashed over to the caller ID to see who was calling. Praying that it would show Kanetha’s name. And to my surprise, it was her. I picked up the phone.“Hello.” I answered.
_____“By the way, you have a very sexy and sensual voice Jasmine.”
_____“Yes. Good, you remembered my name.”
_____How can I forget your name? I hope I’ll be screaming it, I thought. “Yes I did. How are you?”
_____“I’m doing fine. How about you?”
_____“I’m doing well.”
_____“That’s always good to hear.”
_____“Yes it is. Now, what is it that you want from me?”
_____“For now, to get to know you, then to love you.”
_____“Oh really?”
_____“Yes really. You like saying that a lot don’t you?”
_____“It’s a habit.”
_____“I understand. Just so you know, whatever I say, is true.”
_____We talked that whole night. We discussed about almost everything. From love life to what we want in the future. Not only was she charming, but I found out that she was smart and funny. She had me laughing almost the whole time. She had a great sense of humor. She graduated from college with a Nursing degree. She’s a CPN at a hospital about an hour away from here. She has a house and 2 cars. Kanetha had a lot going for her.
_____Three months passed by, we continued to talk to each other on the phone, meet up at the park, and have occasional dinners. I had grown so close to her that my feelings for her had gotten very intense. It wasn’t a sexual feeling, more of a “love’ feeling. Not saying that I didn’t want to have sex with her, but sex was far from my mind. I wanted to love Kanetha and to give her my all. But the time wasn’t right for me to just come out and tell her how I felt. So that I’ll know for sure, she’s gonna have say something first.
_____She called me one morning and asked if I had any plans for that night. Of course, I didn’t. So she insisted that I meet her at her place. She said she had a surprise for me. My mind was racing on what kind of surprise she has for me. Let me be the first to say that anticipation is a bitch! As soon as it was a quarter till 7, I got in my car and headed to Kanetha’s house.
_____When I arrived, she opened the door and she was all smiles. “Hey love!” she said.
_____“Hey Kanetha, how are you feeling?”
_____“I’m feeling fine, now that you’re here.”
_____“You’re too sweet. Ok, so where is my surprise?”
_____“Impatient are we? Do you want it now or later?”
_____“Hmm let me think…NOW!”
_____“Yes ma’am, I’ll be right back. Just have a seat in the living room.”
_____“Ok.” I went into the living room and sat down. I turned on the t.v. and watched Brandy’s new video “Have You Ever.” I watched the whole video and Kanetha haven’t come out the backroom yet. My curiosity was sparked, but I wasn’t rude. So I called out her name, and she said she’ll be in there in a minute. A few minutes later she came out with a big box with holes in it.
_____“Kanetha, what did you get me?”
_____“I noticed a long time ago that you like puppies, so I bought you a puppy.”
_____“Awwww!! You shouldn’t have! I don’t know what to say?”
_____“Well, do you wanna see her first silly?”
_____We laugh. “Yes, open the box. Oh Kanetha, she’s so adorable. It’s a little golden retriever. You are too sweet. Thank you sooo very much.”
_____“No problem, I like doing things for you. Can you think of a name for her?”
_____“ about Bob?”
_____“Oh hell naw!!”
_____“Ok ok ok….oh I got one! What about Destiny?”
_____“Yes, I like that one better.”
_____“Yes really. Jasmine, I have another surprise for you.”
_____“What this time? A kitten too?”
_____“Nope, something a little bit better.”
_____“What is it?”
_____“Close your eyes.”
_____“Do you trust me?”
_____“Yes, but I’m wondering why I have to close my eyes.”
_____“Just close them and you’ll see.”
_____I closed my eyes and I guess she didn’t want me to peek, because she got a blind fold. She grabbed my hand and I followed her to wherever it is that we were going. All I know is that I was in another room, I smelled vanilla, and this room was warmer than the rest of the house. Once again, my curiosity was sparked.
_____“Kanetha, where are we?”
_____“Shhhh….sit down right here.”
_____I sat down on a bed and my heart was thumping out my chest. I was so nervous to what Kanetha had up her sleeve. All of the sudden, I heard Maxwell’s soothing voice come through the room. I felt myself becoming more relaxed. Then I felt Kanetha’s body in front of me. She asked me was I ready and I said yes. She removed the blind fold and my mouth dropped.
_____She had the room lit up with candles everywhere, rose petals on the bed and on the floor, champagne by the bed. I was so shocked. I looked up at Kanetha. She was standing there smiling with a rose in her hand.
_____“You like?”
_____“I love. What is all this for?”
_____“I told you when we first met, that I wanted to get to know you first, then love you. Well I know you well enough to feel and to say, 'Jasmine, I love you.' You’re everything I want in a woman. I noticed that the second I saw you at the park. All I want to do is to love you, cherish you, hold you, kiss you, caress you, and be with you.”
