(part 1 of 2)

_____Today is the 30th of September and I cannot believe what happened last night, for the first time in my life I kissed a girl, I've only been at this college for a few weeks, and already I'm doing things that I never thought I would. This is crazy, I guess my uncle was right when he said, "hangin around them white folks will sho' nuff have you doing some crazy shit."
_____Well my uncle doesn't agree with homosexuality but for damn sho' he would not protest if he saw the cute ass girlie that I kissed. Shit, at least she wasn't a white girl. I need some meat to hold onto just enough and not too much and enough was exactly what she was; this sister was deep. Spitting knowledge like she should have been teaching the psychology class, she was beautiful, curly brown hair, and deep brown eyes, tall and slender but built just enough as to be athlete but yet sexy. The way her jersey hung around her broad shoulders, the way her calves flex when she runs and oh the way she looks soooooo good in her shorts. Damn, I bet she even looks good with nothing on. She's the captain of the women's basketball team. Woooooooo yeah!
_____"Where are you running off to so fast little cutie?" I hear as I rush down the hall to Bio 101 *ahhh shit I think, it's her...the girl from last night *ahhh shit, she's... I'm... am I gay now?!
_____Turning as quickly as I could I suddenly felt a cold hand on my arm, "Ummm, Hi I am on my way to class girl," *smile, "uh, I have to go." She turned me around to face her.
_____"Not so fast, the way you're running, I'd think you were trying to get away from me. So when is class out?"
_____"Uh class? Oh right" (shit I'm fumbling and I can't think straight)
_____*ahem (ok, damn I hate clearing my throat, shit I'm nervous)
_____"Class is ummmm over at ummmm I think it's 3:20."
_____"Alright boo, see you then." And with that she jogged down the hall, I guess
_____she had class too.
_____Class was boring as all "holy hell," as my uncle would say. Damn this professor is killing me, how am I supposed to survive three more years of this! This is torture; worst than torture in college you cant just act a fool, and waste time in class, getting the teacher to constantly fall further and further behind class schedule because someone wants to be an asshole- the class clown. Here things were different we have to sit here and pay attention, I mean... really, who wants to share their notes after struggling to stay awake or pay attention just to find out that the monkey is also a homosapien?
_____Damn I hate this...
_____Why does the clock say 3:00? Is time flying or am I imaging this? What's today again? I glance at my wrist- watch and I can't tell if it says 3:00 or 6:00- it looks so blurry, like a mirror after a hot shower. Ah well...
_____A wake up... was I sleeping... What? Where did everyone go? Damn I must have been tired, even the professor left the joint, I pick up my head and notice marks on my hands; I must have been lying on them. I gather my notebook and textbook, "damn this is heavy," head for the door.
_____"Ah" I mumble as I rub my tense shoulders looking down at the ugly brown carpet.
_____"Hey I can help you with that," I hear a girls' voice say, I half look up- thinking that it would be her but it's not.
_____*blink, blink "um , hi" (big swallow) I am looking into the eyes of a chick named Charmaine that I meet during orientation.
_____"What's up sho'ty? Here let me help you out, look like you struggling boo."
_____"Ah it's alright, I got it," I say as I straighten my back (those hard ass wooden chairs!)
_____We walk out into the hall and I barely miss walking into the cutie from last night, I glance up and there she is, (ah shit!)
_____"Hey Boo... hello Charmaine." The cutie grabs me, hugs me, and says, "sorry to break this up but we have to run Charmaine... catch u later aiight?" With her arm around my shoulder we rush down the hall, out the doors of the Science Center and outside down the stairs. As we slow down our run to a walk, I give Ms. Cutie a questioning look as if to say, "where are we going?" I notice that we are headed to the parking lot. She loosens her grip on my hand and reaches in her pocket pulling out keys.
_____ "Damn," I think... she even has a bad ass car! She opens the door for me, and I watch her as she jogs around to the drivers side, I can smell the "Cool Water" that she is wearing as she slams her door, she puts the key in the ignition, starts the car and just sits there. I peek out of my left eye at her, and then I figure, "why not be brave and look at her?" I turn to look at her and she is staring me right in the eyes. She leans over and kisses me softly.
_____I breathe in slightly, I can't believe that she just did that, in public no less! *Blink* she moves in closer, pulls me toward her with her hand cupping my chin and kisses me so deeply that I think I might have to take a shower later to wash the wetness away. *Ahhhh*- was that a moan? That I made? "ahhh shit," this girl got me moaning and shit. She pulls away from me slightly and we break the kiss, now we are driving down along the lake, and I wonder where we are going...
_____"Look boo, I hope that I wasn't being too rude back there, I know Charmaine, we came in together freshman year, when she wants something she will do anything to get it, and besides, I want you... what do u think about that?" (I look at her in disbelief) she continues... "Look, don't worry about it," she says, as she places her free hand on my bare leg, we can talk about that later, I don't want to rush you into anything, alright?" (all I do is sit there so taken aback that I just nod "yes") "So... I thought I'd show u something, and in case you are wondering where we are going...trust me, you'll like it there."
_____We pull up to the parking lot near the lake front, there are a number of cars here and it seems couples are everywhere- wait a sec, was that two guys that just walked by... no way! I had never seen two guys in public- only on TV- and that was on Cinemax after midnight on a weekend.
_____I suppose Tonya felt my uneasiness, she said, "Don't worry about it boo, a lot of gays and lesbians hang out here, it's all good we can... well, I can be myself, I'm lesbian if you didn't know, I don't do that BI shit. But, uh I don't mean to offend u if u are... I mean, it's just that I'm not BI, at all."
_____I swallow hard; just taking in all that she has said makes me a little nervous. "Well, ummmm, Tonya this is all new for me, I mean, I've only kissed, well, I've only kissed you, that's it."
_____"Cool, it's all good shorty, come on, let's go enjoy some of this weather," she says as she gets out of the car.
_____We get out of the car and I feel her hand on the small of my back slightly pushing me forward. I can't help but smile...she's walking on the side of me now.
_____"So, what's on your brain?" she asks.
_____"Not much of anything..." I lie. Shit, my brain was on fast forward, over drive; I was on cloud 9...
_____Suddenly I feel dizzy. *blink, blink... all I see is the sun blaring into my eyes, why am I lying down?
_____"Relax baby," I hear a sweet voice say.
_____Blackness is all I see and I think I hear the soft hum of... is that a fan?
_____Part II
_____ "No I feel fine," I tell the school nurse glaring down at me with her wide glasses and wrinkled skin. Her touch is cold as she helps me sit up in the tiny room. I'd been here only one other time when I scrapped my knee the first week of school. I glance around and I see Tonya sitting there with her head down, * hmm, "guess she'd been waiting a long time," I think.
_____"Well ladies, if Taylor feels better I suppose you can go."
_____"I do, I do feel better, thanks," I tell the nurse.
_____Apparently I had fainted from dehydration and hit my head; it's always like me to get hurt.

Part 2

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