Friday Morning- 11A

I had finished most of my work, and still had too much time on my hands.....My boss had left the office for a meeting and wouldn't be back for about an hour, so I made myself a cup of coffee, sat down at my desk, and linked up to my favorite website-kuma2?. I scanned the literature, saving my favorite part (the stories) for last. Many poems about love, etc, all that mushy stuff until finally I settled in on the stories, speed-reading them just in case my boss came back early.

Alluring words jumped out at me from the screen; "soft", "tease", "whisper", "kiss", (I leaned in closer to my computer, my finger on the mouse to close the page just in case someone came by) "boxers", "hard", my breathing began to get a little labored..... Stopping myself, I shut my computer down, shakin my head, "mm mm mmm" I thought to myself, "you know you don't need to be readin that mess at work"..... I got up from my desk and began walking around the office, finishing up minor stuff, trying to ignore that too-familiar warm feeling that was spreading from between my legs and up to my heart. I answered a few messages, filed away some stray papers, and sat down again, anxiously tapping my fingers, remembering the words I read earlier... I glanced at the clock, "damn". It was only 12:00p and I had four more long hours to go. Just then the phone rang, startling me, hello?, it was just my boss, saying he was running late and to extend his 1:30p mtg to 2:30p. "Sure" I replied, hanging up and making the call. After I finished, I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply, still trying to ignore the erotic words flashing behind my eyelids. Wishing I had someone to call, I sighed. A year before I had lost what I felt was my own true love, and hadn't been able to open myself up to another woman since then. Shaking my head again, I stood up and headed for the bathroom, intending to splash my face with water, and get back to work.

Stepping into the bathroom, I closed my eyes again, just for a sec and took a deep breath...................

"Mmmmmm, don't.....move" My body recognizes that voice even before my mind registers and suddenly I imagine your face before me.....

I know I'm here alone, but damn why am I smelling your cologne all of a sudden? My mind's reasoning warns me about work, but my body begins to relax into this daydream. "Just for a little while" I tell myself:

"Yes, that's it girl, give in to me", and I'm feeling your fingers slide slowly up my arms, I can feel your breath on my cheek as you slowly materialize into my dream-reality.. You chuckle at the goosebumps that rise on my skin from your light touch...............Lord in heaven, I think to myself as I open my eyes finally- it's as if you never left. Your beautiful eyes pierce me, hold me still, my breath catches in my throat. You are as beautiful as the first time I ever laid eyes on you, and I am speechless, unable to breathe from the thought of you being so close to me again. "Honey, it's been so long-" I try to say, but my voice breaks, tears form at my eyes and you envelope me into your strong arms, "Shhhh" you say. You reach up with one hand to dry my tears and you press your lips into mine and I am overcome with emotion. The past year of pain, of losing you fades away and all there ever exists in the world is the feel of your tongue slipping into my mouth and I can taste the sweet of you.......

"Hmmm Ahhh" Your lips release me and I dip my head back as you trail soft, slow kisses one by one down my "yes" there.....and "oh" on my collarbone......and you kneel and without warning, bite my nipple through my shirt. "mmm" I gasp as the pain/pleasure feeling seeps down all the way to my toes. You wrap your free arm around my waist and hold me steady as I arch toward you, your tongue wetting my shirt as you lick and bite around my nipple, then slightly open my shirt and began kissing me everywhere but there, teasing me. In reality, my nipple stiffens, remembering the feel of your teeth on my skin, and I allow myself a low moan. This illusion is taking over me and I bring my hands down to my stomach as:

You step back a little and drink me in with your eyes, I take a breath in "hold it" you growl, and I do. "Damn, girl" you inhale and reach out with one hand to me. My eyes follow your hand as you trace a pattern from my collarbone, down the middle of my chest, unbuttoning the rest of my shirt, sliding in around my waist as you pull me closer to you and I sigh, revelling in the feeling of being wrapped up in your arms again. I take a deep breath in, remembering/reliving the smell of you as you nibble on my ear, my neck, kissing me all over, sliding your hands down, and lifting my thigh so that my leg rests on the toilet seat, slipping your hand underneath my skirt-I am grateful I don't wear panties-and:

My fingers slide deep into me, remembering the feel of your strong hands and I almost come I'm so wet, my entire body is hot, desire piercing it's way into my skin, my breathing is heavy as I recall the way you would lift me up and place me around your waist, plunging into me, I close my eyes again:

