I was never the romance novel type female, but the first time I saw Dani I knew that it was love at first sight. I’d spotted Dani a few weeks earlier at the b-ball courts which I tried to avoid lately , since it was the one place my psycho ex loved to visit. But the day that I knew that she would be mine is unforgettable. It was one of those hot Georgia summer days, you know the kinda hot that just made you wanna strip and find a cool place in the shade and just stay there. But, no matter how hot it was, it was one guarantee, that you could count on the park to be full as well as the b-ball courts, with the guys running the west courts and the girls taking over the south courts.

As usual I was there with my crew. Some of the coolest, most down to earth chicks in our town. Wherever we went, we all went. There was my girl Kee, who I met at Freshman orientation, Ms. I am all that grass roots type of lesbian lovin sistah, who didn’t take shit from anybody, and was not afraid to tell you how she felt no matter the outcome, so you can say we pretty much stayed involved in some drama with the other females around town. Then there was my girl, Sasha, Ms. I am strictly dickly but I be at all the lesbian spots every chance I can get there. But, Sasha and I went back to kindergarten so it was only natural that we stayed tight, she was the one that convinced me to come out to my family, and not once did she turn her back on me, even when all the other girls at school did.

Last but not least, I must introduce myself, Samara, Ms. Look at me world Imma Lesbian 100% Femme and proud of it. I think my family knew all along, when i finally told them my mom came straight out and told me that she knew, my Dad was a little hesitant at first but he came around, after all I am his only daughter and his little princess, my brothers kinda flipped but hey they love me so they soon got over it and accepted the fact. So, it was a given that when you saw one of us the other two was somewhere close by.

“Yo, Samara there’s Dani with her sexy ass, won’t you go over and hollah at her.”

“Shut up Kee, I ain’t tryin to be out here fighting no body, cuz it’s prolly like three more hoes out her tryin to hollah at her and you know what that means, shit, I just got my nails done, I ain’t trying to be out here breaking none. And besides Jay is here and I ain’t tryin to piss her off today.”

“Why you care, hell y`all ain’t together anymore.”

“I know that Sasha but I ain’t tryin to disrespect her, I still and always will love her and it’s only been a month, and I did break it off with her and I don’t wanna hurt her.”

“You needed to break it off, hell girlfriend was mad crazy, especially that last time when she grabbed you up at the mall, we thought your brother was gonna kill her, but Samara look, all I am saying is, if it was me, and I wanted her you know what Kee gonna do, Kee gonna go over there and get her, it’s ok if you scared man, just let us know.”

“Whateva, Kee, we know u don’t want her cuz she ain’t spiritual enough or natural enough for you...”

But before I could finish my sentence Talecia or as she’s known, Tags, Dani’s home girl made a horrible ass pass throwing the ball up into the stands and naturally it had to land in none other than yours truly lap, causing Dani to run over to get the ball, and making my heart skip a beat.

“Hey Lil mama pass the ball back, unless you scared to ruin them nails.”

I had to shut her up and throw the ball back, don’t get a sistah wrong, I am femme, but when it came to sports, hell I was good at whateva I played and that included basketball. Besides I had to show her a Lil of my hidden talents, cuz before summer ended she would know more.

“Damn, nice pass.”

And with that she was back on the court, and I had to listen at Kee and Sasha all day talkin bout how it was fate that the ball landed in my lap, and that it just so happened that Dani came to get the ball back. I saw Jay watching me, so I knew that would be an argument if i didn’t leave the park before she got to me. Don’t get me wrong I still loved her but I just couldn’t deal with her jealous ass temper. I fought for two years to get her to change, cuz the first year into our relationship she was perfect but one day girlfriend did a 360 on me, she became all possessive, not wanting me to go places, and trying to pick my clothes. The day we broke up she saw me at the mall with my study partner, and instead of asking who she was, she took it upon herself to try and rough me up at the damn mall. That was when I knew I had to let her go. But, I knew no matter what, she still loved me and wanted me back. From that one lil brief conversation she would swear that I was fucking Dani already. Yeah I said already. I wanted Dani, so I knew I’d have her. The remainder of the day zoomed by, Dani’s team won, like always, they whooped everyone’s ass, including Jay’s team, so I knew she would be extra pissed. I grabbed Sasha and Kee, “Let’s go, hell before Jay comes over here, and we need to go and get dressed, so we can hit Reggie’s.”

