Nubia aka Gemifem

I had fallen slam in love with her from the jump. She said it was love at first type, cuz we had met on the internet. At first I was skeptical, because of all that I had heard about internet hookups and the girl saying she look like Janet Jackson, and actually looking like Michael. And I wasn't having that. But I just couldn't resist her as we talked day in and day out about everything under the sun. But mostly played cat and mouse mind games because we were both stimulated by intellect.

Pretty soon the late night chats turned into early morning phone calls, and "I was just thinking about you"-s. We began to talk seriously about being together and talk of permanence began to leak into our conversations. The funny thing was I hadn't met her yet. I found myself thinking about her constantly and we finally made our relationship "official."

"Now I know we haven't met yet Nita, but I can't see myself with anyone but you. Really. And I just want to be with you. forever, really." Chase said one day over the phone.

I was stunned because I had been feeling the same way and didn't know what to do. Something was bothering me about it though. It was the fact that I lived in Georgia, and she was in Michigan and everyone knows, though physicality isn't of utmost importance... it added certain dimensions to a relationship such as ours. She had seen pictures of me but she herself didn't have any online. But I decided that I had to get with it.

"You know what Chase; I've been thinking the same thing and although the distance and the fact we've never met bother me somewhat. I can't ignore what I feel. I want to be with you too." I breathed a sigh of relief. Wow. Who would've known that that would feel so good? But hey- The truth shall set you free.

The next few months that followed were hard because Chase was sent away to Kuwait with the army. She was due to come home in 6 months which would mean she would be in the states for her birthday and that's when we were due to meet. We had already set up the time, the place everything. See, my birthday was 2 months before hers and I was planning on spending my birthday in this nice little club with her and dinner and then my place and loving later. But since she wouldn't be there I was going with my best friend Leena. Same date, time, place, everything- minus the loving.

This spot was a restaurant/bar/club and it was known to be quite lively around this time of year- summer time. Leena and I arrived at the restaurant around 8 and sat down at the quite little booth in the corner. From the moment we walked in the club, this sexy caramel sistah was eyeing me. She was about 5'8", short chin length dreads, and a smile that would kill. Her honey eyes watched me as I walked to the table behind Leena and she flashed me a million dollar smile then turned back to the bar.

We sat down. "Leena, girl did you see that shit?" I asked flabbergasted. "Nita, what the fuck is you talking about?" Leena said nonchalantly. "That woman over there. The one in the black slacks, with the Stacy Adam's on?" Okay, I was checking her out too. She had on a cream dress shirt with tan flecks and a tan belt with matching Stacy Adam's dress shoes. Not only was she fine but she had style. Damn.

"Oh damn girl. She is fine ain't she?" Leena said staring at the woman as she began to rise from her seat at the bar. We watched her disappear around the corner into the club.

"Homie, she was given me the eye for real." I said. Then my mind flashed back to Chase. "But I can't even go there. I love my baby."

Leena looked at me disgusted and said, "Girl fucks all that. She in Iraq and shit. You better hop on that." She sipped at her drink and rolled her eyes. "And you are looking all good and shit. Ha! Let it have been me." I looked down at myself. I did look good tonight. I was about 5' 4" with chocolate brown skin and almond shaped eyes that were hinted with the slightest shade of gray. I had traded in my once shoulder length tresses for a short Jada doo and it fit me so well. But as soon as I let my mind drift away to this strange woman, my cell phone began to ring. It was Chase. "Hey baby." She said softly into the receiver. DAMN!

"Hi honey how are you?" I asked.

"I should be asking you momma. Happy Birthday." She said. "You miss me."

"Thank you. And yes, more than ever." I said.

"Well I don't want to keep you and Leena from celebrating. Just make sure you stay safe and call me in the morning. I'll make this up to you."

"Okay baby, I will." I sighed heavily.

"I love you Nita, Happy 25th." She said sweetly.

"I love you too Chase baby." I hung up the phone and looked at Leena.

"Awww shit, I know who that was." She said.

"Uh huh.." I replied and began eating. Dinner went well and Leena turned to me as she picked up the check.

"Yo, are you trying to go to the other side and dance a little?"

