Sonya Michele

_____"Damn baby." I said to the fine honey making her way past me while I was sitting at the bar with my girl Dionne.
_____"You know you need to quit Janelle, that girl ain't thinking about you."
_____"Shit, she will after I spit this mad game her way. You know the ladies love me," I said laughing. "Now observe a playa getting her game on." I said walking up to the beautiful young lady I had been ogling. This was a woman who had it going on. She was caramel coated with dark piercing eyes. She had a smile that could light up any room. Her hair was braided in an exotic style, honey had it going on in an Alicia Keys type of way. I stepped to her not really knowing what to say, for the first time in my life I was kinda nervous about approaching a female. "Hi. How are you doing tonight?"
_____"I am all right, and how are you?" she asked.
_____Cool, I thought to myself, and no attitude. Well here it goes. "I'm fine. My name is Janelle."
_____"Well, hey Janelle. My name is Trish. It's a pleasure to meet you." she said looking fine as ever.
_____"Same here. I have never seen you here before. Is this your first time here?" I asked trying to find out her 'Lil game.'
_____"Well actually it is. Does it show?" she said nervously.
_____"Nah, your pretty cool about it. Are you here alone?" There it was, the question every true lesbian asks another woman while in the club.
_____"Well yes, I am here by my little lonesome." She said as she gestured to herself.
_____"Can I get you something?" I asked her, trying to be a gentlewoman.
_____"Sure a Hennessy on the rocks, that's my drink there."
_____I looked at her and smiled. I felt like the luckiest woman up in here. "Hey Lena, can I get a Hen on the rocks, and a Cosmopolitan?" Lena smiled and fixed our drinks. "Would you like to sit down?" I asked praying that she would say yes.
_____"That would be nice." We took a booth close to the dance floor.
_____The feeling I received from Trish was so warm and receptive. Our conversation was intellectual, humorous and very inviting. The DJ was slamming. I asked Trish to dance, and man could this woman move. We were getting our groove on to Petey Pablo's Raise Up' when the music suddenly turned to Aaliyah's slow tune 'One In A Million.' I stopped and looked at Trish letting her know through eye contact that I wasn't ready to leave the dance floor. I reached out and pulled her close to me. Her body was so inviting and she smelled so good. We both had that vibe, I was feeling her and she was damn sure feeling me. I never wanted this moment to end.
_____At the end of the night I walked Trish to her car. "Janelle, I really had a nice time tonight. Maybe we can get together some other time, like real soon."
_____"Yes. I would like that."
_____We both stood there looking at one another for what seemed like an endless moment when Trish reached out and took my hands into her hands, she then looked into my eyes and gently kissed me. A soft, sensuous kiss. I stood there melting in her mouth. "Good-bye Janelle."
_____"Later Trish, be safe."
_____Trish got into her black 2001 Mustang GT and drove off into the night, and for me, well I had them digits.
_____"Hey Sis. What's up?" Jaron said to me giving me a good to see ya hug. We were at Cooper's having lunch, a Saturday ritual for us. Jaron was my better half, my twin brother. We were extremely close. It was only the two of us, and our family was very tight knit.
_____My lifestyle was never a threat to my family. Once I decided to come out, my brother was the first person I told. He was so loving, understanding, and compassionate. "So Jaron. What have you been up to?" I noticed a look of worry in his eyes.
_____"Janelle. I don't know where to begin. You know me, the player trying to get more than receive. Well, J, I think my player card may have ran out, because I have fallen in love with a beautiful girl, she is amazing, smart, funny, all the qualities a brother wants to make someone exclusively his, but I messed up." I sensed his sorrow as he went on to tell me what had happened. "I called off a date with her just so I could meet up with some other chick. One thing led to another we ended up back at my place, and I, well you know. The next thing I know my girl is banging on my door to get in. I mean Janelle I have hurt her so bad. She never wants to see me again."
_____Jaron was close to tears. I had never seen him this hurt, and especially over a female. "Oh Jaron. I am so sorry. If you really love this girl give it some time, then reach out to her, let her know that you made a mistake, and that you love her very much. She feels betrayed now, and no it isn't going to be easy, but maybe in time she will see that you are a very special man who deserves another chance. Be honest Jaron, be real, and a little persistence won't hurt. She'll come around."
_____"I sure hope so. I love you Janelle." Jaron said as he hugged me very tightly, and at that moment I really didn't want to let him go.
_____"I love you too, Jaron." We parted ways, and oh how I wished I could make it all better for him sorta like I used to do when we were younger.
_____Although my mind was on Jaron I was being sidetracked by the sensuous thoughts of Trish. What the hell. I thought to myself as I dialed Trish's phone number.
_____"Hello." The soft, sultry voice on the other end of the line said.
_____"Hey Trish, it's me, Janelle."
_____"Oh hey Janelle. How are you doing?" she asked.
_____"I'm fine. I was wondering if maybe you might want to do something this evening?" I was hoping that she didn't have any other plans.
_____"I would love that." Trish said, sounding a little excited.
_____Whew, this is great. I thought to myself. "Cool. How about you give me directions to your place, and I will pick you up about six." As I made my way home I marveled at what a beautiful day it was and maybe, just maybe the night would be that much more magical.
_____Talking with Trish the evening before I had learned a little something about the beauty which intrigued me. She was single, just getting out of a long term relationship in which she was betrayed. She didn't go out to the clubs, which explained why I had never seen her in my circle before. All I knew was that this was a woman that I definitely wanted to get to know on a more intimate level.