Now let me tell you, Reggie’s was the place where everyone hung out, straight, gay, lesbian, it didn’t matter, if you wanted to be seen and meet people it was the place to be on a Friday and Saturday nights, and it was the one place Jay hated, cuz her step dad owned it, and she hated his guts, so I could always go there and have a good time without worrying about her watching me or accusing me of doing something or someone.

So, a few hours later when we walked in, the place was already jumpin, and like always Dani was there with her peoples. I guess I need to take a minute and tell y`all what it was about Dani that had just about every girl chasin her, gay , straight and those in the closet chicks. Home girl stood about 6'0", 190 lbs. of pure muscle, the softest caramel skin, brown shoulder length hair that was never out of place, and she always looked like she was modeling for some top designer. But, I think the one thing that caught your attention, and could steal your breadth was her eyes, they were light hazel with little specks of gold (naturally hers), and she had this way of looking at you like she was looking at your soul.

“Ladies, I’ll be back I gotta hit the ladies room, find us a table if there are any, and get me a sprite.”
“Ok,” they both chimed in unison.

“Dani where you going nigga in such a hurry.”

“Shut up Tags, I think I just saw my future wifey go to the restroom, get me something to drink, I’ll be back.’

No matter what, it was my ritual to always hit the ladies room to make sure everything was in place, cuz my momma always told me, a lady checks her shit to make sure its tight. Sasha and Kee hated it, cuz they always wanted to hit the bar and dance floor. But, that was my thing to go and check make sure everything was still fresh, and that is what I was doing when Dani walked in.

“You don’t have to worry you looking good Ma, every things in place.”

“You think so, or are you just being nice.”

“No trust me, from where I am standing it is all good.”

“Well thanks Dani...”

“Oh so, you know my name, well why is it that I don’t know yours.”

“Could it be cuz you never asked.”

With that comment I walked out leaving her about to say something. I had to get away from that smile, because if I stayed there looking at those lips, this story might have ended with me tellin of how I got my groove on in the bathroom, and we know that would not have been a bad thing, but not a good thing either. So, I went to find Kee and Sasha and to party, hell we had two weeks before classes started back, I was fresh out of a three year relationship, and ready to party. And that I did for the next 4 hours. Sistahs, if you plan on getting your dance on, leave the stilettos at home, after dancing like crazy my feet were killing me, and I was ready to go home and soak, but naturally Kee and Sasha wanted to stay until they closed and sometimes Reggie’s didn’t close until 5, so since I left my car at home, I either had to stay or catch a cab. So, I decided to head out, I went over and told them goodnight. The good thing about Reggie he made sure there were plenty of cabs out front, for those having to much to drink on the inside. As I was about to walk out when I heard someone call my name, and to my surprise when I turned around it was Dani, smiling looking sexy as hell.

“So, you figured out my name, huh. Well I am impressed.

“I make it a point to find out things I wanna know, and I am hoping to get to know you. Do you need a ride or can I walk you to your car.”

Girl friend was charming I must say, “I didn’t drive tonight, so if you like you can run me home, I live over in The Groves, if it’s not a bother.”
“No problem come on.”

Let me just say, it was intoxicating walking next to her, having her hand at the small of my back leading me to her car, taking in her scent, Dani’s cologne was getting me wet from just walking next to her.

“Are you wearing Chrome.”

“Yeah you got a good nose. Here’s my car, let me get the door for you.”

I don’t know what Dani did for a living but she was riding tight in an all black Escalade sitting on them 24's.

