Mysteree & BeaJay2424

"Hello! My Name is Tasha."

My Goodness! I gasp as her picture appears on my desktop. A beautiful honey-brown sister of clear and present intelligence. The power resonating from her Ďshot" gives me incredibly good vibes. I still cant believe that she got back to me so soon and sheís responsive. Very responsive. It feels so good.

Let me go to the beginning. I consider myself an up and coming lesbian writer. Amateur, but still capable of putting out entertaining work. I was perusing the Black lesbian KUMA site and there she was in the album section. I couldn't take my eyes off this writer, this woman, this gorgeous woman. The energy coming off the picture was so terrific as to motivate me to send her an e-mail of introduction. Iím thinking no way this FINE dime will get back to me. I sent her my e-mail anyway. Who knows nothing beats a person who will at least try. More importantly, I wanted to collaborate on some pieces. Maybe we could do some writing together among other things.

Canít believe it. Itís Monday evening just sat down in front of my computer and fired up my AOL connection. Of course "YOU GOT MAIL" is my favorite phrase. I wonder will honey - brown get back to me today. I check my messages. Yes! there she is. Okay breathe and just open it.
Yes, I would strongly consider co-writing!! Mostly cuz sometimes I get blocked just after a really good chapter. Get back to me.

Terrific! Iím in. I just want to write stories really. But if something develops then that's all good too . I mean real good. This lady is so fine. She has sexy written in invisible ink across her chest. I wonder has she been treated to a good loving session lately. I mean an "all night stroking" that leaves you exhausted in the morning, needing rest from the nights activityís before. Letís see how should I respond.

Hello! Tasha - My name is BJ. I guess you can say im an "ideas" person. I will send you my first try at a piece for KUMA. Collaboration is a good thing. I want to work on a novel soon, and another short story. My first piece is called "Caramel Delicious." One of the main characters is a friend of mine. The story ends up in a park so .......Well! About me. I'm 30, well read, well-traveled Europe is the farthest I've been. I have several degrees from several Florida colleges. I'm an open and loving person who's looking for QUALITY friends. Iím single and finding it hard to find women of distinction. That's a little about me............. Please read my attempt a first piece. "KUMA" has it for next month................. I have a MAC so I want to send it to you e-mail/ Iím just not sure its safe at your address. Let me know I'll send it.
- BeaJay2424

What is the next step? The next twenty- four hours are going to be hellified. Itís even more of a stress when your waiting on a lovely lady to get back to you. AOL is a pain sometimes but I still love to hear "YOU GOT MAIL."
Wow, first I'll say that was quite a story.........very good, especially for your first one. I enjoyed it. So, tell me are you dominant? I didn't quite pick that up in our initial conversation........but, from the storyline, its more clear to me that at least the character is, no? Anyway, it was very entertaining and I think you should get lots of responses off of that.

On another note, are you in the area? I didn't quite pick that one up either..........if so, I'm glad we met. I have had THE HARDEST time (even more so than you, probably) meeting women who stimulate me mentally, and less importantly physically. I sometimes wish I had a friend(s) who I could just chill more, no less (if that's what floats the boat).


I think sheís getting into this. Honey brown, you and I are going to meet SOON. Real xoon.

A third E-mail shares the following.....................
Oh, thought I'd share a recent pic of me............enjoy!


This is how I got so deep into Honey Brown. When a woman offers a pic and she knows she lookís good, doms, you're hooked, hog-tied and collared before you realize it. My good ness ! Honey- Brown . I wasn't expecting a picture so soon but Iím enjoying it. When I opened up the picture she had my nose open to say the least.

Lord! have mercy. She got short "twists" and beautiful dark eyes . Teasing, tantalizing eyes. The "come hither " look doesn't help me deal with the shock to my system. Whatís it been two whole years since my tongue has tasted another woman. Talking about hungry, I could have this girl for a meal. My mind is flooded with intense sexual thoughts. Okay! Iím hot, turned on, and just plain feening for this sexy sister. Iím thinking she knows Iíll be unable to resist once I looked at the picture. Iím two steps above a trained puppy now and I haven't met her yet.

I have often wondered why my sisters on the net always asked for pics when they CHAT with someone. I Know now that having a pic adds something to the conversation. Another dimension is opened up once you get that Pic. My mind is racing now. What would Honey-Brown be like with her back on my bed,thighs spread wide as the crux of legs will go. My tongue embedded into her center. Will her back arch up and bow as my tongue slides up and down her passage.

Okay! stop Bj answer her back. Lets see . . .
Hello TASHA......

i see that you are a lovely caramel lady also. I've got your picture open on my desk top at this moment. I cant help but notice your strong features, lovely wide eyes....luscious lips ................and a style that's attractive but hard for me to pinpoint from a distance..............I really like your twists ..they compliment all your other outstanding features, especially those round dark eyes. I think I might do a piece called "Hello! I'm Tasha" just based on the picture.

Tasha, Iím what you call soft butch....very soft actually, but im also tough as nails if need be. I can wear a dress or fill a truck with fifty pound bags. Whatever the situation calls for. Yes! im within 1 1'2 hours from you. Im going to start work on my new piece this weekend that I told you about . I will send it to you for review.

Less than fourty-eight hours later from Tasha:
I'm so glad you had such a positive response to my e-mail message...............Even more glad you got back with me. I didn't know you were so far away!

