_____There she was across the room radiating sexuality, her lips full and tantalizing, her eyes beautiful and rare as black diamonds and she looked up and smiled, a smile just for me. She doesnt know I want her, long to touch her, to make her feel what I know she deserves to feel.
_____As she gathers her things out of our class for the day.I hurry over to her before shes out of the room and into the night." 'Rita," I call to her she turns around,and slows down so I can walk her to her car, again I invite her to coffee and of course she refuses. But still delighted to be in her presence, I float to her car. Just walking beside her gives me that familiar tingle in the depths of my belly.
_____"Well, I'll see you next week?" I ask, kind of too eager.
_____She giggles, that heavenly sound, and replies "of course you will, silly." She hugs me goodbye and her perfume stimulates my already alive senses.
_____I dont know how I get to my car, but alas, I am there before I realize it. In the car I BELONG TO YOU by Rome is playing and all I can see is her face. I walk in the house, and to greet me is Lala. Though our relationship is over we continue to coexist in the same place and occasionally we share an evening of passion.
_____Tonight was like most Wed. nights I am so turned on by feverish fantasies of 'Rita that when i walk in I go to Lala and gently run my fingers over her skin as if i hadnt done this a million time before, and she sighs that sigh of anticipation for she know what is to come. I pull her thin body close and try my damndest to imagine it is the fullness of 'Rita's body.
_____I start to kiss her neck as if I am doing this for the first time pressing her body firmly to mine allowing her to feal my heat rising from that secret place that I allow no one to really know. I slowly kiss, lick and suck down her body.Taking special care to ignore the very center of Lala. Kissing her pelvis and down and around her warm thighs kissing all the way down to the balls of her feet and carefully taking each toe into my mouth. Exploring and teasing all the way to her overflowing sweetness.
_____I listen to Lala 's muffled moans and slow down so that her body can adjust to the pace at which I am going. I finally after a moment of listening to her tell me what she wants and inhaling her intoxicating scent. I taste her, I start slow at first, then slowly switching between fast and slow. Alowing my own body to fill up with that agonizingly sweet build up that is begging for release. "OH MY! Sita!" I hear her call and that is just what I needed to slip beyond my own edge of ecstacy.
_____And I attempt to clean off Lala as her liquid over powers me.She pulls me up to her face and snuggles in real close and I grab Lala and look at her for the first time and realize once again to my chagrin that it was not 'Rita that I just made love to, it was only Lala.
_____But I pulled her close any how and sighed and thought to myself, well, maybey next week.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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