I took a chance to quiz her to see what she was about, that would determine how I would treat her, cuz if her shit was payed for by illegal means, it all would end here, I guess being a cops daughter made me suspicious sometimes of others.

“Damn, I see someone’s spoiled.”

“Why you say that, a girl can’t work, which I do. Legally! But, it was a present from my parents when I graduated last year from Grad school. I am a social worker for the Dialysis Center here in town. But, I am an only child, and they like to make sure I feel loved, how about you?”

Ok, I was just checking it was a good answer.

“Me, well, I’m the youngest of six and the only girl. So you can imagine my childhood, if I wasn’t such an ultimate femme, I know that I would be a stud, cuz my brothers always treated me like their little brother instead of their sister, and they are so protective especially after I came out to them, and they finally accepted it. Hell, sometimes it feels like I have 6 dads, but it’s cool, I couldn’t picture life without them. This is my junior year over at State I am taking up Biology”

Our conversations went on from there we talked the entire time. I can say that it seemed like the shortest fifteen minutes of my life, cuz before I knew it, we were at my apartment, and I definitely didn’t want her to leave that soon, even though I know I shouldn’t have I took the chance at three-forty five in the morning and invited the sexiest stud alive into my apartment.

She being the perfect gentle(wo)man offered to walk me up, to make sure I got in safely. The elevator ride up by far was the most sexually tense 45 seconds of my life. I think we both knew that if she came in, where it was going to lead, and I could already say that I would not regret one minute of it.

“Thanks Dani, for the ride, you wanna come in for a minute.”

“Samara, do you want me to come in, cuz, I think we both know that if I come in, I won’t be leaving until after breakfast.”
“Well sexy, I, just have one question for you then, How do you like your eggs?”

Before I could close the door, good, she gave me a taste of what I had been dying to taste all night, those sexy ass lips. I truly believe that kiss made me lose track of time cuz, somehow before I knew it Dani had managed to strip me down to my undies, thank God for Victoria. I grabbed Dani’s hand and tried to pull her into the bedroom, but she stopped me, “No, Ma, I wanna look at you right here in front of this window with the moon shining in on you. You are so beautiful.” How could I resist that? Dani slowly began kissing me from my neck down some how slipping off my bra and panties at the same time. I just have to say that she had skills. It was like she knew that my biggest hot spot was my breast, cuz when she wrapped her lips around my nipple I knew what I had been missing. By the time she reached my pussy it was dripping wet, and it was ready to be licked.

“Spread your legs for me Samara. I wanna taste you.” With that one comment and the look in her eyes I was lost, I knew then, she was the one for me, or so I was praying. I felt her slowly spread my pussy lips apart, as she ran her tongue down the length of my pussy never losing her balance. A few minutes of that, and I was ready to explode, when she stopped.

“Tell ne what you want, I wanna hear you ask for it.”

“Baby, don’t tease me, you know what I want..”

“No, tell Daddy what you want, I wanna hear it.”

“I wanna feel your tongue on my clit, with your fingers in me, I wanna cum for you Daddy.”

With those words, she gave me exactly what I wanted, her tongue was like fire on my clit and when I felt her slip her finger in me, I lost it, I think my neighbors could hear that orgasm, and I didn’t care. I grabbed her head to hold on and to ride that orgasm out, it was pure bliss standing there having her sucking on my pussy with her fingers doing things to me, I never thought possible. Dani had the most exquisite way of swirling her tongue around my clit, it seemed the more I came the harder she sucked and licked, and I loved it, I loved a girl who enjoyed feasting, and she was sucking and licking on my pussy like I was the last super. All I could say was, Amen!

It was hard to stand after that, but Dani made sure not to let me fall, “You ok baby girl?”

“Yes, but I’ll be even better if we take this into the bedroom, so I can get a taste!”

And let me just tell y`all the next few hours was like heaven right here on earth. Spent, I finally looked in those beautiful eyes, I just had to say it, with the biggest smile this side of the Mississippi I said, “Baby, you know you never did tell me how you like those eggs!”

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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