Not that far, baby. You don't know BJ. Looking for good pussy I will ride for days. BeaJay is looking to do some pussy wetwork. Tasha seems to be a woman of substance, a prime candidate to receive loving from a love starved woman. I don't believe in sex for just sex though. Tasha seems to be a prime candidate for a love relationship. I need to think of a way to get close to Tasha. I need her workplace and digits. Iíll just be assertive and ask for them.
Tasha - Itís me again . I want you to read my "TASHA" story so I'm sending it as stated. I wrote this with such passion that it only took a couple of hours to finish. Tasha, I really want to meet you in a safe place. I don't want to put you in a compromising position , but I want to feel the energy behind those beautiful eyes up close and personal. I pick up positive, open vibes from you through our communications. I hope that you feel the same. Two positive energies should always come together if possible. I don't want anything to happen other than to meet you . Is that okay with you? I could meet you at your workplace, this way you will be surrounded by people you know. So Tasha, how about it. Lunch at your workplace with me surrounded by people you know . Get back to me please.
- Sincerely,

I hope I don't scare her away. I haven't heard from her and its been fourty -eight hours. Im afraid to check my e-mail again today but here goes. WELCOME TO AOL. "YOU GOT MAIL." Itís here. Itís Tasha. Take a deep breathe and open it.
Hello! BeaJay. After some thought, I've decided to accept your invitation. My full name is Tasha Nelson and I work at Metro Station Central. Itís located on Central Ave and 13th street. My cubicle is in the back. Don't forget to check in when you come in. The best time and day would be Friday at 12: 00 P.M. I cover lunch break for everyone so i'm alone at that time.

Hallelujah! I just might be getting close. I really need a woman in my life. Itís lonely out here. Today is Thursday so I need to call and take Friday off from my job. That business taking care of I can concentrate on getting ready for tomorrow. Letís see I got to wear my black jeans, black shoes, dark blue mock turtle neck and my leather coat. Iíll be in between hard and soft in this outfit. My hair is "fly" just got it done. Luyn my hairdresser got every curl in place. No braids for this sister. Got to put on my "Curve" for this occasion. BeaJay is going to be herself totally. Iíll just look good doing it. Sleep. I need sleep. I think Iíll turn in early tonight. Big day Friday.

My car and I are in sync today. She feels really good under my hands. I feel her every adjustment on the road. I must have my senses on high alert to be this sensitive. Ií less than twenty minutes away. I spent this morning sleeping and anticipating this occasion. Itís about ten minutes of twelve how did I got off track of time, I don't know. I pulled into 13th street and spotted the station. My heart is beating faster no. Damn ! Iím about to meet the woman to become my Honey Brown. I park, get out my ride after putting the final touches on my appearance. I have to say I look good today. I open the door even though the sign says "Out to lunch " until one p.m. Itís ten after twelve. I look the office over. There are no less than fifty offices in this place. I remember hers is in the back. I walk straight back. I say, "Hello! Anyone here?"

"Yes! Are you BJ? Iím Tasha." My heart began a race on its own, before me stood a vision of loveliness. The locs were there, the dark eyes, and luscious mouth but the picture did not do any justice to her other attributes. Girlfriend was beyond fine. My body began to melt when she said hello. This must be what people call love at first sight because I felt that this woman is mine from the moment we met. Tasha said to me, "Come in nobodyís here right now, sit down this is my office." She turned her back to me to lead me into her work area. Tasha turned around once we both got to her office to offer me that seat.

I never took it. Instead I moved in close to her backing her up against the cubicle desk. I don't know what made me so brave. Gently took her chin into my hand , raised it and planted a light kiss on her lips. She did not resist. Tasha asked me, "Who said you could do that."

My answer, "You gave me permission with your eyes, plus the heat coming from your body tells me you feel the same way I do. Let me taste your lips again. Please, baby ?" Tasha said nothing she just responded. Her lips found mine again and fire bursts through both our bodies. I raised her curvy butt up onto the desk wrapping her legs around me.

Tasha said ĎI'm at work."

I said, "So am I."

Tasha responded by stating "Someone could come in"

I said "Don't Scream then we got about twenty five minutes.

Tasha turned out to be a screamer, she managed to be quiet by biting into my shoulder or her hand each time she came. Im telling you that sheís got the best tasting pussy I have ever had the pleasure to lick. Wet and creamy describes the taste. I was drenched in pussy juices all over my face each time she exploded. I have never enjoyed more the pleasure of being on top of a woman.

Thank God nobody walked by her cubicle that day , they would have seen two women. One laying on a desk, thighs spread, and another woman on top of her head pressed into her crotch licking and sucking my way through the alphabet. My tongue is thick , very wide and versatile. Honey Brown moaned and screamed. I had to use all my skills . When she comes she arches and shakes and grits her teeth against the overtaking wave of pleasure.

I plan to watch her reach her peak many more times. We are together now. She is mine and I am hers. The magic between us was to much to stay apart. Tasha said, "I think I loved you from the first correspondence." I know I definitely had something for Honey Brown. We have written a hundred stories and have a thousand more to write as we spend our years together. I have only been home five times since i left that fateful morning to meet Honey Brown. I don't ever plan on returning to loneliness again.

The End

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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