_____“Oh my God. Kanetha, do you know how long I have waited for you to say those words. To be honest, I feel the same way. As I got to know you, I fell for you. I just couldn’t say anything because I thought that your feelings have changed, since we became friends first.”
_____“So will you have me in your life Jasmine?”
_____“Yes Kanetha. I would love to have you in my life.”
_____She bent over in front of me and we shared our first kiss. Her lips felt so soft, I wanted more. She placed the rose on my lips and traced my lips with it. I stood up and she wrapped her arms around me and this kiss was just a little bit more passionate. We undressed each other and lay on the bed together kissing. My body must have been trembling uncontrollably because she looked into my eyes and told me to relax. I was relaxed, I was just happy. With every kiss that she planted on my body, my heart was singing the melody of love out loud.
_____She placed one hand on my left breast and sucked my nipple into her warm mouth. I gasp as her tongue flicked over my erect nipple. Every touch she made set my body on fire. She slowly moved out to my right breast and sucked on my nipple even harder than the other one. I let out a soft moan as she gently pulled on my nipple with her teeth. She came back up and kissed me gently, and then she began to nibble on my ear and started kissing and biting my neck. I dug my nails deep in back the harder she bit my neck.
_____My pussy was extremely wet at this moment. She made her way down to my stomach, sat up a lil bit, and spread my legs. She smiled at the sight of my wetness. She hovered her mouth over my pussy and begins to tease it. She softly blew on my clit, making my body jolt. I felt the tip of her tongue give my clit one slow long lick and my back arched. I started to bite my bottom lips. She felt so good.
_____“Do you want more Jasmine?” she asked.
_____“Yes baby, I want more. Please don’t stop.” I said panting.
_____With that said, she sped up her pace on my tongue and my mind, body, and soul went wild. Kanetha then sucked my clit into her mouth and was sucking as hard as she could. My moans were getting louder the harder she sucked and the faster she licked. She then slid her tongue deep inside me, making me grip the sheets and push my pussy closer to her face. I wanted her tongue deep inside me. She slowly slid her tongue out my pussy, then darted her tongue back in. I began humping her face, knowing that all my juices were all over her face.
_____“Mmmm Kanetha….you feel so good! Don’t stop baby, I feel it. Oooh baby I feel it. I’m gonna cum for you..Mmmmm damn!”
_____“No, no. Don’t cum for me yet ma. I’m not done.”
_____She placed her hand on my clit and held it, forcing me not to cum. She told me to lie on my stomach and that she’ll be right back. I obeyed. When she returned, she got on the bed and grabbed my waist, pulling my ass in the air. She kissed my back then began to rub it. Then I felt the head of her strap insert me. She slowly entered 5 inches of her strap inside me, and then she gave me one hard thrust, shoving all 10 inches of it inside me. I yelped out loud. She began fucking me harder and faster, making me whimper and moan out loud. So loud I thought her neighbors would complain of the noise.
_____“Ooooh shit Kanetha! Oh! Oh! Damn, don’t stop, please don’t stop. Fuck me harder baby. Oh yeahhh…mmmmmmm….oh shit Kanetha I’m cummmmming!”
_____“Yeah, that’s it. Cum for papi Jasmine. Cum for me.” She demanded.
_____I begin to feel chills come over my body as I was about to cum. She then reached in front of me and begin to rub on my clit, making me cum instantly. But Kanetha didn’t stop. She flipped me over, put my knees to my chest and held my legs in place so that I couldn’t move, and then rammed all of her inside me. She pumped me harder and faster before. Then she slowed down her pace.
_____“Jasmine, I love you, I want you, I need you.” She said panting.
_____“I love you too baby.” I said breathless.
_____I felt my body begin to shake, making me cum again. She laid on top of me, releasing my legs, and kissing me. We laid in each other arms and fell asleep. That morning, I woke up and rolled over and saw that Kanetha was deep into a sleep. I smiled, got out of the bed and went to a drawer to find something to put on. I found a long back shirt and I had put it on. I had gone to her full body length window and watched the sunrise. I felt Kanetha’s presence behind me. She wrapped her arms around me and kisses my neck and shoulders.
_____“Good morning love.” She said.
_____“Morning baby.”
_____“Is there anything wrong?”
_____“No, I just wanted to watch the sunrise. I never have the chance or time to see it. So I’m taking time out now.”
_____“Lovely view, isn’t it?”
_____“Yes indeed.”
_____We stood there watching the sunrise, with her holding me. It’s a miracle and a blessing to have Kanetha in my life. We have been together for 5 years and our feelings for each other have not changed. We’re expecting our second child together and life seems wonderful to me now, for I have found the love of my life, for eternity and beyond.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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