"Oh, okay." I replied. But I wasn't very enthusiastic. My mind was being torn between Chase and the woman I had just seen. But how could someone that I had just seen let alone never talked to make me question feelings about a love that I knew was real? I tried to figure it out, but all I noticed were the vibes and butterflies I got when she had smiled at me.

We left the restaurant and went into the club, which was packed nicely with it's fair share of lesbians, femme and stud alike. Leena and I took a spot in the middle of the floor and began to dance with each other as we normally do (you know to cause a scene.) I was dancing with Nita when I was taped lightly on the shoulder.

I turned around to see ole girl from the bar standing there looking at me longingly and the butterflies were released into my stomach. She took my hand and began dancing with me. She was so smooth, and I could hardly keep up because my knees were becoming weak just from her touch. During our dance I turned around to look for Leena but she was nowhere in sight. Probably off in a corner with some girl I thought.

I danced with this mysterious woman for about three songs and then she took my hand and began to lead me outside. My mind raced, how could I leave Leena and how could I do this to Chase? Who was this woman? She could be psycho. But I followed her. We got into her car, she began to drive and I began to protest.

"Wait, I can't do this. I'm in love and I'm happy and I don't know you." She looked at me and flashed that smile.

"It's okay." She said softly and kept driving. And that was the last of my protests.

We pulled up to the Grande Mark hotel. I glanced at her and she smiled as she hopped out of the car. She walked around the car and opened my door. I hesitated but got out and followed her inside to room 312. She walked inside and headed straight for the bedroom. I could tell she had been staying here for at least the weekend because the room, which was setup like a small luxury apartment with everything but a kitchen, looked lived in.

Pretty soon I heard soft music escaping from the French doors that closed in the bedroom area. I followed the music to the dimly rent room and was met by a kiss that made my toes curl and pussy drip. I moaned as she ran her hands over my butt and then under my dress. I moaned louder because I was already feeling weak just from her touch. There was almost a moment of familiarity that was subdued when she lifted me from my feet and put me on the bed.

She began undressing me, like a child as I sat on the bed and watched her well toned arms flex and bend. She only had on a wife beater and those slacks and still looked good as she had at that bar. When I was fully undressed she began to kiss my neck and rub my breasts whose nipples rose in anticipation. The electricity that was exchanged between us was incredible. I mean for real. We could have started a fire simply from the vibes being exchanged.

As she catered to my stomach with her tongue she let her fingers explore. They touched every inch of my skin and left their electric shock on my skin. She began to make her way lower into my pussy, which was now wetter than ever and dripping down my backside. She slowly ran two fingers over my slit upward to my clit and applied pressure to it as she used her tongue to probe my insides. I moaned slowly and pulled at her dreads trying to force more of myself into her mouth. Her hands moved under my ass and began to knead it slowly causing the orgasm holding that I WAS doing so easily before to become the hardest thing I've ever tried in my life. She released soft kisses on my warm clit and I began to moan louder.

I didn't know what it was, but something about her touch made me want to cry and I almost couldn't take the oncoming pleasure. I tried harder to hold it as I watched her unbutton her pants and pull from them a strap. She leaned down and kissed me slowly, almost lovingly and slid the strap inside slowly.

I moaned and shuddered softly as I tried to resist coming. Soon the soft, slow strokes became hard, fast pumps and my moans that were suppressed became loud cries of pleasure. I tugged at her dreads as tears streamed down my cheeks. I couldn't understand why this moment was so memorable. I was about to reach my peak and my mind flashed back to Chase. I cried harder and as I came whispered her name half to myself and half loud enough to be heard. The woman stopped as she climaxed and I looked up to see that she was crying too.

By now I was thoroughly confused but reached out to hold her. We lied there for a while when finally she spoke.

"I'm so in love with you." She said softly.

My mind raced what the hell? I tried to answer but the words wouldn't come because I felt the same way.

"And, I'm happy that I got to spend your birthday with you Nita. I told you I'd make it all up to you baby. I told you."

OH MY GOD! I leaned back and looked at this beautiful woman who lies beside me crying and realized that she was mine. My Chase, my baby. I began to cry uncontrollably as she held me close to her.

"Happy Birthday Nita, I love you."

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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