_____ I walked up to Trish's apartment eagerly anticipating the evening. I admit I was looking rather fly in my new double breasted black suit. Trish opened the door looking fine as usual. I was at a loss for words. "Trish, you look beautiful." She was wearing an eggplant mock-wrap skirt with an iridescent amethyst silk blouse. This woman had me taking deep breathes every five minutes.
_____We had dinner at Mirrors, a gay friendly restaurant. It is the most romantic place, and you don't have to be so cautious of your inhibitions. After dinner, neither one of us really wanted to go out, and seeing a movie didn't sound to cool either, so we went to a Desert Shop, picked up a couple of slices of double chocolate cake, and a couple of Iced Cappuccino's. It was my place or hers and since she didn't want to go back to her crib we decided on my place.
_____I told Trish to make herself at home. I lit every candle in the house. "Would you like a glass of White Zinfandel?" I asked her.
_____"Yes. That sounds good."
_____I jumped. "Hey. You scared me, I thought you were in the dining room."
_____"Oh Janelle, you know I don't like being all alone." Trish was standing directly in front of me, I could smell her sweet fragrance, feel her breath on my neck. I was growing weaker by the minute. I kissed her gently. Looked up at her and pulled her body to mine, I held her tightly rubbing my hands up and down her body by this time we were kissing passionately, our tongues exploring each others mouth, the warmth of her breath was intoxicating. She was tempting me with her passion.
_____"You wanna go to the front room? Listen to the music?" I asked, not wanting to let her go.
_____"Can't we listen to the music from your bedroom?" she asked. I took a deep breath before I asked.
_____"Are you sure it's not to soon, I mean I don't want to disrupt this flow with us doing something we might regret." I said nervously.
_____"No baby, I don't see that happening," and with that I took her hand and led her to my bedroom.
_____She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, her body was flawless. My tongue traced the outline of her breasts. I sucked gently, kissing each nipple paying attention to every inch of her body. I ran my tongue down the center of her stomach stopping at her navel flicking my tongue in and out. She was arching her body up at me wanting more, wanting me to find my way to her love canal which was dripping with the nectar of her sweet bodily scent. I could feel her heart racing, hear her soft moans. I made love to her tenderly, passionately, and when she climaxed her whole body shook into convulsions. I held her until she fell fast asleep. I looked at her angelic face and thought to myself that maybe I have finally found her. I kissed her forehead and fell fast asleep.
_____I was awakened by the telephone. I looked at the clock and noticed that it was two-thirty. Damn. Now who in the hell is this? I thought before I picked up the receiver. "Hello?"
_____"Janelle, this is Jaron. Can I come in. I have been out here knocking on your door."
_____"Yea. Give me a minute." I told him.
_____"Is everything all right?" Trish asked.
_____"Yea, it's my brother. He's going through a rough time, I am going to see what he wants. Go back to sleep. I won't be too long." I kissed her, and went to let Jaron in.
_____"Hey Jaron. What's going on?" I asked.
_____"Janelle, I'm going crazy I can't find my girl anywhere, she wasn't at any of the clubs, I waited outside her apartment, I have been calling, I don't know what to do. I just want to see her again, see if I can make it right."
_____I reached out to him. "Jaron, I am so sorry, I don't know what to tell you, maybe you should give her some time. She's angry now, and you are the last person she wants to see, so that is why she is keeping herself on the down low."
_____I heard the toilet flush in the bathroom. "Oh J, I'm sorry. You got company, my bad." he apologized.
_____"Jaron, it's all right, you my brother, we family."
_____Just then Trish walked out from the bedroom. "Hey you two," she said.
_____"Trish. Is that you?" Jaron asked. Trish didn't answer him, she just gave Jaron a cold, dark stare. All of the sudden I realize Trish is the woman Jaron has been talking about.
_____"You two know each other?" I asked.
_____"Janelle this is Trish. This is my..." his voice trailed off and he dropped his head into his hands. Chills ran down my spine, my heart was racing. I just made love to this woman. I felt betrayed and most of all I was feeling my brothers pain. This woman had just played both of us.
_____"I can't believe this, my sister, my girl....together." He kept saying it over and over again. I sat next to him.
_____"Jaron, I am so sorry. I never knew. You know I would never hurt you."
_____He raised his head and with tears in his eyes, he looked at me and said. "No, I know you wouldn't, but this is going to take some time. I gotta go."
_____I went to the bedroom where Trish was getting dressed. "You know Trish, that was wrong what you did to me and my brother. I can see you being angry at him for what he did to you, but to personally subject me into your plan of revenge was inhuman. I felt love for you. Right now I feel like whipping your ass, but that would not solve anything. My brother is in pain right now, and I have to make it right between us. You see, this little game you just played not only hurt him, but it severely put a bond of mistrust in one of the only true relationships that I cherished. Now if you would please get your things and leave."
_____Trish stood up and looked in my eyes. I looked away, because the love I felt for her was still there. "Good-bye Janelle, I'm sorry. You truly are a beautiful woman who has a lot of love in her heart, for the right woman that is."
_____I sat on my bed trying to absorb the blow which had just been dealt to me. My body ached of pain. Now I knew what having a broken heart actually felt like.
_____When you play the game you are bound to get played. My brother and I had played that game with others many, many times before, it's just that this time, we were the ones that got played.
_____Against one another.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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