You are fucking me now with your fingers, excruciatingly slow, I can feel every inch of those fingers as they slide in and out of me and I wrap my arms around your shoulders, holding on as you began to speed up just a little. You are whispering in my ear, knowing it turns me on soooo much, "mmmm, pretty girl, yes, move for me girl, let me fuck you pretty girl" I can't stop my hips as they grind into your hand, you are moving faster now, and I can feel it rising and rising and you kiss me to stop the screaming as you drive your fingers into me and I'm cumming all over your hand and down my leg and suddendly I'm filled with the NEED to touch you and I grab onto your hand, releasing you from that place you love to be with a smile. You groan, not yet satisfied, though you know what's coming next, "mmm, ready for me now, baby?" I ask, pushing you back and stepping around you. You're taken off guard as I push you hard up against the door, grinding my hips into your tight ass, you moan. You love being taken over by me as much as I love being taken by you. "Mmm," I moan into the back of your neck, biting and kissing the top of your spine, I reach my hands around your waist and grab the hard part of you that's resting inside your pants "You'd love to fuck me with that, wouldn't you?" I ask, your moan is answer enough for me. "Not yet, baby" I press your hips back into me and almost come again from the feeling of your ass so tight against my pussy.

Slowly, my hands undo your jeans, slipping past that hard part of you to that softness I love, I slip my fingers right in, knowing you are ready for me, "mmm, let me fuck you now, pretty girl" I say, "Don't move, or make a sound" I kiss across your shoulders, dipping my fingers in and out, teasing you just as you teased me, your legs begin to shake a little, I stop. "mm" escapes from your lips, and I remove my fingers, making you wait, my fingertips tracing the hair on your pussy like a breeze, "mm, baby please" you say, I love when you beg. Instead of obliging you, I lift your shirt up and lower myself, kissing all the way down your spine until I'm at the top of your pants, and I'm biting and nibbling all over your back. "Turn around," and you do, looking down at me, I lick and kiss your stomach, pulling your pants down, kissing that hard part of you I love so much, I take you in for a minute, you groan, loving the sight of me sucking on your favorite toy. I take it off, though, I'm thirsty for something even tastier and I spread your lips wide open and lick you from the bottom to the top slowly "unnh" your reaction is strong and you grip my shoulders. I wait:

I sit on the toilet seat and spread my legs wide open, I can't stop this heat rising in my body, I am overcome with need and my fingers dip in and out of my pussy, slide up to my clit, and back inside. All around me are the sounds in my head, the memory of your voice, the memory of your smell, I can hear you whispering to me:

"mmm, yes baby, suck it" and I take your clit in my mouth, sucking and licking, I run my hands up your body, needing to touch you everywhere all at once as I drink you in, you taste so fuckin good to me. You run your fingers through my hair, and I can feel it down to my toes,,, My tongue moves faster now, licking your clit, then dipping inside of you, one hand holds onto your waist and you are standing with your feet apart and there is nowhere else in the world I'd rather be. I slip my fingers inside of you as I'm sucking on your clit your hips start to rock with the up and down movement of my tongue and I flick faster and faster, I can taste/feel the heat rising in your body and you grip my head and grind into my face and suddenly you EXPLODE and I'm kissing you and rubbing my face there. You pull me back your hands still in my hair:

"Turn around, NOW" you growl and I do, still on my knees. I hear the rustle of you picking up your toy and you push me down/flip my skirt up and slide your fingers into me "Ahhh" it feels so good I want to cry from the pleasure. A moment's hesitation and then I feel you at my entrance, just waiting there. "Don't move" you say, and I want to move so bad, I can feel it teasing up and down my pussy, all I'd have to do is push back a little and you'd be inside me. "Oooooh" I groan, desire making me lightheaded, the suspense is killing me, and you stay calm, tracing circles with your toy on my pussy, slipping it in just a little then back out again. "Oh, please please baby!" I'd do anything to feel you inside me and without warning you slip all the way in and hold your hips right up against my ass and I am impaled on you, it's been such a long time, I almost pass out from relief, but before I can fully enjoy it you slip out again, I almost protest, but you push back in a little faster this time "Oh My God, yesss" and you begin fucking me, you know I love it this way. You alternate, slow and fast, driving me insane and suddenly you stop, pushing all the way inside me and staying there, you reach your arms out and trail your nails down my back, "ohn, yes, baby" then I feel your teeth on my skin as you nibble everywhere, still inside me..............

Outside of my daydream I hear the phone ring "DAMN!" I shudder, pulling myself together, washing my hands and running out to my desk just as it stops ringing. I rub my eyes a little and look up at the time "oh shit" it's 4 o'clock, my boss should be back any minute. I fix my makeup and hair, straighten my skirt and sit down in front of my computer just as my boss walks in the door, "Hey, any messages?" he asks, "No" I say, "It's been pretty quiet today". He goes into his office and begins working. I sigh to myself, wishing my little "experience" could have been more than just an illusion..........


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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